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Another ill-informed do-gooder

Michelle Brane of the Women’s Refugee Commission was on Tucker Carlson Tonight last night. During the interview, Ms. Brane said a couple things that were either spin or were dishonest. My first impression is that Ms. Brane’s statements were proof of her ignorance. Carlson started the conversation by saying “I’m looking at the polling on […]

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Dayton, Met Council vs. Shakopee

This article by Katherine Kersten is another outstanding article from her on the subject of how the Met Council intends to govern cities. Kersten starts by informing readers that the “council’s vision to transform how the people of the Twin Cities region live and get around has two prongs. First, the Thrive plan will promote […]

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SCSU Women’s Center protest

This article highlights the disjointedness of the unhinged left. It also highlights universities’ political leanings. It isn’t surprising that the protest is being organized by a bunch of unhinged lefties. According to the article, “St. Cloud State University and the College of St. Benedict are exploring options to send students, staff, faculty and the public […]

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Trump picks Haley, DeVos

This morning, Donald Trump picked Gov. Nikki Haley, (R-SC), to be the US Ambassador to the UN. This afternoon, President-Elect Trump picked Betsy DeVos to be his Education Secretary. The Washington Post describes Mrs. DeVos as a “billionaire and conservative activist” who “has quietly helped change the education landscape in many states, spending millions of […]

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DFL’s environmentalist dilemma

Briana Bierschbach’s article exposes the DFL’s electoral dilemma going forward. She quotes Ken Martin, the DFL State Party Chairman, as saying “Clearly there were a lot of white, non-college-educated, working-class voters who were frustrated and anxious about their future and they wanted change. We have to figure out how to speak to white, working-class voters […]

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LTE alert

The St. Cloud Times just published my LTE on Minnesota’s MNsure crisis. Check it out and leave a comment if so inspired.

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Anti-Trump protests hit Minnesota

WCCO-TV is reporting that organized protests stopped traffic on I-94 for almost an hour Thursday night. According to WCCO, “more than 3,600 people were expected for the march Thursday night from the University of Minnesota’s West Bank campus through the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.” Later in the article, WCCO-TV reported that Robin Wonsley was one of the […]

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SCSU’s pro-Muslim bias?

Recently, a memo was sent out talking about the need for SCSU to embrace “diversity and encourage the celebration of multicultural traditions.” The email says that “two Meditation and Prayer Rooms are available on campus to students, faculty, staff and visitors for reflection, prayer and meditation. The rooms, located in Atwood Memorial Center and the […]

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Rejecting the referendum, Part III

Thus far in this series, I’ve highlighted the fact that the ISD742 School Board hasn’t talked about St. Cloud’s high school enrollment forecasts for the short-, medium- and long-term. They didn’t tell voters that they’ve already purchased the land for a new Tech HS. That wasn’t announced on the District’s website. It was announced this […]

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The DFL’s ideological plans

Let there be no mistake about what the DFL wants to do. Their goal is to run St. Paul … again. The last time the DFL held the majority in the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate and there was a DFL governor, taxes were raised on small businesses, then partially repealed and property taxes […]

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Democrats vote for lawlessness

If people paid attention, they weren’t surprised that Senate Democrats voted to continue the violence in sanctuary cities. The Democratic Party is quickly becoming known as the political party that doesn’t protect its citizens. It’s quickly becoming the political party that thinks that laws are for other people. Certainly, Hillary doesn’t think that this nation’s […]

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Stand with Granite City Baptist Church, not the St. Cloud Times

Last week, I wrote this post about this St. Cloud Times editorial. The Times owes the citizens of this community, especially Granite City Baptist Church, an apology for their vile, hate-filled editorial. Throughout their editorial, the Times used words that agitated. It started in the opening paragraph of their editorial when they said “And so […]

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School resources, public protests

When I wrote this article, I included an email sent out to the SCSU community through their Announce listserv. The email was sent by SCSU History Professor Mark Jaede. The email that Prof. Jaede sent out raised awareness of the fact that “Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud is sponsoring a presentation by a […]

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Still in session, spin begins

I knew that the DFL and ABM would start spinning things after they created a mess but this is ridiculous. While the legislature was still in session, Susie Merthans started spinning things. She quoted Paul Thissen as saying “Modest victories are due to Gov Dayton & DFL Senate dragging GOP kicking and screaming across the […]

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Sartell’s referendum in perspective

If this LTE doesn’t put Sartell’s bonding referendum in perspective, nothing will. The LTE’s second paragraph contains the first red flag. That paragraph says “It’s just one meal out at a restaurant a month, right? It will only lengthen your mortgage payments for up to six months on the average home. No big deal; what’s […]

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AFSCME’s FMLA ‘hardship’?

This article from AFSCME Minnesota’s website highlights how spoiled their workers are. For instance, Roberta Suski said “We had to have a lot of hard conversations about whether we could afford for me to be out the entire 12 weeks, knowing six weeks would be unpaid. We are barely scraping by right now.” When I […]

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Supplemental fundraising drive

A little over a month ago, I held my annual fundraising week. To say that I appreciate those people who contributed is understatement. Due to some unusual circumstances, I’m holding a supplemental fundraising drive. Last night, I wrote my first post on a series about ‘creeping Shariah’. I’ve written about many important issues in the […]

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Real Met Council reform, Part II

There’s no question that people are resistant to change. They appreciate the familiar, which is why it’s difficult, if not impossible, to change things that are broken. Sometimes, though, a dramatic shake-up is exactly what’s needed. The colonists knew that in the 1770s. There are lots of angry activists in the 21st Century who wonder […]

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UniteCloud threatens councilman

Last night, #UniteCloud sent an email to St. Cloud City Councilman Jeff Johnson. It said “Shame on you. You were voted into office to represent all of Saint Cloud. Not just the ones who look like you. I will call you out every time I see you in the future. I will also be ready […]

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Donald Trump’s dishonest op-ed

When I saw Donald Trump’s op-ed in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, aka WSJ, I wrote this 500-word article to respond to Trump’s deceptions. I won’t rehash all of the arguments I made in the article. Instead, I’ll focus this post on some of the most intentionally dishonest statements in Mr. Trump’s op-ed, starting with […]

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