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PC wimps at UC-Berkeley

By now, tons of ink has been spilled talking about the riot that happened prior to Milo Yiannopoulos’s performance at UC-Berkeley. Hopefully, this post will talk about something that hasn’t been talked about. I hope this takes a bit more of an historic perspective than those other articles. I hope this article exposes the wimpiness […]

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Democrats’ wishful thinking

This article contains a little wishful thinking. Sen. Franken told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that “no Democrat will vote to confirm Betsy DeVos” and that “Democrats were actively looking for Republicans to vote against her.” That’s wishful thinking and then some. There isn’t a chance that Republicans will vote against an education secretary that’s a major […]

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Reject this request until…

Minnesota State, aka MnSCU, has requested a budget increase of $178,000,000 over the next biennium. The higher education committees should reject that request if it isn’t tied to significant reforms. MnSCU is run by a chancellor who’s in way over his head. MnSCU’s Board of Trustees is, at least theoretically, supposed to provide oversight over […]

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MnSCU’s leadership failure

Yesterday, I wrote this post to highlight how unimaginative MnSCU leadership is, adding that the legislature isn’t doing its job in pushing much-needed reforms on MnSCU’s Central Office. The chief culprit at MnSCU is Dr. Rosenstone, though he’s abetted by MnSCU’s Board of Trustees. As I said in Monday’s post, MnSCU’s Board of Trustees is […]

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Open letter to Dr. Larry Jacobs

To: Larry Jacobs, Walter F. Mondale Chair for Political Studies at the University of Minnesota From: Gary Gross, Uppity Peasant Subject: The US Constitution Dr. Jacobs, during your appearance on Almanac this past Friday night, you said that conservatives should be “on high alert” because President Trump didn’t mention the Constitution in President Trump’s Inaugural […]

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SCSU Women’s Center protest

This article highlights the disjointedness of the unhinged left. It also highlights universities’ political leanings. It isn’t surprising that the protest is being organized by a bunch of unhinged lefties. According to the article, “St. Cloud State University and the College of St. Benedict are exploring options to send students, staff, faculty and the public […]

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Mrs. DeVos’s mission

Betsy DeVos has the chance of being one of the best secretaries of Education ever. According to this WSJ article, Mrs. DeVos has gone toe-to-toe with the ‘education establishment’ and lived to tell about it. In fact, she didn’t just live to tell about it, she defeated them. In fact, she didn’t just defeat them, […]

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Trump picks Haley, DeVos

This morning, Donald Trump picked Gov. Nikki Haley, (R-SC), to be the US Ambassador to the UN. This afternoon, President-Elect Trump picked Betsy DeVos to be his Education Secretary. The Washington Post describes Mrs. DeVos as a “billionaire and conservative activist” who “has quietly helped change the education landscape in many states, spending millions of […]

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Bonding referendum lit piece

A loyal reader of LFR just sent me a lit piece that a private citizen put together and distributed on St. Cloud’s south side. It’s something worth highlighting for multiple reasons. First, whoever put that together is definitely motivated. Next, it’s clear they’ll either vote against the referendum or that they’ve already voted to reject […]

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ISD 742 & the wrong diversity

Ric Studer is a candidate for the ISD 742 School Board. This morning, I noticed Mr. Studer’s LTE published in the St. Cloud Times. Saying that it’s a bit unusual is understatement. Frankly, I find it repulsive. The opening paragraph of Mr. Studer’s LTE says “I am a candidate for St. Cloud school board. As […]

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SCSU’s pro-Muslim bias?

Recently, a memo was sent out talking about the need for SCSU to embrace “diversity and encourage the celebration of multicultural traditions.” The email says that “two Meditation and Prayer Rooms are available on campus to students, faculty, staff and visitors for reflection, prayer and meditation. The rooms, located in Atwood Memorial Center and the […]

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SC Times undermines School Board

Thank God for Jenny Berg’s article on enrollment in St. Cloud’s elementary schools. According to Ms. Berg’s article, “This year, 534 fewer students are enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade. Kevin Januszewski, executive director of business services, said some of the change is due to students moving to a different district or state. But some […]

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Questioning school board candidates

I haven’t hidden the fact that I’m voting against the St. Cloud Tech bonding referendum because the School Board started with a vision of a new school rather than doing its homework on whether a new school building is needed. I think I was clear in stating that the only school board candidate asking the […]

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Vote-changing facts about Apollo

The constant drumbeat from the St. Cloud Times and the ISD 742 School Board is that a) Tech is ancient and falling apart and b) we have to build a new Tech HS at the cost of $104,500,000. What they don’t want voters to know is that Apollo a) currently houses the district offices and […]

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School Board corruption must end

It’s time for the corruption at the ISD742 School Board to end. Recently, Board member Al Dahlgren called into Dan Ochsner’s Ox in the Afternoon program and told Ox’s listening audience that the School Board had already purchased the land where the proposed new Tech HS would sit. That’s interesting since that purchase isn’t mentioned […]

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Rejecting the referendum, Part III

Thus far in this series, I’ve highlighted the fact that the ISD742 School Board hasn’t talked about St. Cloud’s high school enrollment forecasts for the short-, medium- and long-term. They didn’t tell voters that they’ve already purchased the land for a new Tech HS. That wasn’t announced on the District’s website. It was announced this […]

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Rejecting the referendum, Part II

In Part I of this series, I highlighted the fact that the ISD742 School Board still hasn’t told voters these important things: what the district’s high school enrollment is, whether the district’s high school enrollment is declining or increasing and whether that’s likely to continue into the future. Another thing that hasn’t happened is that […]

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Rejecting the referendum, Part I

The ISD742 School Board is trying to ram a $143,000,000 bonding referendum down its residents’ throats because they started with a predetermined destination, then put together a plan to reach that destination. In the Board’s arrogance, they’ve decided they didn’t need to listen to their constituents. That decision was the worst decision they’ve collectively ever […]

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Jason Falconer: a hero’s hero

Based on this article, it’s clear that Officer Jason Falconer is a hero’s hero. It’s apparent that he didn’t let the rampage turn deadly. For that, everyone in Crossroads Mall should thank Officer Falconer for his quick thinking and his high-quality decision-making. According to the article, “Five minutes after authorities received the first 911 call, […]

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The ACC’s deeply held convictions?

When the ACC decided to move 7 athletic championships out of North Carolina, their statement said “As members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC Council of Presidents reaffirmed our collective commitment to uphold the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination. Every one of our 15 universities is strongly committed to these values and […]

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