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Ellison from La-La-Land

In his campaign to become the next chair of the DNC, Rep. Keith Ellison wrote this op-ed, which Time Magazine published. It’s a publication from La-La-Land. For instance, Rep. Ellison wrote “Take labor protection and environmentalism, two core Democratic values. Republicans claim you can’t both have clean air and grow jobs. This too is a […]

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Democrats hoping for disaster

By not confirming President Trump’s national security team the first day in office, Democrats are signaling that their resistance, aka their political stunt, takes precedence over national security. That’s a disgusting signal to send. It’s one thing to not confirm Rex Tillerson immediately. There were legitimate questions about him. It’s quite another to not confirm […]

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Keith Ellison will miss inauguration

It isn’t surprising that the AP is reporting that Keith Ellison will miss Friday’s inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump. That’s as surprising as reports that Donald Trump is rich. What makes this information newsworthy, in my opinion, is Rep. Ellison’s statement on why he isn’t attending. The AP quotes him as saying “I will not […]

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About that Trump-Lewis feud

This Washington Post article didn’t highlight what’s actually happening. Abby Phillip’s article starts by saying “A public feud between Donald Trump and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) seemed to jettison any lingering hopes that the inauguration would temporarily ease partisanship in Washington and instead threatened to widen the rift between the two parties.” What’s actually happening […]

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More misguided thinking

This article contains one of the most stunning political quotes I’ve ever read. When I first read it, I immediately reread it to make sure I didn’t misread it. According to the article, Reps. Keith Ellison, (D-MN), Raul Grijalva, (D-AZ), and Mark Pocan, (D-WI), sent a letter to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, saying […]

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Sen. Schumer: Trump’s rival?

Years ago, the joke was that the most dangerous place to be in Washington, DC was between Sen. Schumer and either a microphone or a TV camera. The truth is that he’s a politician with an oversized ego (by politicians’ standards) who’s about to get trampled by a guy with a 140-character megaphone. Sen. Schumer […]

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Ellison’s DNC campaign

Keith Ellison is hoping to turn his support of Bernie Sanders, then Hillary Clinton, into a winning message in his bid to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). At this point, outsiders think Rep. Ellison is the leader to succeed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as the full-time chair of the DNC. Whether DNC […]

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Why the media missed the Story of the Year

Salena Zito’s article turns the spotlight on the MSM, aka the Agenda Media, to highlight why the media got this election badly wrong. Early in the article, Salena wrote about the NY Times, saying “Take The New York Times’ public editor’s laudable call for more diversity in the newsroom. ‘The executive editor, Dean Baquet, is […]

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Dishonest Democratic centrists

Prior to this op-ed, I thought that the Democrats most prone to delusion lived in fever swamps with Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and Babs Boxer as neighbors. Thanks to Stan Greenberg’s op-ed, I have to consider the possibility that the entire Democratic Party is nuts. Greenberg’s op-ed starts by saying “President Obama will be remembered […]

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Moving on to 2018 already

Josh Kraushaar’s article for the National Journal contains some early observations on the 2018 elections for the House and Senate. I agree with Kraushaar when he said “If Trump struggles in of­fice and Demo­crats be­ne­fit as the op­pos­i­tion party, their odds of win­ning a Sen­ate ma­jor­ity would still be nearly im­possible. A mere eight Sen­ate […]

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Trust Robert Reich’s blueprint?

Democrats should follow Robert Reich’s blueprint to revitalize the Democratic Party. One of the parts of the article that’s interesting reading the part when Reich starts talking about insiders. Specifically, he said “the Democratic party apparatus is ingrown and entrenched. Like any old bureaucracy, it only knows how to do what it has done for […]

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Dems’ biggest big picture problem

Salena Zito’s latest column deals with the Democrats’ problems connecting with voters. In the article, she quotes “Bruce Haynes, founding partner of Purple Strategies, and a GOP strategist.” Haynes is right in stating that the Democrats’ “challenge is they have lost their connection with the American voter. In short, they have a macro problem.” Haynes […]

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FNS, Dems in disarray edition

This past Sunday, Chris Wallace’s panel broke things down beautifully why Hillary Clinton lost. One of the eye-popping exchanges came when Chris Wallace asked “You know, George, one of the things that, and we’ve been around too long probably, we shouldn’t tell people that, but one of the things I’m always amused by is at […]

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Community Action shuts doors

After fleecing taxpayers, Community Action Partnership of Minneapolis has shut its doors: DHS auditors accused the corporation of spending more than it helped. The state wants Community Action Minneapolis to repay more than $850,000 in grant money that was spent incorrectly. The audit showed more than $200,000 paid for unallowable costs like cruises, golf trips […]

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Keith Ellison’s phony arguments

This afternoon, Keith Ellison and I got into a little dispute on Twitter: REP. ELLISON: targeting is wrong. Obama said so; replaced people. IRS apologized. Political orgs posing as social welfare orgs is wrong too. REPLY: He’s right. It’s wrong. Why did his 2008 campaign start that tactic? Check out what Bob Bauer & Tom […] . . . → Read More: Keith Ellison’s phony arguments . . . → Read More: Keith Ellison’s phony arguments