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PC wimps at UC-Berkeley

By now, tons of ink has been spilled talking about the riot that happened prior to Milo Yiannopoulos’s performance at UC-Berkeley. Hopefully, this post will talk about something that hasn’t been talked about. I hope this takes a bit more of an historic perspective than those other articles. I hope this article exposes the wimpiness […]

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Tucker Carlson: FNC superstar

I’ve always enjoyed watching conservatives debate progressives. I especially appreciate it when the progressive hasn’t thought things through. Fortunately, that happens relatively frequently. A great case-in-point was when Tucker Carlson debated Alex Uematsu, a student protest organizer attending Rutgers University, about immigration policy. Thanks to this mismatch, the progressives’ immigration policies were exposed as intellectually […]

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Mills leads Nolan in KSTP poll

Stewart Mills’ supporters in the Eighth District should be cautiously optimistic after KSTP announced the results of their latest poll of the district. According to the poll, “Stewart Mills leads Democratic incumbent Rick Nolan by four points in Minnesota’s 8th District, 45 percent to 41 percent, in our exclusive KSTP/SurveyUSA poll. However, a significant number […]

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Debate Number Three – A Clear Choice


Watching the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the first thing I was struck by was how different things were with a moderator who wasn’t part of Team Clinton. Chris Wallace is a Democrat, but he’s a journalist first and he went out of his way to keep things balanced and on a professional level. There was only one question he asked Trump that I felt was somewhat out of line, but we’ll get to that.

That’s a 180 degree change from the partisan presstitutes who ran the other debates, and while he won’t get any roses from the Left, he deserves congratulations for a job well done.

His greatest accomplish, I think, is that the country now has a pretty good idea of the directions each would take the country.

They can see the difference between Trump’s growing the pie and creating real growth as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s eat the rich formula ala’ Hugo Chavez.

They can see the difference between business as usual and real change.

They can see the change between hope and continued decline and despair.

Mrs. Clinton’s goal was to show Trump as unfit for office, dodge any tough questions thrown at her and stay erect for 90 minutes. She failed the first one, had very mixed results on the second that only worked because she outright lied about a number of things and wasn’t challenged. She managed the last one thanks to an unknown Dr. Feelgood.

Trump’s goal was to appear presidential, challenge Mrs. Clinton’s record and give Americans a sense of who he is and where he would take the country. I’d give him an acceptable score on the first and somewhat higher scores on the second and third.

If this was a boxing match, ten point system, I’d score it 6-4 Trump, maybe 7-3.

I think he would have scored better if he said the following:

Challenged Hillary Clinton on the Heller decision, which had nothing to do with toddlers. Yes, she actually said it was about toddlers having access to guns!

What it was actually about was whether Anthony Heller, a 66-year-old police officer, should be legally allowed to own and bear a personal firearm to defend himself and his family at home. That’s the whole shebang, and the 110 page transcript doesn’t even mention toddlers. So she lied, and it’s a pity Trump didn’t call her on it. I also wish he’d mentioned that contrary to her supporting the Second Amendment,Wikileaks has revealed she’s planning a gun grab by executive order. Her nonsense about ‘the gun show loophole’ also needed to be shredded on national TV for all to see.

When Hillary started bloviating about a no-fly zone in Syria which in effect would protect jihadis, a great response would have been ‘That’s exactly what you and Barack Obama did in Libya, use our air force to protect jihadis in Benghazi, depose Khaddaffi, allow his arsenals to fall into the jihadist’s hands and create a terrorist Disneyland. Hundreds were killed in Libya, Algeria, Mali, and Nigeria because of you, and now you want to do the same thing in Syria?’

Mrs. Clinton’s rant about Trump being ‘Putin’s puppet’ could have been shut down hard by simply saying ‘If the Russians, Chinese,Iran or whoever hacked into classified material, it’s because of your illegal private server that had no protection whatsoever. When you meet these leaders and they hand you a folder with copies of all the e-mails about your crooked deals you thought you deleted, you’ll be the one who’s the puppet.’

Indeed she will. This isn’t someone we should ever trust with national security. And that $6 billion Trump was talking about? No, it hasn’t been ‘debunked’ and no one knows where the money is, although I have an idea where it went and who wound up with it.

The biggest moment is when Hillary was caught flat-footed by Trump as he named the misogynist Muslim nation who treat women horribly and suggested that she give the millions of dollars they’ve given her back. Her face was something to see and could have curdled fresh milk.

The one thing the Clinton media is going crazy over (because they have nothing else) is a question Chris Wallace asked Trump. Would he accept the results of the election? Trump’s answer was perfectly proper. He simply said “I’ll let you know when I see them.”

The Democrats are the same people who went bats over their failed attempt to steal Florida in 2000, who went around saying, ‘Bush isn’t my president’ are now crazed by Donald Trump refusing to give up his options? Hillary Clinton herself says that Al Gore ‘won’ the 2000 election. In fact, Democrats have challenged the results of elections they lost over eight times.

In view of James O’Keefe’s revelations on voter fraud, dirty tactics and rigged elections, on what’s come out via wikileaks, Trump has every right to say he’ll wait and see. You’ll notice the media is ignoring that particular story:

Even a casual perusal of wikileaks reveals the corruption of the leadership of the Democrat Party. The Democrats could justifiably be called the party of voter fraud and this election has a lot at stake for the powers that be and the establishment. Trump is totally correct that the system is rigged and that includes our election process. No less than one of Hillary’s campaign managers John Podesta was caught by wikileaks saying that as far as he’s concerned, illegal migrants are allowed to vote if they have a driver’s license, something that’s already a reality in California.

There are two ways our elections are rigged. Voter fraud is definitely one way, but that usually only works in relatively close elections. Needless to say, the corrupt Obama Department of Justice aids and abets this.

So if the election’s close and Trump and his team discover the kind of voter fraud the Democrats are known for, they have every right to demand an investigation. And if the Establishment doesn’t like that, tough. The ability to question election results where fraud is suspected shows the strength of our democracy and the rule of law, and if a Democrat had said this, we wouldn’t be hearing word one about it.

Another thing worth mentioning is the media reaction to all this. Most of the media polls show Trump behind (although a number of them, even FOX have been caught using very small samples and oversampling Democrats to a ridiculous degree), and the meme is ‘Trump’s finished, it’s going to be a Hillary landslide, game over.’

Now, according to the Media Trump lost the election weeks ago. Trump lost after the first debate. Trump lost after his tax return was stolen. Trump lost after being fired on by the GOP establishment. Trump lost after that secretly recorded locker room conversation was released. Yes, according to the Media, Trump lost the election a long time ago, right?

So why is the Media acting today like he’s winning and just blew the whole thing with this ‘shocking remark?’ Because for that narrative to have any credibility at all, you’d have to believe they thought he was winning and trashed his chances with one statement they’re deliberately misinterpreting.

Could it be that they know their polls are cooked and that selling the execrable Mrs. Clinton is a lot harder than they thought it would be? Could it be that Trump is doing a lot better than they want to admit and they’re desperately using the weapon of trying to discourage turnout among Trump’s supporters by doing their best to convince them that it’s hopeless? If that’s the case, then their constant refrain of Trump being finished makes sense.

Meanwhile Donald Trump doesn’t seem to think he’s finished at all! Does he know something the media isn’t reporting? I recommend you invest a half hour and watch this:

He’s exactly right that a campaign like Hillary’s that will illegally pay thugs to incite violence at opposing political rallies will do anything to win. We’ll see how successful they are come November 8th.


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The DNC’s den of iniquity

This summer, the Democratic Party faced a moment of truth right before their convention when they fired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as their chair of the DNC. The woman picked to be the DNC’s interim chair, Donna Brazile, is apparently just as unprincipled as Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. This article highlights the fact that the upper echelon of the […]

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Roundup; Debate Reactions The Morning After

50 shades of grey

The media are doing their very best to spin this,cooking the polls. But anyone who watched the debate knows that Donald Trump won a stunning and unexpected victory.

The nearest thing I can compare this to is Richard Nixon’s famous Checkers speech, when he ran as Eisenhower’s running mate in 1952. It involved the press, who hated Nixon with a passion, busting Nixon for a so-called ‘slush fund’ set up by his supporters to cover certain expenses. Lots of politicians then and now have exactly the same setup(today, they’re called ‘leadership PACs’). Nixon’s was fairly modest and innocuous, but because it was Nixon, the press went nuts, Eisenhower pretty much left Nixon twisting in the wind and it was fully expected that Nixon’s political life was over and he would be forced off the ticket.

Instead, Nixon went on national TV, leveled with the American people and made his case directly to them. The perception of Richard Nixon – and the polls – changed virtually over night, and all of a sudden there was Ike Eisenhower talking about how proud he was of his running mate and how glad he was to have him.

Don’t expect the media polls to reflect this, but things have changed for Trump overnight as well. here are a few snippets and reactions…

This is Joe Scarborough and Mika on MSNBC talking about the debate. Neither are Trump fans,  and I agree with both of them for a change. Scarborough is totally correct about the political impact of someone saying to Hillary’s face what people have wanted to say to her for years, and Mika is totally right about the spineless nature of those Republicans who abandoned Trump over a locker room conversation.

Joe Scarborough seems to think no undecided voters were swayed, but below, Frank Luntz’s focus group  of undecided voters seems to contradict him:

Rudy Giuliani was predictably happy over last night’s debate…

And here, gives us an interesting sidelight on how the Clintons tried to pressure the debate committee…

unsuccessfully, I might add.

As an example of how the media is trying to spin this, here is CNN’s Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer:

Ah hah hah! Trump never said he’d throw Hillary in jail. What he said is that he’d have his Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her myriad scandals. And it’s not just the e-mails and her illegal private server, or her willful and knowing destruction of evidence which had already been subpoenaed, AKA obstruction of justice. There’s also the open collusion between the DOJ, the White House, the FBI, and Hillary herself in the matter. And there’s also her pay to play while Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation that deserve investigation. Mrs. Clinton’s serial corruption is unique in American political life.

I acknowledge that in a way, this may be grandstanding on Trump’s part because Obama would undoubtedly give Hillary a presidential pardon if Trump wins. But it needed to be said to underline for the American people exactly who Hillary Clinton is and what her record of ‘public service’ consists of.

A better term might be ‘public servicing.’

Speaking of which, here’s a CNN reporter caught on video coaching and steering their focus group:

The redoubtable Spengler sees Trump as winning what he calls the National Battle for Legitimacy:

The referee should have stopped it in the tenth. Punching at will, Donald Trump said, “Hillary used the power of her office to make $250 million. Why not put some money in? You made a lot of it while you were secretary of State? Why aren’t you putting money into your own campaign? Just curious.” Reeling and against the ropes, Clinton gasped that she supported … the Second Amendment. It was a brilliant rhetorical device: under the rubric of campaign financing, Trump slipped in an allegation that Clinton corruptly enriched herself by using the power of her office for personal gain–and Clinton didn’t even respond. That’s a win by a knockout.

That’s the decisive issue of the campaign: the corrupt machinations of a ruling elite that considers itself above the law, and the rage of the American people against the oligarchical ruling class that has pulled the ladder up behind it. Trump’s bombshell below Clinton’s waterline came at the end of the debate, well prepared by jabs at Clinton’s erased emails and Bill’s rapes. Trump used the “J” word–that is, jail. That was perhaps the evening’s most important moment. This is not an election fought over competing policies but a struggle for legitimacy. A very large portion of the electorate (how large a portion we will discover next month) believes that its government is no longer legitimate, and that it has become the instrument of an entrenched rent-seeking oligarchy.

Here’s the moment Spengler is talking about. Note the crowd reaction. Trump came up with a perfect encapsulation of Hillary Clinton’s corruption in one terse sentence. All but the true believers know she should be wearing an orange jumpsuit right now:

John Hindraker over at Powerline, no Trump fan, saw it this way:

Some of the rats might want to consider returning to the ship. Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins.

The moderators came out of the box with questions about Trump’s 2005 video, which many people expected to be the centerpiece of tonight’s debate. The effort flopped, I thought. Bill and Hillary Clinton took appropriate shots. After ten or fifteen minutes the conversation moved on to the issues.

Thereafter, the moderators tried to help Hillary, and Trump appropriately complained a couple of times. But he got his licks in. As always, he was sometimes incoherent, but more often than not, he made more sense than Hillary, who was in full Nurse Ratched mode.

Happily, immigration figured prominently. Shockingly, in the first debate the moderator never mentioned the topic. Tonight, it was discussed extensively. That is a big plus for Trump. The exchanges on foreign policy were inconclusive, of course, but in general I think Trump did better. And there was even talk about Obamacare, which is great for Trump and Republicans. […}

In short, Trump won. In my opinion, he won big. We will see whether it matters.

Is this something of a biased roundup? Well, maybe. But no more biased than what’s going on at CNN,The WAPO, Memeorandum or Real Clear Politics right now. One thing I did do was to quote people who are admittedly not Trump fans but who seemed to have changed their minds after last night. And annihilate one of today’s common talking points by the Clinton media, an outright lie about Trump saying he’d put Hillary in jail if he wins.



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The Debate – Trump’s Triumph

Tonight’s debate proved that the obituaries for Donald Trump’s campaign were…premature. No matter how the media tries to spin this, Donald Trump won hands down. He did it by doing exactly what I predicted he was going to have to do:Here’s how Trump w…

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What To Expect In Tonight’s Debate

(photo courtesy of WikiCommons, Flickr and Gage Skidmore)Here’s what’s likely coming in tonight’s debate. This is Mrs. Clinton’s last chance to put away Donald Trump, since the last debate will be ‘moderated’ by Democrat Chris Wallace, who works for Fo…

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Tim Kaine’s missed opportunity

This is my first post since getting out of the hospital today but it isn’t the first chance I’ve had to talk about the Pence-Kaine. It’s indisputable that Hillary is leading in most of the polls. What’s disputable, though, is whether Mrs. Clinton’s lead is that solid. I’m betting Mrs. Clinton’s lead is shakier than […]

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Trump’s blueprint for victory

Donald Trump wasted a valuable commodity this week — time. The week started right, with him winning the first third of the debate. Then he forgot his purpose and started chasing ghosts. The lesson that his advisors need to teach him is that he needs to focus on things that will help him connect with […]

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Word salad vs. leadership

Much internet bandwidth has been used on who won Monday night’s presidential debate. Two of the best political thinkers think that Trump won. Pat Caddell, Jimmy Carter’s pollster, has some interesting statistics that indicate some interesting things that contradict conventional wisdom. In this article, Caddell notes that “48 percent said Clinton did a better job, […]

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Was Hillary the debate winner?

According to the Agenda Media, Hillary Clinton mopped the proverbial floor with Donald Trump’s behind. The storyline connecting all of the stories is that she was well-prepared and that she was masterful at getting Trump to take the bait time after time. That’s the traditional angle, though. It’s the conventional wisdom angle. According to this […]

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The Great Debate: Trump Won Rope A Dope Style

 File:Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016.jpg

Ah yes, the debate. It pretty much turned out like I said it would.

I actually live blogged the whole thing (yes, once again I watch this stuff so you don’t have too) but this was such a travesty I’ll just go over the main points.

The minute Hillary walked out with that manic smile, my comment at 6:06 PM (all times PST) was ‘boy, did they shoot her full of drugs.’ I’m not kidding in the least. I know a  bit about such things. I’d guess B-12 combined with a Dexedrine cocktail, perhaps with some cortisone shots to keep her knees from buckling for 90 minutes. They’ll play hell trying to get her to sleep tonight without the aid of some serious downers like Seconal.

Expect her to be out of action for a few days.

Another thing I noticed (and I wasn’t the only one) was how over prepared she was, with each answer spilling on without so much as an um or an err. After the third time this happened, I understood. She’d  gotten the questions in advance from Lester Holt, who composed them, and had then spent serious time rehearsing. It was like watching one of those old ‘pull the ring and she talks’ dolls.

As for Lester Holt, performed exactly as I said he would. Anyone watching the debates understood instantly that this was Holt and Hillary against the Donald.

Holt had been chest thumping and bragging to his colleagues about how he was going to ‘take down Trump.’

His questions were pretty much out of the Clinton playbook worded in leftist prose about ‘income inequality’ ‘climate change’ and ‘racial justice’, with aggressive interrogations by Holt on Trump’s tax returns, Trump’s ‘racist birtherism’ Trump’s business bankruptcies and other tidbits. I especially liked the one where he framed Clinton’s tax plans as ‘Mrs. Clinton wants to tax the wealthy, and you want to lower taxes on the wealthy.’ Actually Trump’s plan is for an across the board tax cut and he did a decent job explaining it once he was able to get past Holt’s constant interruptions and snide comments. Actually, Holt interrupted Trump 58% more  than he interrupted Hillary Clinton.

Funny thing, Lester Holt had no questions about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s e-mail scandal and her illegal private server. Even though one of his questions concerned cyber security, there were no followup questions on that little item! Lester Holt had indeed learned not to go there after what happened to Matt Lauer! The only mention was a comeback by Trump, who said he’d release his taxes when Mrs. Clinton released the 32,000 e-mails she deleted. It got a huge ovation from the audience which Lester Holt shushed as soon as he could. On the other hand,  any applause for Mrs. Clinton was allowed to continue.

The only problem from Hillary’s standpoint with Lester Holt’s blatant partisan approach is that he overplayed his hand. He was so obvious about the whole thing that he actually helped Trump, who was perceived as the underdog fighting back against as rigged system, which has been one of Trump’s campaign  themes. Here was living proof, right in front of everyone. Social media is on fire about this.

Viewer polls from Time Magazine, Drudge and even CNBC showed Trump winning the debate handily and they weren’t the only ones. Even Slate showed Trump winning.  Needless to say, as I predicted the legacy media is already trying to spin this as a Clinton win, but it’s going to be very difficult:

People might forget what you say, but never how you made them feel. Based on that, Trump won handily. 

Of course, the ‘fact checking’ will go on. For instance, Trump was also entirely correct when he said murders had increased in 2016 in spite of the in the tank Politifact’s efforts to lie about it. Talk about pants on fire!

 Expect a lot more of this. But people simply aren’t fooled by the Clinton media as easily as they used to be.

Mrs. Clinton also did herself no favors ranting on about the ‘incipient racism’ in white society and especially among the police. I guess even when a black cop shoots a black man coming at him with a gun after being told repeatedly to drop his weapon, that’s white racism too.

Trump also scored because of his obviously superior knowledge of how business and economics works and with a little exchange he had with Lester Holt about Stop and Frisk. When Holt stated incorrectly that it was ‘unconstitutional,’  Trump correctly replied that this was a ruling from one judge who was actually removed from the case and  that New York’s cop hating Mayor De Blasio had chosen to quash what would have likely been a successful appeal.

Trump did make one error I need to mention and he’s not the only one. Barack Obama might brag about ending the Iraq War and people may talk about the vacuum this created  but both  are dead wrong. George W.Bush was the man who signed the disposition of forces agreement with Iraqi leader al-Maliki which called for all U.S. forces to be withdrawn from the Shi’ite dictatorship Bush created there, one of the stupidest things an American president has ever done. It laid the groundwork for Iran to flourish without the checkmate of Saddam Hussein’s army right across the Gulf. But Obama can take no credit of blame for pulling our troops out of Iraq.

Of course Obama and Hillary can definitely be charged with having a major role in creating ISIS (which started in Syria as jihadist elements of the Syrian Free Army Obama funded armed and trained, not in Iraq)  and destabilizing the entire Middle East with his illegal war in Libya, but that’s a different question.

Again, this wasn’t even a semblance of a debate. In a real debate, one of the participants can say the moon is made of green cheese   and it’s not the moderator’s job to  ‘fact check’ the speaker but but her opponent’s to rebut her. Especially when the ‘fact checking’ is done in advance and aimed at one candidate and one only.

A final takeaway has to do with the overall demeanor of the candidates. As I predicted both Hillary and her minion Lester Holt tried their best to insult, demean and bait trump hoping to make him lose his cool. He refused to rise to the bait and kept things civil, which surprised a lot of people. He looked  presidential compared to Mrs. Clinton’s genuinely smug, nasty demeanor. The only time he really let fly a little is when Mrs. Clinton started bragging about her experience and Trump countered by saying something to the effect that it was all bad experience and failure, which again got an ovation Holt did his best to shush.

I honestly don’t think Trump realized the extent the media was prepared to go to to try and take him down. They failed, but the Donald is a quick learner. And yes, Trump made a decision to avoid landing what could have been knockout blows in favor of appearing more likeable and presidential. For instance, when Hillary and Lester Holt were painting him as a sexist, it would have been no trouble at all for him to start referring to Hillary’s sexual predator of a husband and Hillary’s enabling of it. But as Trump tells it, he saw Chelsea in the audience and decided to let it pass because he felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. Like Hillary’s corruption and weakness on cyber security, most people already know this anyway, so I think that was a smart decision on his part first time out.

Trump fooled me too on this one. At times, I was like Bundini or Angelo Dundee, yelling ‘Champ! Get off the ropes! Don’t let them pound you like that, mention the  Clinton Foundation!’

But like Mohammed Ali, The Donald chose to hold some of his fire and let Crooked Hillary and her media shill beat themselves, rope a dope style. Smart move, and expect him to be even more impressive next time out.


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Trump Vs. Clinton: What To Expect At Tonight’s Debate

 (photo courtesy of WikiCommons, Flickr and Gage Skidmore)It’s definitely on tonight, and while we can’t predict exactly how it will go, here are some things I’m pretty sure you can take for granted:You’ll frequently be under the impression Trump …

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Hillary’s biggest debate problem?

The other night at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, Hillary Clinton potentially offered a glimpse of her debate performances. She potentially offered that glimpse by twisting herself into a pretzel. HRC is prone to that because she’s caught in an impossible situation. She’s caught in an impossible situation because she’s gotten caught lying about sending and receiving […]

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NBC’s C-inC Forum Sets the Tone For The Debates. And Yes, Hillary Lied Again


The reaction to last night’s ‘commander in chief’ forum on NBC was absolutely surreal.

Matt Lauer actually had the temerity, just for a few minutes, to question Hillary Clinton like an actual journalist and to actually allow a questioner to be critical of her. And he’s in a world of sh*t because of it. Look at these headlines:

CNN “Behind the scenes, NBC execs concede Matt Lauer forum performance was “disaster”

New York Times “Matt Lauer Loses the War in a Battle Between the Candidates”

Jonathon Chait,New York Magazine “Matt Lauer’s Pathetic Interview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is the Scariest Thing I’ve Seen in This Campaign”

There’s tons more, but you get the drift.

He should have known better, really. Remember how the press crucified Bob Schieffer for being even handed during that first Obama-Romney debate in 2012? Schieffer,of course was indeed a fairly Left leaning Democrat, but he came from an older generation where there were still some journalistic ethics and standards.

The infamous Candy Crowley, who ‘moderated’ the second 2012 debate learned from Schieffer’s faux pas and did everything she could short of pepper spraying Romney to make sure Obama came out looking good. Rest assured that ABC’s Lester Holt, who’s ‘moderating’ the first debate has taken note of Lauer’s gang stomping and will behave the same way Crowley did.The presidential debates will be custom designed to attack Trump and destroy him at all costs, and to let Mrs. Clinton to slither into the Oval Office.

Actually, Matt Lauer was relatively easy on Hillary. Yes, he actually asked a few questions that stung a little, but he let her get away with blatant falsehoods.

For instance,Hillary made a big point last night that the stuff she was spreading around to unauthorized people via her illegal private server ‘wasn’t labeled classified.’ (This after just a few days before she said she didn’t remember her briefing on how to handle classified material!)

Now, I didn’t expect a Clintonista like Matt Lauer to challenge her on anything, but the FBI report showed that there were numerous e-mails from Mrs. Clinton to Cheryl Mills and Huma referring to removing ‘classified tags’ from e-mails she planned to share with unauthorized people and asking if they had done it yet!

And here’s another point Lauer should of brought up but of course, didn’t. If you’re a high government official getting classified briefings and you share that information via a regular ol’ email with an unauthorized person in exchange for a donation to a scam ‘foundation’, a six figure speaking fee for your disreputable spouse or a nice campaign contribution or other quid pro quo, you are trafficking in classified information.

Which of course, is exactly what Mrs. Clinton did. She’s simply a corrupt felon who got away with it because the Obama DOJ let the FBI know that they weren’t going to prosecute. FBI Director Comey’s sickening nonsense about ‘intent’ was sheer bolshoi.

The illegal server itself shows intent. And when someone wipes an illegal server using software like Bleachbit AFTER the story breaks and when this same evidence has been subpoenaed, that shows intent too…for anyone but the Clintons.

Matt Lauer, of course, new better than to ‘fact check’ Mrs. Clinton. But he made an even bigger error when he let someone with an actual hard ball question slip through, a vet with years of experience handling classified intel that told her that if he had done what she did, he would have been prosecuted and jailed. Her response was, well, not really a response at all.

He was the only one who questioned Mrs. Clinton on the subject or who even did more than toss her a softball. And if you watch, you’ll see her glare briefly at Lauer and then look at the vet, write his name down after the question and hand it to one of her Secret service guards.

Then there’s the matter of Mrs. Clinton’s flesh colored earpiece, something Matt Lauer apparently didn’t notice…or maybe chose not to:

Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece During Last Night's Presidential Forum?

NYPD officers involved with the NBC forum’s security detail recognized it instantly. They confirmed that Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,” used by actors in Broadway shows so they can be prompted on their lines and receive cues off-stage from directors. They’re wireless, not like the ones used by the police, the FBI and the Secret Service.

Mrs. Clinton has apparently been using this for quite some time as WikiLeaks confirmed with this email to Mrs. Clinton from Huma Abedin, her close personal aide:


As actor James Wood tweeted, ‘She can’t even #lie without help from a gaggle of other #liars through an earpiece’ @HillaryClinton #HillarysEarpiece pic.twitter.com/YIMVd72SjH

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) September 8, 2016

Actually, what probably happened is that except for the one questioner who slipped through, the rest were rehearsed beforehand and Mrs. Clinton just needed prompting on her scripted answers.The media won’t raise that question, but Trump should at the next debate. Either she’s deaf, or she’s being coached from off stage, and I think we all know which it is.

And Donald Trump? Lauer was actually tougher on him than he was on Mrs. Clinton. He got almost twice the amount of questions she did, and none of them were softballs. Lauer made a valiant try and getting Trump to slip up but failed utterly. trump refused to rise to the bait, and simply repeated what he’s said all along, that he will defeat ISIS but that he’s not giving away his ideas on strategy on live TV, but will consult with his military advisers and come up with the best ideas, whether there his, someone else’s or a combination of the two. Contrast that with Mrs. Clinton, who informed ISIS, Iran and a whole lot of other bad actors on national television that we would newer send troops to Iraq under any circumstances.

I guess she learned from her old boss, President Barack Hussein Obama who informed the Taliban as well as any Afghans trying to decide whom to side with exactly when we were leaving. And they say Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about foreign policy?

Two other things Donald Trump said that bear mention. He openly criticized some of the generals President Obama has kept in place who will go along with his farcical agenda and rules of engagement that have cost American lives…As opposed to some of our best and most successful field commanders that have been forced into retirement. And that purge includes not just generals and admirals but even extends down to junior officers, as my regular readers know. Barack Obama has played politics with our military in order to ‘transform it’ just as he has everything else.

And when challenged about Vladimir Putin, Trump said he thinks he can get along with Russia on a great many issues of mutual concern while keeping our national interests in mind. That’s something Mrs. Clinton and her boss failed miserably at with the so-called ‘reset.’

Fact – Putin is one of the few world leaders fighting jihad right now, and we will need Russia’s help to defeat it,just as they will need ours. When Trump said ‘imagine how great it would be if the U.S. and Russia cooperated in defeating ISIS’ he was entirely correct.

I’ll leave you to decide who sounded like a real commander-in-chief. The military has already spoken, and by a huge margin.

So have the people who watched it.



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Debate ‘Moderators’ Announced – All Democrats And MSM Talking Heads


The supposedly non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the moderators for the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates and they all have three things in common…they’re all Democrats, they’re all talking heads for the mainstream media and with one possible exception, they’re all rooting for Hillary Clinton.

First presidential debate: Lester Holt, Anchor, NBC Nightly News


Democrat, grew up in Marin County north of San Francisco, (arguably the most far left county in America), lives in Manhattan.

Vice-presidential debate: Elaine Quijano, Anchor, CBSN and Correspondent, CBS News


Democrat,used to work for CNN, grew up in Chicago, lives in New York.

Second presidential debate: Martha Raddatz, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and Co-Anchor of “This Week,” ABC


Democrat. Lives in Arlington, VA. Used to be married to uber-liberal Ben Bradlee and was so ineffectual at ‘moderating’ the 2012 debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden that even Saturday Night Live parodied it.

Anderson Cooper, Anchor, CNN


Democrat. Born in New York City and still lives there. Perhaps the most openly anti-Trump on and off the air than anyone else on this list. Fun fact: Even though he’s openly gay, he habitually refers to the book that calls for him and others with his lifestyle to be murdered as ‘the Holy Qu’ran’ and rabidly supports a presidential candidate who promises she will bring thousands of people into America from countries where murdering gays is perfectly acceptable because Allah said so. Go figure!

Third Presidential Debate: Chris Wallace, Anchor, Fox News Sunday


Democrat. Son of über lefty CBS newsman Mike Wallace and stepson of former President of Bill Leonard, a longtime Democrat fundraiser who Wallace has referred to as ‘the most influential man in my life.’ Worked for NBC and ABC. Has kept mum about whom he supports, but has been noticeably aggressive towards Trump.

Sounds like a totally balanced and non-partisan crew to me! I’m surprised Candy Crowley didn’t make the cut this year.

And just to add to the fun, the CPD also announced that Steve Scully, Senior Executive Producer, White House and Political Editor for C-SPAN Networks, will serve as backup moderator for all the debates. He’s reportedly noted for his even handedness and I hoipe it’s true. But he also learned his trade by interning for Sen. Joe Biden and serving as a staff assistant in Sen. Ted Kennedy’s media affairs office.
Since neither of these intensely partisan pols would ever hire a Republican, we can assume that Sculley is a Democrat as well.

I’m not certain whether Trump has a veto on this, but I can think of any number of media figures capable of moderating the debates in a fair and impartial manner, or whom would at least make the moderator gig more balanced. Especially since most of the ‘moderators’ named here are almost certain to jump in and do their bit to push Mrs. Clinton over the line.

Actually, if I were Trump I’d insist on Lincoln-Douglas style debates. The candidates each speak in turn and respond to each other…no ‘moderators,’ just a timekeeper. Now that would really show us something about the candidates.


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St. Cloud Joint Cities forum notes

Saying that the questions asked at the St. Cloud Area Joint Cities Forum had a leftward tilt to them is understatement. For instance, the first question was “While the legislature accomplished its most basic responsibility of passing a state budget, the last biennium, it does seem that the last 2 years are marked with significant […]

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Wasserman-Schultz lawsuit

This month-old article takes on additional importance in light of the new Wikileaks-DNC scandal. The thought that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC has to fight a class action lawsuit is terrible news for Hillary. According to the article, attorney Jared Beck said “‘The first is a claim for fraud—against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz—based […]

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Miners vs. environmental activists

For years, Iron Range DFLers have fought the environmental activist wing of the DFL over mining. Simply put, the environmental activist wing has pretty much cleaned the Iron Range’s clock on mining issues, at least at state conventions. This year wasn’t any different in that the Iron Range is still treated like second-class citizens by […]

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