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Premium relief bill passed

Republicans and the DFL found a way to compromise this week. Republicans accepted Gov. Dayton’s plan to provide premium relief for people buying health insurance on the individual market but made too much to qualify for federal premium support. Gov. Dayton accepted the Republicans’ reforms. In the end, neither side got everything they wanted, which […]

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DFL’s, Tina Liebling’s hysteria

Tina Liebling’s most recent e-letter update is a portrait of the DFL’s hysteria. I first noticed Rep. Liebling’s hysteria when I spotted this hysterical tweet, which said “House GOP passed plan to let insurance companies sell junk insurance w/o coverage for things like cancer, Lyme disease, autism.” Rep. Liebling didn’t like it when I challenged […]

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Gov. Dayton’s MNsure fearmongering

This article highlights the difficult position Gov. Dayton and the DFL painted themselves into when they created MNsure while enthusiastically praising the ACA. Now that health insurance premiums sold on the individual market have increased by up to 67% this year after increasing by up to 54% last year, it isn’t difficult convincing Minnesota farmers […]

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The MNsure debate just changed

The MNsure/individual market debate just changed dramatically. This article highlights what LFR has been talking about for more than a month. The article starts by saying “Medica has hit its enrollment cap for those buying through the MNsure state-run exchange, meaning only one option for people in dozens of Greater Minnesota counties who want to […]

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NRCC criticizes Angie Craig on ACA

The NRCC’s latest ad against Angie Craig doesn’t hold anything back. The transcript of the ad starts with a narrator saying “More attacks from Angie Craig, twisting Jason Lewis’ words out of context. Splice and dice enough, you can make anyone sound bad. Angie Craig will say and do anything to get elected.” Then it […]

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Minnesota’s health insurance crisis

Minnesota’s health insurance crisis was exclusively created by the DFL. They own this crisis because a) they created it, b) they voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans and c) the DFL sat on a GOP bill that would’ve fixed many of the problems. This LTE highlights just how big this crisis is. What caught […]

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Dayton admits MNsure failed

In a stunning admission, Gov. Dayton admitted that the ACA isn’t affordable for many Minnesotans. It’s stunning that Gov. Dayton would say “Ultimately … the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for an increasing number of people. We’re going to need both state and federal governments to step in and do […]

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Mills wins key endorsement

Stewart Mills just won an important endorsement: Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about Stewart Mills, except that he’s the clear choice for voters on Nov. 4 to send to Washington to represent Northeastern Minnesota’s sprawling 8th Congressional District. Don’t believe he’s a rich kid who never had to work a day in his life, as […]

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Westrom lays out conservative agenda

One thing that I’m finding impressive about Torrey Westrom’s campaign is that he isn’t afraid to lay out his agenda. This article offers a glimpse into what Sen. Westrom’s priorities in DC will be: Westrom said he has heard from Minnesotans again and again about their concerns with the federal government. He has heard about […]

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