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Democrats’ manufactured uproar

This article points to the possibility that the Democrats’ uproar over the so-called Muslim ban is manufactured. The article starts by saying “Many of President Donald Trump’s core political supporters had a simple message on Sunday for the fiercest opponents of his immigration ban: Calm down. The relaxed reaction among the kind of voters who […]

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Why the media missed the Story of the Year

Salena Zito’s article turns the spotlight on the MSM, aka the Agenda Media, to highlight why the media got this election badly wrong. Early in the article, Salena wrote about the NY Times, saying “Take The New York Times’ public editor’s laudable call for more diversity in the newsroom. ‘The executive editor, Dean Baquet, is […]

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Karen Finney, Clinton hack

According to Wikipedia, Karen Finney is a time-tested veteran of high profile campaigns. Among other tours of duty, “Finney served four years as the spokesperson and Director of Communications at the Democratic National Committee.” Later, “Finney joined Media Matters as a senior fellow and consultant” on November 25, 2014. Ms. Finney isn’t a centrist Democrat […]

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Pro-Obamacare cheerleading

This Miami Herald editorial is a fantastic example of the Agenda Media pretending to be thoughtful journalists and policy experts. I’ll be blunt. The Miami Herald is neither. They’re a pro-Obamacare cheerleader. That was obvious when they said “On the one hand, Republicans in Congress want to scrap Obamacare, simple as that. On the other, […]

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LFR’s 12th Blogiversary

Today marks LFR’s 12th blogiversary. When I started blogging, social media didn’t really exist to any large extent. Twitter wars hadn’t started. We certainly didn’t have Twitchy chronicling the provocative things people said on Twitter. In fact, Twitter didn’t take off until Nancy Pelosi shut down the House of Representatives rather than vote on the […]

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Rebuilding society’s institutions

Regardless of who wins tonight, the inescapable truth is that society’s institutions need rebuilding. No institution needs rebuilding more than journalism, with the justice system close behind. After watching the DC media act like Mrs. Clinton’s campaign communications team, it isn’t a stretch to think that Americans don’t trust the media to tell the truth. […]

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Newspaper pressures legislature

It’s clear that the Grand Forks Herald won’t hesitate in taking sides in the special session fight. Their editorial takes Gov. Dayton’s side without hesitation. That’s stated emphatically when they wrote “The sticking point was Southwest Light Rail. And Southwest Light Rail now has been taken off the table. On Friday, Dayton and House Speaker […]

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St. Cloud Times’ tired BS

The St. Cloud Times Editorial Board’s latest editorial could’ve been written by Moms Demand Action. The sad thing is that the Times is just as uninformed now as it was a year ago. For instance, their chief recommendation is “Improving background checks. There are a variety of proposals in Congress that are reasonable. A good […]

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The GOP’s Agenda Media

Readers of LFR know that I’ve criticized the Agenda Media for almost 10 years. I especially criticized them when they didn’t do their due diligence on then-Candidate Obama. What’s happening now with GOP-leaning commentators is just as disgusting as what lefty pundits and reporters did in 2008. One of the biggest offenders this year is […]

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Narrative-driven media

Much has been written recently by conservatives about narrative-driven reporting. That’s the latest nickname for something I started talking about in March, 2006. Back then, I coined the phrase Agenda Media. Glenn Reynolds’ USA Today column is just a newer way of talking about the same thing. Here’s how Reynolds breaks things down: Why did […]

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Gloria Borger & Superman’s cape

There was a time when Gloria Borger was a serious journalist. After this week’s lovefest, it’s clear that she should be shipped to MSNBC, where undisciplined progressive hacks go for their final acts. Check out this slobbering Obama lovefest: In case you haven’t noticed, President Obama has been flexing his executive muscles lately. On paper, […]

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SC Times’ conflict of interest

This Our View editorial in the Times isn’t surprising considering their disgust with conviction politicians. It isn’t surprising that the Times is running interference for St. Cloud State again. Councilman Johnson’s understanding of the airline industry has caused him to ask a number of pointed questions about daily flight service to Chicago. Being an expert […]

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SPJ: Agenda media at its worst

Stan Hubbard’s response to the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists’ denunciation of KSTP highlights Mr. Hubbard’s substantive criticism of MNSPJ. First, here’s the reason behind Mr. Hubbard’s response: On November 19, 2014, the Minnesota SPJ asked KSTP-TV to “disavow” its reporting, saying that our story was “fundamentally flawed and based on a faulty premise.” This, […]

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Democrats as faux hawks

This article presents this year’s vulnerable Democrats as hawkish: Democrat Kay Hagan didn’t mince words about the Iraq War during her 2008 Senate campaign against Republican Elizabeth Dole. “We need to get out of Iraq in a responsible way,” Hagan declared in May of that year. “We need to elect leaders who don’t invade countries […]

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Sloppy assumptions, bad laws Part II

Sean Davis’s article utterly demolishes the Left’s argument that the DC Circuit was willing to throw millions of people off health care because of a “drafting error.” Here’s a key portion of Davis’s demolition of that argument: Let’s take a step back to see how plausible that explanation is. There are two types of exchanges: […]

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Will the DC media criticize Harry Reid?

Sayng that Sen. Reid has a distant relationship with the truth isn’t accurate. Saying that he doesn’t have a relationship with the truth might be the truth. Sen. Reid’s statements frequently don’t touch the truth. Take Sen. Reid’s tweet this morning: I confess I’ve never seen some Senators work so hard to do so little. […]

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The immoral party

If Harry Reid had said that he had sources who told him that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years while he was at a fundraiser, he would’ve gotten sued into bankruptcy by Mitt Romney. Sen. Reid essentially admitted that he didn’t have proof to verify his accusation when he said that he shouldn’t […]

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SC Times gives Potter kid glove treatment, Part II

It was impossible to do a proper critique of the Times article in a single post so here’s Part II. First, let’s start with more Potter spin: Potter said he was proud of the university community for the way it responded to the questions, and he noted that St. Cloud State was one of only […]

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SC Times gives Potter kid glove treatment, Part I

For the umpteenth time, the St. Cloud Times treated disastrous news for President Potter like it was a minor bump in the road. Most importantly, the article showed how lazy Times reporter Dave Unze is: The survey was offered to all 1,582 university employees and generated a response from 40 percent of them. The university […]

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Dayton, DFL now bragging about shrinking tax increase

This article sickens me because it’s intellectually dishonest. Baird Helgeson is intent on portraying the DFL as heroic tax cutters. That’s BS. The DFL is the party that taxes first, then waits to see if there’s a backlash. If there’s a backlash, they pass a Tax Repair Bill like they did Friday. “This is a […]

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