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2013 May « Rogue Politics


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Answer to Hague’s Nullification Proposal: The European Parliament Is Democratic

At the end of May 2013, William Hague of the British government delivered a speech advocating that state legislatures should be able to block E.U. laws proposed by the European Commission. At the time, a state legislature could use a “yellow card” to object to a proposal that could presumably be better legislated and enforced at the state level. Hague wanted a “red card” option that a state legislature could use to block legislation. There are several problems with Hague’s proposal.

               Should the state legislatures dominate the EU’s legislature?  The British state government says yes. Would the Union wither and die?           Source: mapperywordpress.com

Presumably, such a card from just one of the 27 state legislatures could block a proposal. It would be difficult to imagine virtually any law surviving at the E.U. level. Why then have the E.U. at all then? Were such a card to block the proposed E.U. law only in the particular state objecting, the E.U. would be faced with the problem that President Jackson faced in the U.S. in 1930 when the South Carolina legislature passed the Nullification Act, which enabled the state’s legislature to block any U.S. law detrimental to the state’s interests. If every state can pick and choose among federal laws, what force would any federal law have?

Finally, Hague was assuming that the European Parliament is not democratic at all, whereas the state legislatures are fully so. However, the members of the European Parliament are directly elected by EU citizens. The representatives represent those constituents rather than states (or state governments). Perhaps this is why Hague proposed to have the state legislatures essentially replace the European Parliament. To be sure, the legislative districts at the state level are smaller and thus more democratic in this respect. This does not render federal legislative bodies like the European Parliament and the U.S. House of Representatives non-democratic. At most, the differential in terms of democracy between the two levels is an argument for greater subsidiarity.


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Washington’s Culture of Corruption

We’ve gotten to the point where you need a guide-book to keep track of all the scandals in Washington. As a fiscal policy wonk, I focus mostly on the sleaze at the IRS, but I also recognize that the other scandals are equally troubling. So I’m amused by Lisa Benson’s portrayal of the…um…plumbing problems at […] . . . → Read More: Washington’s Culture of Corruption . . . → Read More: Washington’s Culture of Corruption

Conservative Comedy 5/31/13

It’s Conservative Comedy Friday at the Strident Conservative. As we do every week, we are proud to bring you the latest from Jodi Miller and Newsbusted, along with the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change. In addition, we are bringing you our newest contributor to party, Steven Crowder. With John McCain demanding that the U.S. arm rebels radicals in Syria—a nation at war with Israel—I found a great video from Steven’s archives that explains why America needs to avoid arming Israel’s enemies.  This week, we take a satirical look at the Benghazi, IRS, and AP scandals, James Rosen, drone strikes, Anthony Weiner, and a potpourri of other current events.   Have a great weekend!       . . . → Read More: Conservative Comedy 5/31/13 . . . → Read More: Conservative Comedy 5/31/13

Announcement from John Cleese

Comment: From the BBC – by John Cleese. ANNOUNCEMENT The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have therefore […] . . . → Read More: Announcement from John Cleese . . . → Read More: Announcement from John Cleese

America is not the only nation of immigrants. Just ask Sweden

One of the longest running cultural memes is the claim that the United States is a “nation of immigrants.” This meme is repeatedly spewed by both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, in order to justify the… … . . . → Read More: America is not the only nation of immigrants. Just ask Sweden . . . → Read More: America is not the only nation of immigrants. Just ask Sweden

The Council Has Spoken!! This Week”s Watcher’s Council Results


The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and we have the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

“What does it matter? “ – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s Midnight In Benghazi – What Really Happened    deals with the who, what and most especially the why of what happened in Benghazi.And especially, why it matters more than many Americans perhaps realize. It was a piece I worked on for quite some time as information trickled in from various sources.  Here’s a slice:

The recent Benghazi hearings before the House Oversight Committee were extremely valuable in that America (or at least that part of America that was paying attention) heard three courageous whistle blowers testify as to the events on the ground as they happened. Even if it merely confirmed what a lot of us knew beforehand,it had value that these unimpeachable witnesses confirmed it. And also let the nation know the kind of pressure they were subjected to by the State Department and the Obama Administration to keep their mouths shut.

It’s been said that the problem with Benghazi is that the whole affair is now so convoluted that the average person has trouble following all the threads. There’s some truth in that, and the lack of dinosaur media coverage that would have been wall to wall if this were a Republican administration involved has aided and abetted that confusion. The one most honorable exception has been Sharyl Attkisson at CBS, and her honesty and conviction is likely to cost Ms.Attkisson her job, because she’s been a little too good at it.

Perhaps what’s really needed is a short summary that tells exactly what happened in Benghazi, to make it easier to follow.

What happened is that an American ambassador, Chris Stevens was stationed in the Benghazi consulate for some unknown reason, even though the British and the International Red Cross had already pulled their people out because it was too dangerous. The consulate was left without adequate security, even though Ambassador Stevens begged for it. On September 11th, 2012, that consulate was attacked by al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood forces armed with heavy weapons from Libyan government arsenals that the attackers obtained thanks to American aid in overthrowing Libyan dictator Moamar Khaddaffi. Four Americans died in the attacks, which were spread over nine hours. Even though there were ample security resources on the ground who could possibly have saved those four dead Americans, someone gave them the order to stand down. Instead, carefully edited talking points were concocted by the Obama Administration and an entire narrative was fed to the nation via a cooperative media that the attacks were a spontaneous protest over an obscure YouTube video, and that nothing could have been done to save the ambassador and the others whom were murdered.

The Obama Administration deliberately lied about what happened and has been trying to cover that up ever since.

That’s essentially the basic summary of what happened. Or for those of you whom need a slogan to chant , here’s an even simpler one:

“Obama Slept and Hillary Lied
About how four Americans died”

The media is still very much involved in trying to bury this. Here’s the amazing testimony of Greg Hicks, a career diplomat and Ambassador Chris Steven’s Deputy. This is probably the biggest national scandal since Watergate, yet wasn’t carried on any major news outlet in full except FOX:

Among other things, Greg Hicks revealed that he called Hillary Clinton at 8PM EST that night to tell her that the consulate was under attack by al-Qaeda terrorists and that Ambassador Stevens was now missing.He called again at 9PM after he received a call from the then–Libyan prime minister, Abdurrahim el-Keib, informing him that Ansar al-Sharia had brought Stevens’ mutilated body into a hospital and that the ambassador was dead. was dead. Hicks immediately called Washington. 
Secretary Clinton wasn’t available..just not taking calls. And not only didn’t she call Hicks back that evening, but she didn’t bother getting in touch with him the following day. And President Obama? He dropped out very early in the proceedings, after he was briefed 5 PM EST by Leon Panetta. He had a campaign fundraiser to attend and decided to go to bed early.

It’s important to remember the time frame here. The attack was spread over nine hours, and no one in Washington knew how long it was going to last. We’re not talking about a game of basketball here, where the clock runs for a certain period and the action stops.The Obama Administration made a conscious decision not to get involved, so the nonsense peddled  about  ‘not having security assets who could get there in time’ is a despicable lie.

As Hicks testified and others have confirmed, Lieutenant Colonel Gibson had a special forces team in Tripoli that twice suited up to go to Benghazi to rescue the Americans under siege and twice got stand down orders. Meanwhile, back in Benghazi, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty held off the numerically superior jihadis for hours virtually alone before dying on a rooftop while waiting for back-up that never came.

Again, this is not some DC-based functionary. This is Ambassadors Stevens’ deputy, his second in command, the man who took over the Libya station after Ambassador Stevens was murdered before he was demoted for not keeping his mouth suitably shut. And he says his jaw literally dropped when he heard Hillary and Susan Rice blaming this on a video.

No one should be under the assumption that this ends with Secretary Clinton either. One of President Obama’s first acts as president was to remove the post of UN Ambassador from the authority of the Secretary of State and to make it a full cabinet post under his direct orders that reported to him.So if Ambassador Susan Rice was making the rounds of the Sunday shows lying about how the attack on our embassy was caused by an obscure video, she was not doing it without President Obama’s full knowledge and consent.And someone gave the orders to our military not to go in. That ordinarily would be a presidential prerogative – unless President Obama was AWOL again.

 One of the most despicable scenes in American history was played out at the funerals of the murdered men, where the president and Mrs. Clinton acted as though ‘Chris’ was their best friend. This was the same woman who lied repeatedly about ‘Chris’s’ death, who denied she’d received cables from him desperately asking for more security and even had the heartlessness to lie to the the Woods family about how Tyrone Woods died, telling them at the funeral that “we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.’

Okay, that’s the what, at least so far. Some aspects of ‘who’ are still in the process of being discovered. So let’s get to the far more important question, ‘why’.

To find out the all important why, read the rest.It’s the key to understanding the whole thing.

In our Non-Council  category, the prize was carried off  by Mark Steyn for To The Slaughter submitted by Joshuapundit. It is Steyn’s essay on the murder and beheading  of a serving British soldier in Woolwich in broad daylight last week and what it says about what the UK and about the West. Do read it.

I would like to remind our readers that there is a vacancy currently available in the Watcher’s Council. This is a very special group and a superb opportunity for a blogger to reach a wider audience and showcase their work. If you think you qualify and are interested in applying, leave a comment with a link to your site, your e-mail address (which will remain confidential) and any questions you might have as a comment on any article over at Joshuapundit.

OK,  here are this week’s full results. Only Gay Patriot was unable to vote this week and only he was affected by  the mandatory 2/3 vote penalty:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday AM for this week’s Watcher’s Forum, as the Council and their invited special guests take apart one of the provocative issues of the day with short takes and weigh in…don’t you dare miss it. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter…..’cause we’re cool like that!


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Your Tax Dollars at Work: Medicare Financing Plastic Surgery

What’s the most absurd “health” expenditure by government? There are lots of potential responses, including $240 million for penis pumps. Or how about the fact that Obamacare allows taxpayer-subsidized viagra for sex offenders? But another potential answer is cosmetic surgery for “droopy eyelids.” Here are some of the details from a Miami Herald report. Aging […] . . . → Read More: Your Tax Dollars at Work: Medicare Financing Plastic Surgery . . . → Read More: Your Tax Dollars at Work: Medicare Financing Plastic Surgery

Fine Arts Friday: Poetry

Our culture has a tendency to shy away from poetry. We think it’s either too hard to understand or disdain it as something for intellectuals and angsty teen girls.  We no longer even use the word “poetry.” Now it’s “spoken word.” Pshaw. You’re a poet, and you know it. Poetry is really just storytelling. In […] . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Friday: Poetry . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Friday: Poetry

Strengthening the Bond between Church and Your Family

All people, regardless of the natural diversity that exists among the vast cultures of the world, share the same three basic inner needs. Everyone feels the need to be securely loved, to feel their life has a significant purpose and that they have a strong hope for the future. But you need a strategy to fight the enemy that would rob these from you… . . . → Read More: Strengthening the Bond between Church and Your Family . . . → Read More: Strengthening the Bond between Church and Your Family

The Blood of Tyrants by Logan Beirne

Logan Beirne has written a book that connects the past with the present. It is a historical review of how George Washington conducted himself during the American Revolution and set precedents which all subsequent Presidents have felt the weight of, whether or not they chose to be guided by them. Fortunately for the people of the United States, most Presidents since Washington’s time have seen fit to conform to the outline of the role shaped by the Father of our country – at least to some degree. . . . → Read More: The Blood of Tyrants by Logan Beirne . . . → Read More: The Blood of Tyrants by Logan Beirne

Why Pope Francis is wrong about capitalism | The Daily Caller

  OK, first things first, I get the impression in the comments from the Daily Caller that there is some controversy over the translation, I don’t speak the language so I can be fooled.   In any case, this is a good concise, and cogent article on why capitalism is the appropriate economic system for […] . . . → Read More: Why Pope Francis is wrong about capitalism | The Daily Caller . . . → Read More: Why Pope Francis is wrong about capitalism | The Daily Caller

A Golden Opportunity

The illegal harassment of conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service has opened the door and given credibility to those looking for a major overhaul of our impenetrable tax code. . . . → Read More: A Golden Opportunity . . . → Read More: A Golden Opportunity

Golfer’s Prayer

Via Seasons of Grace . . . → Read More: Golfer’s Prayer . . . → Read More: Golfer’s Prayer

Tommy Robinson Of The EDL Interviewed On The BBC

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson is interviewed by a hostile and condescending reporter on Three Counties BBC Radio. And acquits himself rather well! You have to love the way the callers were ‘screened’ by the host..someone who wqs waiting on hold who claims … . . . → Read More: Tommy Robinson Of The EDL Interviewed On The BBC . . . → Read More: Tommy Robinson Of The EDL Interviewed On The BBC

UK: Muslim Thug Sucker Punches Elderly Woman In The Face At EDL rally

Of course, it was Islamophobic for her to get in the way of his fist.But then, he’s probably more used to dealing with Muslim women in this sharia approved multi-cultural way.Notice how the police quickly run to protect him rather than the injured woma… . . . → Read More: UK: Muslim Thug Sucker Punches Elderly Woman In The Face At EDL rally . . . → Read More: UK: Muslim Thug Sucker Punches Elderly Woman In The Face At EDL rally

McCain Says We Can Identify The ‘Good Guys’ In Syria, After He Unwittingly Meets With Jihadi Terrorists

This would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t for the fact that Senator McCain is pushing for us to supply US funds, arms and even boots on the ground to support an al-Qaeda and Islamist takeover of Syria. Senator John McCain claim’s that we can identify who the jihadis are, except…while visiting Syria this week he posed in a photo with rebels who kidnapped 11 Lebanese Shi’ite pilgrims…:

“A number of the Syrians who greeted Senator McCain upon his arrival in Syria asked to take pictures with him, and as always, the Senator complied,” Rogers said. “If the individual photographed with Senator McCain is in fact Mohamed Nour, that is regrettable. But it would be ludicrous to suggest that the Senator in any way condones the kidnapping of Lebanese Shia pilgrims or has any communication with those responsible. Senator McCain condemns such heinous actions in the strongest possible terms,” Rogers said.

Well, yes. But the point is that he wants us to spend American blood and treasure to support replacing a Shi’ite theocracy’s client state with an Islamist, salafist dictatorship and even Senator McCain, who claims to be well informed is clueless when it comes to telling who’s ‘moderate’ and who isn’t.

The arguments he makes above for an American intervention are ludicrous.

At 2:40, he says that we can “handle this”. In other words, we ought to get involved regardless of whether it makes sense or not, but just to show we can. If Russian missiles shoot down out planes, then what? And if we send in the 1,800 American Marines based on Jordan’s border with Syria in to fight Hezbollah, Assad’s troop and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is Senator John McCain going to guarantee that they don’t go in handcuffed by the same ridiculous Rules of Engagement they’re saddled with if Afghanistan that’s gotten so many of them killed and maimed?

With this particular Islamist friendly commander-in-chief in the White House?

McCain has been sitting in the Senate while Christians have been ethnically cleansed from Iraq and hasn’t said word one about it to my knowledge, let alone trying to do anything about it. Ditto with what’s going on with the Copts in Egypt. Does he have any bold plan to stop the ethnic cleansing and massacre of Alawites, Druse and Christians in Syria when his Jihadi friends take over? Is it really worth us fighting a war to add another piece to the emerging Islamist caliphate? As bad as the status quo is, how does it help our interests to spend blood and treasure to change it? It doesn’t, not in the least.

McCain is even more farcical when he tries to talk knowledgeably about how we can ‘weed out’ jihadis from the rebels. He says there are only 7,000 fighters in the openly al-Qaeda faction al-Nousrah (more like 10,000 according to my sources) and that we can avoid the arms and money falling into their hands. How, exactly? If you give an anti-tank weapon to someone, what guarantee do you have he won’t sell it or transfer it? None whatsoever in those conditions. Has he not been paying attention to what’s going on in AfPak?

Also, he seems to forget that the vast majority of the fighters actively involved are jihadis and Islamists even if they’re not in al-Nusra. Even Libyan arms dealers selling off the arms they got from Khaddaffi’s armories thanks to President Obama’s intervention couldn’t care less about the distinction:

[F]irst, the Libyans wanted to know who the Syrians were exactly and which rebel group each represented. There was a representative from Jund-Allah (Soldiers of God), which operates in and around the capital Damascus; a commander from Ansar al-din (Supporters of the Faith) in Lattakia province; and most significantly a man who is one of the seven members of the political office of Jabhat Syria il-Islamiya (the Syrian Islamic Front), one of the country’s largest, most cohesive and strongest Islamist militant coalitions, led by the Salafi Ahrar al-Sham Brigades. (The extremist al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra is not part of this alliance.) Coffee was ordered — Turkish coffee for the Syrians and cappuccinos for the Libyans. The Libyan from Zintan, wearing faded black jeans, a cream-colored shirt stretched taut across his waist and a gray sports jacket, did most of the talking. He fingered black worry beads, while his colleague from Benghazi listened. His first question was about whether the men around him recognized the FSA and its 14 provincial military councils. All said they did not. “Their commanders are failures, they are corrupt,” the Syrian from Ansar al-Din said. “There is not even one battalion, in all honesty, that they can control,” the Islamic Front representative said. “These people [senior defectors in the FSA like the one the Libyans had met the night before] were placed as facades, in the beginning, as media personalities, but as real commanders on the ground? Not at all.”

The Free Syrian Army, which is also dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood is commanded by General Idris, who McCain met with in Syria a few days ago and who he’s pushing as some kind of moderate ‘freedom fighter’. In reality, the FSA is rapidly merging with jihadis like al-Nousrah and Idris is just a figurehead, a convenient mask.

McCain actually says, at 4:40 that the rebels “are trying to achieve the same thing that we have shed American blood and treasure for for well over 200 years.” I wasn’t aware that America made a practice of fighting for sharia rule, the suppression of women,the murder and ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians or Islamist theocratic fascism. But then John McCain is a sitting Senator, and he undoubtedly knows better than me. Talk about calling someone else ‘wacko birds’…!

 Senator McCain, it’s past time for you to resign. Please, for your own sake and ours. Just go. (H/t Allah,via Ace’s place)


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The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 5-31-2013

This Week on The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program: The Week In Review Plenty to talk about and this is the place to do it! Join The Panel @luchdora41 @noway90 @thestamma @gulfdogs @reactionariez   Tin Foil Hat 3rd hour? Shiny side … Continue reading . . . → Read More: The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 5-31-2013 . . . → Read More: The Reactionaries Speak Radio Program 5-31-2013

MSNBC: “Eric Holder Is The Moses of Our Time”

MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson called Attorney General Eric Holder “the Moses of our time” Wednesday on “Martin Bashir”:  

 MARTIN BASHIR: Professor, we heard Mr. Sensenbrenner say the attorney general should stop down. Congressman Bob Goodlatte is also calling for resignation. Of course, he did that two years ago over fast and furious. Is this actually going to lead to something, do you think, or more of the same, more continuous calls for the attorney general to step down?   

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: I think the attorney general should step down to off of that plateau where he resides on high principle and whip some head. But he shouldn’t give up his office. What he should understand is that he is the chief law giver of the United States so to speak. He’s the Moses of our time and at least for this administration. […]

Now, if Jews were like Muslims, I’d be calling for a fatwa on both of them for insulting my religion and for blasphemy. As it is, I’ll just note the despicable anti-semitism involved and move on. This coflating Moses with a corrupt ideologue who perjured himself and has done nothing but lie and engage in racism throughout his tenure shows you exactly how insane the Left has become. In fact, it appears he even lied to a judge when he was judge-shopping in order to get a warrant:

Right and wrong, legal and illegal, holy and unholy simply have no meaning for these people any more. It’s all about the Agenda, and in Dyson’s case, racist solidarity über alles.


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RNC Hires Ghost Firms for Crucial Digital Mission

It’s been roughly a month since the RNC hired Liberty Works and Data Trust to carry out what many consider the RNC’s most crucial mission of the next few election cycles for the GOP: furnish the digital infrastructure for electoral victory against the robust set of tools that the Democrats […] . . . → Read More: RNC Hires Ghost Firms for Crucial Digital Mission . . . → Read More: RNC Hires Ghost Firms for Crucial Digital Mission

Prosecution In Trayvon Martin Case Busted For Deleting Photos And Withholding Evidence

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