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2014 April « Rogue Politics


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“Benghazi? What Difference Does it Make?”


Not as much as it would have made in September of 2012…which was apparently the whole point.

Thanks to a long and successful battle by Judicial Watch in federal court, a whole raft of new e-mails between the White House and the State Department concerning the deliberate lies and coverup over the fiasco in Benghazi have surfaced that definitively prove that the White House deliberately lied about the nature of the attack, and colluded with the State department to construct a false narrative and deceive the American people to protect President Obama’s re-election.

Emails  sent by senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes to other top administration officials like David Plouffe and Jay Carney were sent out just a day before National Security Adviser Susan Rice hit 5 separate Sunday news shows to promulgate the lie about ‘the video’.

Interesting fellow, Ben Rhodes. Officially, he’s the current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication for President Barack Obama. Now, he has no real national security qualifications for the gig, although his degree, an MFA in creative writing from NYU probably helps a bit in crafting the sort of fanciful fiction we hear out of the president.

Oh, and just by chance, his brother is – wait for it – David Rhodes. The president of CBS News, the same network where award winning reporter Sharyl Attkisson has said since her resignation that she was actively discouraged from investigating stories like Benghazi and Fast and Furious in any depth and was thought of as a ‘troublemaker’ for doing so.

Speaking of Sharyl Atkisson, she’s gone independent for now and she has a fine piece of reporting here that highlights what was in the recently released e-mails, and why the White House wanted them hidden so badly:

In the email, Ben Rhodes lists as a “goal” the White House desire “To ​underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”

The email is entitled, “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET” and refers to White House involvement in preparing then-U.S.Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice for her upcoming appearance on Sunday television ​ network political talk shows.

The Rhodes email states that another “goal” is “To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

A court compelled the release of the documents, which were heavily-redacted, to the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which has sued the government over its failed Freedom of Information responses. I have also requested Benghazi-related documents under Freedom of Information law, but the government has only produced a few pages to date.

Today, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the Rhodes email the “smoking gun” showing the “political manipulation by the White House” after the attacks.

​“The political shop at the White House took over early on,” Graham told me. “They understood it was a terrorist attack, that they had a political problem, and were going to handle it politically. They weren’t going to entertain anything other than what they wanted the public to hear.”

USA Today quotes a spokesman for the White House National Security Council reacting to the Rhodes’ email by stating that it contains general talking points on unrest spreading throughout the region in response to an offensive video, and also made clear that “our primary goals” included the safety of U.S. personnel in the field and bringing those responsible for the attacks to justice.

Since the deadly attacks on the U.S. missions in Benghazi, there have been persistent allegations that the Obama administration developed a false political narrative to downplay or hide the fact that terrorists had struck. The President had campaigned by stating that al Qaeda was “on the run,” and Republicans have argued that news of a terrorist attack eight weeks before the election could have decimated his re-election campaign. Four Americans were killed in the assaults, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

White House officials copied on the Rhodes “goal” email include Press Secretary Jay Carney, then-Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, then-White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe, then-White House Deputy Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri and Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Earnest has failed to respond to more than a year’s worth of my emails and phone calls in my effort to obtain official White House photographs taken the night of the Benghazi attacks. The White House photo office had told me that Earnest’s personal approval was needed for the photos to be released. 


Attkisson doesn’t mention it here, but regular readers of this site know that State Department spokesmouth Victoria Nuland was involved in the coverup process as well, ‘managing’ how the phony narrative was presented publicly in order to protect her superiors – like Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So was then-CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who heavily edited the fact sheet and the original talking points.

Attkisson also found out how the White House tried to hide this document:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told me today that the government apparently tried to keep the Rhodes email out of Congress and the public’s hands by classifying it after-the-fact.

“They retroactively changed the classification,” Chaffetz says. “That was an unclassified document and they changed it to classified.”

In the past month, the government has supplied 3,200 new Benghazi-related documents under Congressional subpoena. In some instances, Congressional members and their staff are only permitted to see the documents during certain time periods in a review room, and cannot remove them or make copies.

Chaffetz says that the State Department redacted more material on the copies provided to Congress than on those that it was forced to provide to Judicial Watch.

One of the most heavily-redacted email exchanges is entitled, “FOX News: US officials knew Libya attack was terrorism within 24 hours, sources confirm.” The Fox News article was circulated among dozens of officials including Rhodes and then-Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough but the content of their email discussion is hidden.

She has more at the link, showing how the White House had a reasonable degree of advance warning and that they knew almost immediately that the attack on Benghazi had nothing to do with any video.


So, where do we go from here?

Anyone who’s been following the Benghazi story knows by now just from their behavior that the White House deliberately set out to deceive the American people to protect President Obama’s re-election chances, after all that ‘al-Qaeda is on the run’ bluster. This simply formalizes it. Normally, just as with IRS-gate, an ethical attorney general abiding by his oath of office would have appointed a special prosecutor long ago, but that’s not what we’re dealing with here.

Congress, of course could use this as a springboard to vote funds and authorization for their own prosecutor, followed by formal impeachment charges that wouldn’t get President Obama out of office but would publicize this stuff to the American people and force Democrats to take a position they’d be stuck with.

 But it’s a reasonable assumption that Speaker John Boehner doesn’t want to go there because he lacks the stones to deal with the political fallout from the actions that would probably be needed if an investigation revealed that the president was indeed or other high ranking regime figures were as involved in these things as they appear to be.

Even more damaging would be what would come out if we get into the question of exactly what Ambassador Stevens was doing in an unprotected consulate in Benghazi, an sl-Qaeda hotbed even the International Red Cross had moved its people out of because it was too dangerous.

What actually happened in Benghazi is bad enough even without the coverup and I revealed the true story here about a year ago. If that ever came out, we ‘d be talking about  criminal indictments.



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The Smoking Gun on Benghazi – Proof the White House LIED » Eagle Rising

The Smoking Gun on Benghazi – Proof the White House LIED » Eagle Rising

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Choose the right law school…or else (Picture Below)

The Top 50 law school rankings in this article are based on graduates getting bona fide attorney jobs after graduation and at the same time earning enough money to pay off the loans that put them through it.At HAS here. Advertisement …

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Donald Sterling and Star Wars Diversity

This week’s episode of The RJ Moeller Show (feat/Eric Teetsel) features pithy pop-culture analysis from the boys on… Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA Star Wars gets a cast, Gender Studies professors flip out Keith Olbermann hates MSNBC NB…. . . . → Read More: Donald Sterling and Star Wars Diversity

Obama’s next moves against Putin! (Poster)

Putin really went and did it now! He made Obama mad and you don’t want to see Obama when he’s mad!

Because when the President gets really mad the worthless rhetoric (ничего не стоит риторика) literally overflows and spews out of every crevice of his empty suit (пустой костюм)! 
And, since Putin seems to be completely undeterred in Ukraine, get your boots and raincoats on!


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Criminalizing Speech in the UK?

I mentioned this briefly in my post yesterday, and like Mark Levin and most of us we assumed it to be a paperwork violation, or a publicity stunt. It’s not. Paul Weston of Liberty GB is looking at two (2) years in Jail for quoting Winston Churchill. As Mark mentions below, the British just outlawed […]

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NAACP, Black Groups: Sterling’s Punishment ‘Not Enough’, Seek Diversity Shakedown

The National Urban League, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation issued a statement today applauding Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine, much of which, according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, will go to these same groups or as Silver put it, ‘groups fighting racial discrimination’.

They called the decision “a bold, courageous and resolute message that the views expressed by Sterling do not represent the National Basketball Association as an organization today or the kind of organization that it seeks to be in the future.”

But getting Sterling banned and collecting what amounts to a bounty isn’t enough. They want a meeting with Silver to negotiate a shakedown.

“Sterling’s long-established pattern of bigotry and racist comments have not been a secret in the NBA,” the statement said. “Yet until now, they have been tolerated and met with a gentle hand and a blind eye.”

They want Silver to mandate ‘diversity’ and affirmative action hiringin the NBA’s executives and ownership to see to it that Sterling “remains an anomaly among the owners and executives in the league.”

Since Silver has already committed to using the NBA’s influence and power to try to force Sterling to sell the Clippers, what these groups are obviously insisting on is that th enext Clipper’s owner be black, regardless of his qualifications or financial stability.

“Our goal is for Commissioner Silver to extend these efforts beyond a reactive approach to one egregious situation to a proactive approach that will allow him to set forth and enforce clear policies and codes of conduct that reflect the best of the NBA, as well as foster a league culture that is as inclusive in practice — at all levels — as it is diverse in players and fan base.”

That ‘gentle hand and blind eye’ included the NAACP and other groups, of course as long as Sterling kept donating large sums of money to them.

Just two weeks for m today, A Sterling was set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP in a dinner headlined by – wait for it – Al Sharpton.


CBS reported today that Sterling was going to receive the award for his long history of donating to minority charities and giving game tickets to inner city children, one of a number of awards he’d gotten over the years.

This should be a good lesson to anyone donating to groups like these.Essentially, they’re a bunch of race pimps and con artists who will turn on you when it’s convenient.

It’s not well known and the organizations have gone to some lengths to bury the fact, but the majority of the civil rights organizations were co-founded and funded by Jews. The NAACP, for example, was organized and co-founded by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, who essentially kept it alive by extensive fundraising for them.In the 1970’s, the Jew’s reward was to have the NAACP and other groups like them turn on the them and refuse to support them on issues like Israel.


You won’t find any mention of Rabbi Wise or any other Jews on the NAACP’s website. Instead, they warmly welcome the likes of anti-semites like Louis Farrakhan as an honored guest with standing O’s.


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Welcome to the Paradise of the Real

I’ve been thinking along this line for a while but, never in my fevered imagination would I have been able to write  it as well as Kevin D. Williamson has here. We definitely have gotten so far from the real world into symbolic terms that we have turned the economy into a video game, and […]

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Ukraine’s Self-Imposed Statism Crisis

Using a comparison of Jamaica and Singapore, I recently argued that growth should trump inequality. Simply stated, a growing economic pie is much better for poor people that incentive-sapping redistribution programs that trap people in dependency. In other words, nations with smaller government and less intervention produce better results than nations with bloated governments and […]

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Inventing Freedom How The English – Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World By Daniel Hannan

Inventing Freedom elaborates on the themes in Daniel Hannan’s “The New Road to Serfdom.” The earlier book, subtitled “A Letter of Warning to America,” is exactly that. In it Hannan sounded the alarm against forsaking our political inheritance and following Europe into “uniformity, socialism and insolvency: “The New Road to Serfdom. Inventing Freedom identifies the pilots who would take us there, but not until the closing chapters.

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Watcher’s Council Nominations -Guv’mint Surveillance Edition


Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

The Council In Action!

  • Liberty’s Spirit has a fine new piece up at the Times of Israel, Yom Hashoah, the 3-D test, and Those with Special Needs
  • Bookworm Room was cited by James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Best Of The Web’
  • This week, The Midknight Review, Jewish American Patriots,Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion Maggie’s Notebook and The Pirate’s Cove earned honorable mention status with some great articles.

    You can, too! Want to see your work appear on the Watcher’s Council homepage in our weekly contest listing? Didn’t get nominated by a Council member? No worries.

    To bring something to my attention, simply head over to Joshuapundit and post the title a link to the piece you want considered along with an e-mail address ( which won’t be published) in the comments section no later than Monday 6PM PST in order to be considered for our honorable mention category. Then return the favor  by creating a post on your site linking to the Watcher’s Council contest for the week when it comes out Wednesday morning

    Simple, no?

    It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members. while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

    So, let’s see what we have this week….

    Council Submissions

    Honorable Mentions

    Non-Council Submissions

    Enjoy! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us Twitter..’cause we’re cool like that!


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    Sivarajah, Krinkie, the sore loser edition

    Based on Mark Sommerhauser’s article, it sounds like Rhonda Sivarajah and Phil Krinkie are moving into the ‘sore loser’ category, with Sivarajah sounding particularly bitter: And Sivarajah didn’t pull punches last week in her campaign’s response to the Emmer poll. “The state of Minnesota did not want Tom Emmer as their Governor, the GOP party […]

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    $100MM Manhattan apartments: When does the bubble burst?

    If you have any interest in a NYC apartment with its own pool, huge patio and unobstructed view of the Hudson River then this one might be just what the doctor ordered.Of course if you have to ask what the monthly maintenance is, then you obviously can… . . . → Read More: $100MM Manhattan apartments: When does the bubble burst?

    Racist Poker….Show Me Your Cards


    I’ve pretty much stayed away from the Donald Sterling story, mostly because with everything else going on, I see this as a deliberate distraction by the media.

    But I don’t mind this brief reflection,because it relates to a great many other things.

    Donald Sterling, who own the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team made some private remarks to his girlfriend/mistress V. Stiviano, who is of black and Mexican descent, after she posted a picture of herself with Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson on Instagram.

    Sterling told Stiviano not to broadcast her association with black people or bring black people to Clippers games, and specifically mentioned Magic Johnson on the recording, saying “don’t bring him to my games, OK?”

    Well! After this was outed on TMZ Saturday, that’s all anyone in the media had time to write or talk about.

    The NBA’s black players voiced outrage, and the player’s union said that “this is a very serious issue which we will address aggressively.”

    Rev Al Sharpton, of course, threatened to rally the troops for a protest outside this evening’s NBA playoff game in Los Angeles, and even the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti came out with a statement, saying “These statements are offensive and despicable and have no place in Los Angeles. I urge the NBA to act swiftly. L.A. fans deserve and demand better.”.

    Well, the NBA did act swiftly. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference today and announced that Sterling was going to be banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.5 million.

    Silver said he was going to “do everything in my power” to force the sale of the Clippers.

    “The hateful opinions voiced by that man are those of Mr. Sterling. The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage,” Silver said. “I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers association or the NBA. Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any Clippers facility, and he may not participate in any business or decisions involving the team.”

    The irony of all this is that Sterling, a Democrat in good standing was all set to receive an award from the NAACP in spite of a long history of, shall we say,problems with racial discrimination, including allegations from former players. In November 2009, Sterling paid $2.73 million to settle allegations by the feds that he refused to rent apartments to Hispanics and blacks and to families with children. And the Bush Justice Department sued Sterling in August 2006 for allegations of housing discrimination in the Koreatown neighborhood in mid Los Angeles.

    Nevertheless, none of this was a problem for the NAACP before, where’s there’s nothing money won’t buy. At least, until now.

    So here we have an old white guy who essentially became a thought criminal not for any of his prior problems with race (which were no secret to anyone) but because he said some really stupid, bigoted things in private.

    That’s your hand? Let me show you mine.

    Today, when NBA Commissioner Silver announced Donald Sterling’s punishment, guess who was sitting in the front row? None other than our old friend Spike Lee (h/t, Truth Revolt).


    Lee now works for SiriusXM NBA Radio, an official NBA outlet. Let’s examine some of Spike Lee’s record on race shall we? Just this last February, Lee was bitching on the air about too many white people living in Harlem:

    “Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like the mother*****’ Westminster Dog Show….When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, three o’clock in the morning on 125th Street, that must tell you something.”

    Anyone who’s seen his films has noticed that white characters – or in most cases caricatures- are universally portrayed as unsympathetic stereotypes, and in the case of ‘Mo’ better Blues’, fairly anti-semitic ones.

    Spike Lee is also the same guy who bragged about his racist behavior when it came to interracial couples, saying “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.”

    And it was Spike Lee, you’ll remember, that posted what he thought was the home address of George Zimmerman on Twitter..except it turned out to be completely different, elderly couple who received multiple death threats and had to flee for their lives from an angry mob. Spike had to give up some cash for that one, but someone could easily have been hurt of killed because he decided to throw gasoline on a fire.

    Let’s further remember that all of this stuff was public, out in the open and not part of what was presumed to be a private conversation. Anyone calling for Spike Lee to be fired? For his show to be boycotted? Did the NBA have any problems hiring him, with his history? Not even remotely. In fact, he’s featured in their commercials.

    Oh, and can we talk about Reverend Al? This racist and anti-semite blatantly libeled people just to get himself donations and notoriety in the Tawana Brawley case, instigated a pogrom in the mixed Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, called Jews ‘diamond merchants’ and ‘interlopers’, was arguably responsible for the deaths of four people in the Freddie’s Fashion Mart slayings, and spurred the mob and threatened riots over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

    And now there he was, calling for  Donald Sterling to be stripped of his ownership of the Clippers, saying, “No one should be allowed to own a team if they have in fact engaged in this kind of racial language.”

    ‘Racial language’? Let’s listen to a few clips of Rev Al in action:

    And the height of irony? In spite of admitting after the fact that he knew all about Donald Sterling’s prior problems with race, Rev Al was more than willing to headline the NAACP dinner that was scheduled to honor Sterling.


     What does that say about Rev Al? We already know what it says about the NAACP. But is anyone talking about it? Has MSNBC fired him? Has he suddenly become persona non grata at the White House, the people’s house you and I pay for?


     Racist poker? I think I have a much better hand, and I’ll raise you.

    Let’s be clear here. I’m not engaging in the game of saying that what Donald Sterling did is just fine. In fact, on a purely practical note, any businessman who disrespects his paying customers and employees like this loses my respect, just because I don’t have much respect for sheer stupidity.

    What I am saying is that I find the hypocrisy and double standard here despicable. Again,let me underline something. The racist behavior of Spike Lee and Rev Al has been blatantly public, has had real world consequences for innocent people and has had zero consequences for them. Donald Sterling is being harshly punished for something awful he said privately that had no real world consequences to anyone except highly selective outrage once the media publicized it.

    And the reason for that is pretty obvious. With the midterms approaching, and President Obama’s approval ratings sinking in the polls a distraction was needed, and ra-aaa-acism and class warfare is about all that’s left.

    So what we have here is the punishment of a thought criminal, based on race and on partisan political necessity, and that shouldn’t sit well with anyone.

    Even more so, it highlights a different standard for bigotry based on color. And that’s de facto racism in itself.


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    A Fellow Blogger Needs Prayers and Help

    Rich Vail is a blog friend of mine who writes at The Vail Spot. He is a nice man who has often taken the time to lend words of support to me and other bloggers when we are down. Rich’s wife, Cheri, has been fighting cancer for a very long time, and the Vails have […]

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    Kerry Backtracks ” Apartheid Israel”? Who’s He Think He’s Fooling?

     US Secretary of State John Kerry at a news conference at the State Department in Washington, in June, 2013. (photo credit: AP/Jacquelyn Martin)

    Apparently U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry felt the need to qualify his outrageous comments on Israel over the weekend.From the Jerusalem Post today:

    “I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes,” Kerry said in the statement, issued by the State Department. “I do not believe, nor have I ever stated, publicly or privately, that Israel is an apartheid state or that it intends to become one.”

    ‘Partisan political purposes’? from the Left leaning Obama friendly Daily Beast, who broke the story?

    And that commitment to Israel? Kerry played a major role behind the scenes orchestrating the EU boycott of Israel and their fixation with ‘settlements’. And he did it under orders from Obama, guaranteed, even though that kind of boycott is against current U.S. law.

    And look at this, from the same statement:

    “In the long term, a unitary, binational state cannot be the democratic Jewish state that Israel deserves or the prosperous state with full rights that the Palestinian people deserve,” Kerry said. “That’s what I said, and it’s also what Prime Minister Netanyahu has said.”

    Now, Israel already is a democracy where its Arab minority have full legal and voting rights, and they have throughout Israel’s entire existence. On the other hand, Mahmoud Abbas is in year 10 of a four year term, both the PA and Hamas are not even close to being places where law and order reigns. And notice how Kerry omits the bit about ‘democratic’ when it comes the actual apartheid, unitary state Abbas and Hamas want to put together! It’s just ‘full rights’ – at the expense of Israel, of course.

    And Netanyahu saying the same thing? Now, I follow these things pretty closely and the only thing I’ve heard Netanyahu say on the matter is that he’s committed to two democratic states living in peace next to each other. That’s what he said in his original speech at Bar-Ilan University on June 14th 2009 and what he’s said since – with the added conditions that the new ‘Palestine’ be demilitarized
    and recognize Israel as a Jewish State, both of which the Palestinians refused to do and still refuse to do five years later.

    In fact, that almost exactly what Israeli PM Yitzchak Rabin said when he foolishly agreed to the Oslo fiasco…a demilitarized, democratic state of Palestine living next to Israel in peace.

    Has Kerry once talked about insisting that the Palestinian Authority or Hamas are required to be peaceful and democratic before they get any U.S. aid? Or used the word ‘apartheid’ to describe them, which applies far more to them then it ever did to Israel? Has he ever condemned them for building on ‘disputed territory’?

    I must have missed that. But I haven’t missed our secretary of state’s pathetic attempt to lie his way out of being caught expressing his true feelings. He’s not a senator anymore who has to appeal to an electorate with a substantial pro-Israel component, merely a functionary who says and does what President Obama tells him.

    This is spin for the gullible, not an apology of any kind. Once a liar, always a liar,


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    A Case Study of Why Growth Trumps Inequality

    There’s a new book by French economist Thomas Piketty, called “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,”  that supposedly identifies the Achilles’ Heel of the market economy. Piketty argues that the rate of return to capital is higher than the economy-wide growth rate and that this will lead to untenable inequality as the rich grab a larger […]

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    Things I Didn’t Know

    Like a good many of you, I really enjoyed Jess’ article on Sunday about the two Popes who were made Saints. As i said somewhere in a comment, I don’t remember Pope John XXIII all that well, I was too young to be all that interested, and in honesty, in those days the Catholic Church […]

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    FOOL OF THE WEEK…way lefty democrat ELIZABETH WARREN…. this “you didn’t build that” gal now has a book trashing the rich and it goes on and on. Warren is worth about 10 million herself. Think she gave 5% to charity in her last tax year? Think she has any “rich advantages? Any “rich guilt”? Why […]

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    Senator Ted Cruz Calls For Secretary Kerry’s Resignation

    I found this very disturbing article in the Daily Beast of unbelievable disgusting remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry “that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon [in a two state solution], it could become an apartheid state, like the old South Africa.”  The Secretary of State bringing back the old anti-Semitic canard equating the state of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the racist South Africa despicable apartheid government.  He made this statement to a room of influential world leaders in a closed door meeting on Friday, April 25, 2014.  The Daily Beast article goes on to say that “Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.”

    To read the entire article in the Daily Beast click: “Exclusive: Kerry Warns Israel Could Become “An Apartheid State.”

    When I saw this article I immediately e-mailed some of my Jewish relatives that Kerry needs to resign NOW!   I also tweeted this on twitter.  I was hoping I wasn’t alone in my thinking.  I wasn’t.

    The great Senator Ted Cruz went on the Senate floor to say Kerry should resign.  Great minds think alike?  I wish I could put myself in the same sentence as the US Senator from Texas-but then that would reveal that it is only the senator’s mind that is great and mine is delusional.  🙂

    I received Monday afternoon, April 28, 2014, an e-mail from Senator Ted Cruz office of a press statement for immediate release entitled:

    Sen. Cruz: Sec. Kerry Should Offer President Obama His Resignation;
    The President Should Accept It

    In the press release:  
    WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today spoke on the Senate floor to call for U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s resignation following the secretary’s comments at the Trilateral Commission that Israel could become an “apartheid state” if his proposed two-state solution to the peace Israeli-Palestinian peace-process fails.
    “There is no place for this word in the context of the State of Israel. The term ‘apartheid’ means ‘apart’—different, isolated—the state of the victims of apartheid with which the Jews are all too familiar. The notion that Israel would go down that path, and so face the same condemnation that met South Africa, is unconscionable. The United States should be aggressively asserting that Israel can never be made an apartheid nation while America exists, because America will be with Israel regardless of the status of any diplomatic process.
    “The fact that Secretary Kerry sees nothing wrong with making such a statement on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates a shocking lack of sensitivity to the incendiary and damaging nature of his rhetoric. It is my belief that Secretary Kerry has thus proven himself unsuitable for his position and that before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation and the President should accept it.”
    To read the entire press release and Senator Cruz words on the senate floor, please click here.

    video of Sen. Cruz’s remarks may be viewed athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbC24Lwf4Gg

    Thank you Senator Ted Cruz!  From your lips to God’s ears.

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