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New Study Proves That Voter Fraud Is No Myth – And Not A Marginal Factor

There’s an interesting study out that shows that far from being a myth, voter fraud by non-citizens is a real factor, especially when it comes to close elections.In a forthcoming article in the journal Electoral Studies, we bring real data from big soc…

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Law Passed To Criminalize Any Criticism Of Immigration

No, I’m not kidding. A new law has been passed that will allow people to be criminally prosecuted for criticizing immigration policies or politicians that support them. It will come into effect in December, is designed to be a deterrent to anyo… . . . → Read More: Law Passed To Criminalize Any Criticism Of Immigration

Another Coakley fail?

When Scott Brown defeated Martha Coakley to fill Ted Kennedy’s term, people thought that Brown had pulled the upset to end all upsets. This article suggests that it might be that Martha isn’t that good of a candidate: A new Boston Globe poll released Friday suggests Baker is pulling 45 percent support to Coakley’s 36 […]

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THE GREAT MEDIA LIES OF 2014 CONTINUE!!! 10/24/14 ====================================== Now we have just had two more blood cult terrorist events. The corrupt TV lib-media is trying so hard to avoid blaming the cult…trying so very very hard…BUT ITS ABSURD! These are ALL cultists and the cult believes what is does… STOP lying to America and […]



Canada Shows How to Eliminate the Tax Bias against Saving

Since all economic theories – even Marxism and socialism – recognize that capital formation is a key to long-run growth, higher wages, and improved living standards, it obviously doesn’t make sense to penalize saving and investment. Yet that’s exactly what happens because of double taxation in the United States, as can be seen by this […]

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Liberal bias, Franken-Perske edition

To the surprise of nobody, the St. Cloud Times in endorsing Joe Perske and Al Franken. What’s surprising is that the Times admits they’re biased: Central Minnesotans should back Sartell Mayor Joe Perske in the 6th District House race and incumbent Al Franken in the race for U.S. Senate. Republicans will immediately call “liberal bias” […]

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iOwnTheWorld has moved! Go to!

The interwebz seemed to have had a hate-on for the beloved site recently; there were all kinds of kooky error messages and many reloads were often needed to access that wonderful blog. Well Big Fur Hat & the gang have taken care of the situation and moved to a … Continue reading

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Davenport’s disaster, Part III

Part I of this series highlighted a timeline of events that led to the termination of Todd Hoffner, the head football coach at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Part II highlighted some of President Davenport’s rationalizations for terminating Coach Hoffner. This post will highlight the substantive complaints from Coach Hoffner’s attorneys. This paragraph is particularly noteworthy: […]

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Conservative Comedy 10/24/14

It’s Conservative Comedy time at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. Last Friday, White House spokesweasel Josh Earnest announced Barack Obama’s appointment of a new Ebola czar, explaining “what we were looking for is NOT an Ebola expert, but rather an implementation expert – and that’s exactly what Ron Klain is.” Because, you know, the White House has done such a bang up job using non-expert “implementers” to do things like design the website, keep an eye on “Fast & Furious” guns, clean up IRS abuses, run VA hospitals, provide security in Benghazi, and – oh yeah – being president of the freaking United States. As the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change shows us, there is at least a modicum of good news for those who believe that putting a political hit man in charge of our nation’s Ebola response isn’t a great idea: so far, he’s already skipped two emergency meetings on the viral crisis – so at least he hasn’t done any real harm. Yet. Jodi Miller […]

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Time To Call Chris Matthews What He Is – A Racist

This double standard has to stop, now!  What double standard?  Where a liberal commentator can make stupid hate speech attacking conservative Republicans and there not being even the blink of an eye by the main stream media, when a similar comment made by a Republican would be plastered all over the print and visual media for days on end and there would be a demand on every Republican being interviewed that they disassociate themselves from the person who made it.  

Chris “the racist” Matthews

Who is one of the kings in making such hate filled derogatory comments about the GOP, Chris Matthews of MSNBC.  He has time and again gone out of his way accusing the Republicans of racism and hate, when he is the one who is spewing the hate, and I submit is the real racist.  I agree with Greg Gutfeld who has said many times, the Democrats who make ridiculous statements falsely accusing the GOP and conservatives of being racists, should be called out for what they are: racists. They are the ones who see every issue in terms of race, not the Republicans.

Check this latest out from Western [on October 22, 2014]: “The liberal Chris Matthews, on his show “Hardball”, came right out and accused the Republican Party of “killing the black vote” by having voter ID laws in place, or, as he says it, making “sure that the sons and daughters of slaves have the hardest possible time getting into the voting booth.”

Think about what he said.  Voter ID laws, that require you to show an ID to vote kills the black vote and makes sure they [blacks] have the hardest possible time getting in the voting booth. What?  We are living in the 21st century and Chris Matthews thinks requiring an ID to vote is aimed at black people.  Why do you think that is, Chris?  Because black people aren’t as sophisticated enough to get an ID like a white person can?  So, black people don’t drive cars and get driving licenses like white people, Chris?

Think how condescending and belittling to black people that is, Chris Matthews.  In my mind, that makes you are the racist Chris Matthews and I am calling you on it.

What Chris Matthews said is not just degrading to black people, it is also just plain stupid.  If we are to believe what Chris Matthews has said, that to ask for an ID to vote is aimed at suppressing the black vote, then how racist does that make the FAA, Chris?  Using your logic, the FAA, by requiring anyone who wants to fly show their ID, are obviously trying to prevent black people from flying. Why don’t you call out the FAA for “their” racism, Chris?  You should be outraged that this federal agency is targeting black people and that they must only want white people to travel by airplane. 

What about the banks Chris?  To open up an account at a bank you must first show your ID.  According to you, the banks only want white people’s money in the bank, as they are obviously [by requiring an ID to open a bank account] trying to suppress black account holders. 

What about applying for a passport, Chris Matthews?  How racist is the State Department, requiring that you must show an ID [among other things I am sure also aimed at black people] before you can even think about getting a passport.  Why don’t you call the state department on their racism as, according to you, they must obviously want to suppress black people from getting a passport. 

And I could go on and on about the things you need an ID to be able to do in this country.  Well, I guess in your eyes Chris Matthews, that just proves how this whole country is racist.  They don’t want black people to do anything.

Chris Matthews, stop your hate speech once and for all.  The mainstream media may overlook it because you are one of them, a liberal Democrat, but this blog is calling you on it, you racist.

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California: Where yes means yes – maybe!

The party of free love suddenly discovers that it isn’t exactly free. Fortunately, they know who will pay the bill and the collection agency is, naturally, the government.

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Davenport’s disaster, Part II

This post about Richard Davenport’s termination of Coach Todd Hoffner highlights the timeline of Mankato State University, Mankato’s investigation that ultimately led to Coach Hoffner’s termination. This post will highlight the OLA’s report of what happened that triggered the investigation: On August 10, 2012, Coach Hoffner asked a MSU, Mankato information technology staff person to […]

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Kissed by an Angel, Col E M Sayre, 98, Greatest Generation

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. COL E M Sayre,  98, of Breckinridge, TX died 22 October in in his home in Texas. He was a veteran of three wars, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and was a recipient of the Distinguished ServiceRead More

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Must Watch Video: Fast and Furious ‘Roadmap to a Cover-up!’ Unveiled!

Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List!

‘Chris Farrell is the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch. He joins Steve Malzberg for a discussion of the Fast and Furious documents list, the “Vaughn index,” which they just received through their considerable efforts to clear the path of obstructions placed by the Obama regime under claims of executive privilege.

Like most things Obama, the list reveals evidence of corruption. There are in excess of 15,000 documents which the regime is claiming should be covered under executive privilege, with the Vaughn list itself running an unbelievable 1,307 pages.

The listing includes documents related to communications with officials in the Department of Justice and the ATF as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Additionally, there are more than twenty emails which are being included which are communications between Eric Holder and his wife and even some with his mother.

Farrell describes the index as a “Roadmap to a Cover-up.” He says, “You can reverse-engineer various shenanigans and fast moves by the Attorney General, White House, people like Valerie Jarrett, who are all listed in this index, and who’s communicating with who about what.”

Farrell says they’ll be fighting to get the actual documents, not just settling for an index.’

H/T Rickwell

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Obama Toilet Paper

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The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

Babası oğluna bir bağ bağışlamış, oğul babaya bir salkım üzüm vermemiş (“The Father gave his son a vineyard, the son didn’t give a single bunch of grapes to the father.” - Turkish Proverb

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” - Hermann Hesse

“Alliances are broken from considerations of interest” - Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses, 1517

This week’s winner,The Razor’s -The RazorKick Turkey Out Of NATO is a persuasively written essay that embodies the thoughts expressed makes little sense to hold on to an alliance that really isn’t one. Here’s a slice:

Lord Palmerstone once noted that nations do not have permanent allies, only permanent interests. This statement assumes that a nation always acts in its own best interest, and this assumption is the basis for the realist school of international relations. Realists always expect national actors to do what is best for themselves. If an action does not benefit the nation in any particular way, or worse threatens it, then one cannot reasonably expect it to act even though one might think and others might agree that it is the right course of action. In international relations at least according to the realist school, there are no completely altruistic acts by nations or their actors.

I’ve been rooted in the realist school of international relations well before I got my degree in political science, having grown up while Henry Kissinger acted as Nixon’s national security advisor and later secretary of state under him and his successor Gerald Ford.Realists not only expect nations to act in their best interests, but regimes and the organizations constituting them to do the same. In statecraft realists aren’t surprised when regimes do what’s best for them even when it might compromise or damage others, but are willing to act in their own best interest when the opposite party acts in theirs.

Case in point: Turkey. Under the regime of Recep Erdogan for the past 12 years Turkey has been acting in the best interest of Erdogan and his ruling party the AKP. Erdogan is an Islamist in a nation where political Islam had been banned for decades after its re-founding under Kamal Ataturk. While Ataturk and the secularists saw Europe as a useful ally that would strengthen Turkey and their regime in the Middle East, Erdogan has instead positioned Turkey as the next Islamic Caliphate more in line with the Ottoman Empire of the 17th century rather than secular and Democratic Western Europe.

Perhaps the biggest interest Erdogan has besides the desire to remain in power is to avoid empowering the Kurdish minority within Turkey. Unlike the Palestinians, the Kurds have a much longer claim to their land stretching from northern Syria across southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq to Iran. One commonality between Erdogan and his secular predecessors has been the oppression of the Kurds in Turkey and their nationalist aims. The no-fly zone established in northern Iraq after the first Gulf War led to autonomy under Saddam and later the post-Saddam Iraqi government. Iraqi Kurds are as close to independent as Kurds have ever been, and their Syrian, Iranian and Turkish cousins recognize this.

From Erdogan’s perspective the decimation of the Syrian Kurds by the Islamic State (IS) is welcome. It weakens the Kurdish cause by reducing the number of Kurds in the region. Plus the Syrian Kurds were also strong supporters of the PKK, Turkey’s al-Qaida. From the realist perspective Erdogan will not act against IS on behalf of the Kurds unless there is an even greater, more pressing interest to do so.

And that’s the problem. Current American and European leadership is run by idealists not by realists. American and Europeans leaders simply do not understand why Erdogan and to more worrying degree Vladimir Putin act the way they do. To them bombing Kurds in Turkey instead of IS in Syria makes absolutely no sense just as annexing Crimea and dismembering Ukraine. They do not see the world the way Erdogan and Putin do, but realists do. Realists recognize that Putin and Erdogan will only act when the pressure applied to them is real and painful.

For Erdogan that pressure should include Turkey’s rejection from NATO and any possible future admittance to the EU under his regime. If Turkey acts in its own interests, so should the EU and the United States. The truth is that instead of being a beacon of secular Islam as Turkey once was, Turkey under Erdogan has become just another corrupt, Islamic Middle Eastern dictatorship with caliphate dreams. Turkey has condoned the rise of IS as well as backed other terrorist groups such as Hamas. It has kept a tight leash on the American base in Incirlik, preventing it from participating in the second Gulf War and in attacks on IS.

More at the link..

In our non-Council category, the winner was Volokh Conspiracy’s Can ministers who make a living by conducting weddings be required to conduct same-sex weddings? submitted by Rhymes with Right. The piece examines the latest bit of bullying by same sex marriage advocates.

Here are this week’s full results. The Right Planet, The Independent Sentinel and Ask Marion were not able to vote this time out. None were affected by the usual 2/3 vote penalty for not voting.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Davenport’s disaster, Part I

If Minnesota State University, Mankato President Richard Davenport is in a tight spot, it’s a spot of his own making. According to the OLA’s report into Todd Hoffner’s termination, we now know that President Davenport notified Coach Hoffner that Davenport had made a “tentative decision” to terminate Coach Hoffner’s employment at MSU, Mankato in a […]

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Oh, Canada…

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There is a nobility to the task of being an honor guard at a memorial to the fallen.It is a way to remember the sacrifice of those whom came before, of those who were willing to die so that future generations could live.

One of those men was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. He was one of three soldiers guarding Canada’s War memorial in Ottawa when he was shot down by a craven jihadi, a Canadian named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who converted to Islam.


After murdering Cpl. Cirillo, he ran into the Canadian Parliament where he was eventually gunned down.

And for those who favor gun confiscation, members of Parliament said they owed their lives to Kevin Vickers, who fatally shot Zehaf-Bibeau just outside the caucus rooms where lawmakers were barricading themselves.

This is the second recent attack on Canada’s soldiers by local Muslims. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. a 28-year veteran was struck and killed and a second soldier injured by a Canadian jihadi, Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau in Quebec who ran into them with his car just two days ago.

The Islamic State has called on Muslims to launch attacks in Western countries that have joined the U.S.-led coalition to combat them.

The stories of both Zehaf-Bibeau and Rouleau bear striking similarities. Both were converts to Islam and known to Canada’s counter terrorism forces. Both were a product of radical Imams in Saudi-funded mosques and both had their passports revoked after it became known they had been in contact with ISIS, yet they were still allowed to roam free.

Canada, the U.S., and other countries are going to have to take a serious look at what they’ve been allowing to occur in their countries. These will not be the last attacks.

Canada’s PM Stephen Harper, as usual, rose to the occasion. Speaking to the nation on television, he said simply that the attacks were an attempt to intimidate Canada. “Let there be no mistake”, he said. “We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated.”

Unfortunately, own President Barack Obama lacked that insight, referring to the attacks as ‘senseless violence.’

There was nothing senseless about it. Terrorism doesn’t come out of nowhere, nor is it mindless. It is a tactic designed to achieve certain goals, no more no less. Only someone willfully blind or deliberately dissembling would think otherwise.

I doubt PM Harper is in either of those two categories, and I think Canada’s eyes have been opened.

There is one other small silver lining here. As Cpl. Cirillo lay dying, not only did his two comrades stand by him, but Margaret Lerhe, a nurse on her way to work at the Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital and Barbara Winters, a lawyer and a former member of the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve heard the gunshots and ran towards them instead of away from them and joined the two soldiers to work as a team in desperately trying to keep Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was still conscious alive.

Aside from trying to staunch the bleeding with compresses, they comforted him, telling him how proud they were of him, how brave he was and how loved.

In the end he died in their arms, but not before taking that final bit of comfort with him as he left this earth.

If a warrior has to die, could there be a better way to make the passage?

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Elections in America are being stolen!

When the Supreme Court decided recently that Texas could keep their voter ID laws in place for the November elections, the cries from the left of racism and disenfranchisement was, as you would expect, right on queue. After all, voter fraud simply isn’t a problem in America. Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. No sooner have these objections from the left been raised that we have been provided with several examples of the fraud and abuse that voter ID laws—along with calls to eliminate early voting and mail-in ballots—are needed if we are to preserve the integrity of elections in America. In Arizona, a civil-minded volunteer Hispanic political activist with the bipartisan radical left-wing group, Citizen’s for a Better Arizona was caught on camera doing his civic duty stuffing the ballot box at a local polling place in Maricopa County. Here’s the story from In Colorado, mail-in ballots once were reserved, on request, for those absent on Election Day or too infirmed to reach the polls. Last year, Colorado Democrats to this concept to levels guaranteed to produce voter fraud. With zero Republican support—isn’t that how we got Obamacare?—Dems went with a 100% mail absentee ballot system. This has resulted in millions […]

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The Right War LIVE on FTR – Let’s Talk About Freedom…

By Liz Harrison Yes, it’s Thursday. Yes, Taylor is still back. Maybe there will be Pye… The guest seat is supposed to be filled by Jason Pye (@jaseliberty). He may be on, or maybe …read more Via:: The Right War LIVE on FTR – Let’s Talk About Freedom…     

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The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 10-24-2014

This Week On The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program: A True Craftsman Will Meticulously Construct The Apparatus Of His Own Demise. How Have We Contributed To Our Own Demise? Adult Themes Will Be Discussed. Adult Language May/ Will Be Used. You … Continue reading

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