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Chicago Democrat indicted for being a Chicago Democrat

“What are you prepared to do?” “Everything within the law.” “And then what are you prepared to do?” This exchange between Sean Connery (Jimmy Malone) and Kevin Costner (Elliot Ness) comes as Malone explains “the Chicago way” to Ness in…

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Elections in America are being stolen!

When the Supreme Court decided recently that Texas could keep their voter ID laws in place for the November elections, the cries from the left of racism and disenfranchisement was, as you would expect, right on queue. After all, voter fraud simply isn’t a problem in America. Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. No sooner have these objections from the left been raised that we have been provided with several examples of the fraud and abuse that voter ID laws—along with calls to eliminate early voting and mail-in ballots—are needed if we are to preserve the integrity of elections in America. In Arizona, a civil-minded volunteer Hispanic political activist with the bipartisan radical left-wing group, Citizen’s for a Better Arizona was caught on camera doing his civic duty stuffing the ballot box at a local polling place in Maricopa County. Here’s the story from In Colorado, mail-in ballots once were reserved, on request, for those absent on Election Day or too infirmed to reach the polls. Last year, Colorado Democrats to this concept to levels guaranteed to produce voter fraud. With zero Republican support—isn’t that how we got Obamacare?—Dems went with a 100% mail absentee ballot system. This has resulted in millions […]

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Christie’s Bridgegate just as bad as Obama scandals

It’s been a week now since Chris Christie was forced to face the scandal that has come to be known as “Bridgegate.” And as the dust from this political payback has settled, heads have rolled and top people within his administration have been terminated thrown under the bus of political expediency. During the post-mortem of these events, an interesting colloquy has been developing within Conservative circles. From talk radio to FOX news, talking heads have expressed very little concern over Bridgegate. Instead, they seem to be more interested in how the media is “over-reporting” the Christie scandal while essentially ignoring Obama’s scandals et al. And while media bias and/or hypocrisy is a legitimate gripe, it misses the seriousness of Bridgegate. And it ends up providing the same kind of cover for Christie that they deplore in the mainstream media when they cover for Obama. Bridgegate is just as bad as any of Obama’s scandals. Just like Obama, Christie’s office engaged in political payback against his enemies. Just like Obama, he claims that he wasn’t aware of things until he read it in the newspaper. Just like Obama, the people responsible will be held accountable. “What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable,” […]

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