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Video Thursday

How about some videos today? Prime Minister May is coming over this week. What could be the best outcome for her, and for us? I think Dan Hannan has it right. Let’s do this, cousins.   This is how we all capitalize on Brexit, and the deal making Trump. A bit more, from BBC 4, […]

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Happy New Years Day!

So what shall we talk about to start the year? Could be almost anything, couldn’t it? Got all the same problems we did last year, but hey, I (and I suspect you) screwed off, last night, and the dog ate my homework. So we’ll start off with some stuff from other people. Like this year-end […]

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100 Days and Firing Squads

In case you missed it, PE Trump called a meeting with some of the major media figures and unloaded some truth on them. Needless to say, they didn’t like it. Well, one gets to lie in the bed one makes, and Trump, like many of us, is apparently tired of being lied about. Bill Whittle […]

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Trumphalist Friday

Ok, I’ve been serious long enough, let’s just relax, and reflect on what we’ve done this year, nothing less (I think) than end America’s twin dynasties. Wait till we really get going!       I said in my post-election article that America leads again. I think it will be so, as the European elections […]

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Whittle on the Election

Yeah, I was out all day yesterday, and so got caught short. So here’s Bill Whittle on the election.

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The Politics of Energy

I try pretty hard not to write about politics overmuch, it angers and tires me, and I suspect it does the same to you, especially this year, when the noise level decidedly indicates hearing protection, much like an unmuffled chainsaw. Still, it matters, so let’s let Bill Whittle tell us why.

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A Basket of Deplorable Videos

Ever wonder what’s stalled the economy and killed the American dream? Clinton’s lie ratchet, yes, yes it is just like this And it’s the same here, only the subject is different. And poor little Hillary just isn’t a match for a man, not even Trump. Hillary Pole dancing, now that’s deplorable!  

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More Whittle Sharpshooting

Are Trump and Putin worrying you? Here are Bill and the gang with their take on it. This has been kicking around for a bit. It’s still valid though, and I suspect there are lessons here for us as well.

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Flame out: and a Farewell

Some of you have heard that Bill Whittle is leaving PJ Media. This is his final Firewall. Let’s let him tell it. I’ve loved Bill Whittle for a long time before I started this blog, I ran across one of his essays on Eject, Eject, Eject that he called Honor. It was the story of the […]

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A Sunday in May

Embed from Getty Images Wasn’t Jess description of Ruth Davidson sound just wonderful? I hear that Jess has met her, and found her just as described, my comment was, “would she like to be President?” Because she’s head and shoulders above anybody still running here, which since she’s 5’3″ they say, must mean that our idiots […]

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Going Out of Business!

Well, perhaps a reminder of why businesses settle where they do. From Bill Whittle Continue reading Going Out of Business! . . . → Read More: Going Out of Business!


Well, it must be time for some more Bill Whittle. As always he makes a lot of sense while telling the truth.     Yep, I couldn’t agree more, if you want to whine about us eating your food, and wearing your hats, well you would do well to quit using all the things the […]

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American Fascists

I’ve got a lot going on this Monday, almost none of it good. So I’m not going to get a post written, but it ain’t your fault, so here a Bill Whittle to tide you over.

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Government Flutters Its Wings – and Destroying the Nation, One City at a Time.

Over at RedState yesterday, Seton Motley has an article about how the Democrats are using chaos theory to destroy industry after industry, and I’ll add that they are doing so with at the least Republican acquiescence. It’s a sad story of the corruption (and weakening) of the Republic, but it is not a new one, it […]

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A couple of Firewalls with Bill Whittle for you, today. and  

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Bill Whittle: Winning and Powerball

Well, there’s a few new millionaires (likely for now) in America, this week, due to a $1.5 billion Powerball. Bill Whittle has some thought on the futility of dreaming about the easy way, and what winning really is. He’s right, of course.   What’s that? Yeah, I had a ticket too, and no, I didn’t […]

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Into the Fog

Well, we all know it’s going to be a strange year, without much for guideposts. In fact, more than any year I remember we going to have to navigate by our principles. I know that’s hard for many of our friends, especially on the left, so they likely will simply follow some pied piper or […]

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Trifecta: Paris

There is simply nothing to add to this. Except perhaps this. And yes, I do see many parallels between Corbyn’s Labor party and a large portion of our own Democratic Party, including its leadership. Corbyn and his Marxist cronies see a terrorist victory as their path to power The Labour party now has as its […]

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Jeremy Corbyn (and Others) aren’t anti-war. They’re just anti-West

This is from The Spectator (UK), and it’s about Jeremy Corbyn (the head of the Labor party). I think the author, Nick Cohen, is precisely on point. But I don’t think Corbyn is the only one. I would posit that anyone taking that position, and that includes all of the Democratic candidates for President and Obama […]

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Whittle, Cruz, and Polls

Bill Whittle on Ted Cruz and media bias. You know that may explain something. Have you noticed, as I have, that in the age of Obama, we conservatives/Republicans (whatever, whichever, and don’t forget right libertarians either) can’t seem to win a national election, but we have something like 75% of the state legislatures, most of […]

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