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Paraplegic British Cop Walks

What a remarkable story! But in a way, it’s not. It’s what happens in societies that are free to develop new ideas and revolutionary concepts. Remember, there was a day when the steam engine was just as remarkable. From Jewish News via Weaponsman Nicki Donnelly was confined to a wheelchair after being seriously injured in […]

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50 Years Ago

last Friday, Apollo 1 burned on the pad at Cape Kennedy, lost with it were  Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom as Command Pilot, Edward H. White II as Senior Pilot, and Donn F. Eisele as Pilot. I was a disaster that all Americans, and in fact, the world shared with us. And as the details became known, […]

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von Richtofen Day

Well, we missed this one yesterday, but GreatSatan’sGirlfriend reminded us. Gott Mit Uns! 100 years ago today, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen was awarded Imperial Deutschland’s highest military award – Pour le Mérite – often informally referred to as the “Blue Max.”  Pour le Mérite was awarded strictly as a recognition of extraordinary personal achievement, […]

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Reality is Real

Something a bit different today, but it still follows our long running themes. Both you never had it so good as well as reality is real. The world we live in was built by men who understood reality and found ways to harness it for our benefit. That harnessing has led to the world we live in, […]

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Common Sense Tuesday

Most of you know that I really like the liberal arts, especially history and English. Kind of shows in the blog, doesn’t it? Taught properly they teach one critical thinking skills that one needs to get through life properly. But they are my avocation, I spent many years as an electrician and a lineman, and […]

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Godspeed, John Glenn. Ad Astra

Then there was the technology. Rockets exploded during testing, sometimes with the astronauts watching. In 2012, on the 50th anniversary of his Mercury flight, Glenn reflected on the danger. “It was important because of the Cold War,” Glenn said at a Smithsonian forum. “It was a new step forward, and we were proud to be […]

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Something Different

I had a wild hair yesterday and suddenly wondered if one could still sail on a regularly scheduled ocean liner across the Atlantic. Turns out you can, on Cunard’s Queen Mary II. From what I read, I suspect it would be competitive with first class airfare, and lots more comfortable. But I found something else, […]

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Ideology > Engineeering and Logic

A couple of reports mixed here, because they go to the same point. First, South Australia had a power outage last week. Ordinarily, that’s not news, but in this case, I gather nearly the whole state was off. Why? Here’s Andrew Bolt to tell you. South Australia ran to Canberra for subsidies to protect Arium Steel […]

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On Fire’s Downsides, NYT Has Nothing On Prometheus

It strikes me that I was perhaps a bit unfair to the New York Times yesterday. Yes, it was a stupid article, but it wasn’t quite as bad as the Tweet that got attached to it. But David Marcus, over at The Federalist, had some thoughts as well. Fire Means Power and Lost Innocence The […]

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Update on the Zika Plague

Well, it’s almost time for the Olympics, at ground zero of the Zika outbreak, amidst the chaos and clutter, and perhaps the danger of a corrupt third world city, and its effects: unfinished and unsafe, or as the Australians said, unlivable buildings, corrupt government, out of control police. To the point that the nations are no […]

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Alvin Toffler, Author of ‘Future Shock,’ Dies at 87

From the New York Times. Alvin Toffler, the celebrated author of “Future Shock,” the first in a trilogy of best-selling books that presciently forecast how people and institutions of the late 20th century would contend with the immense strains and soaring opportunities of accelerating change, died on Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He […]

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Can Grown-Ups Save Conservatism? A Preface

Considering what has happened to conservatism, and conservatives, politically, ideologically, culturally, even morally, in the past eleven months because of the rise of Donald Trump, it may come as a surprise to you that I wrote the bulk of this article five years ago in September, 2011 when another outsider was making a run for the presidency. His […]

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Why Uber Keeps Raising Billions

This is interesting, and a chase of pace. Apparently Uber is sitting on a pile of cash and borrowing more. I don’t know enough here to even have an opinion, but it tends to fascinate me. Here, read the whole thing.™: It feels like almost every other week there is a new headline about Uber […]

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Sunday Ride

You know when I was a kid, every once in a while on a nice Sunday afternoon my folks would decide to just go for a ride. It was a nice custom that seems to have died out, mostly. But this is kind of a virtual one, for out here. Enjoy! Continue reading… . . . → Read More: Sunday Ride

Fmr. McDonald’s USA CEO: $35K Robots Cheaper Than Hiring at $15 Per Hour

Well, of course, it is. That’s simple common sense, and government can try, but the market wins every time. Look I wrote about this a bit over two years ago, here, and if anything has changed, it’s not for the better. Here’s the takeaway quote for you: “I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday […]

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Then and now

Well, we’ve all seen the movies and TV shows about building railroads in the nineteenth century, the armies of men, the towns, usually called “Hell on Wheels’ for good reason. and all the rest. The picture above is from my neighborhood, and without that railroad, there wasn’t any purpose for anybody to live out here, […]

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How (Real) Capitalism Works

A couple of interesting things here, relating to capitalism, and just how very far we’ve come in the last few hundred years. First off Deidre McClosky is in the process of explaining how we got so rich. From the Spectator, UK. Deirdre McCloskey has been at work for many years on a huge project: to […]

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Viking longship sets sail for North America

My main computer is down, so I’m on my laptop, which is not as amenable for writing, so for the present, posts will be rather simpler than normal. But since yesterday was Norwegian Constitution Day, we’ll start with some history from the Northland. The Draken Harald Hårfagre (Dragon Harald Fairhair, named after the first King […]

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When words are not enough…

I want to pull away from politics today, so we’ll do something different. So often, we miscommunicate, it’s perhaps even more common in the written word. Even as close as say, Jessica and I are, and we are very close, indeed, sometimes words are not enough between us, even helped by judiciously chosen emoticons. We […]

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Farewell to the Junglies

The Royal Navy has retired their Sea King helicopters, after 36 years of service. Pretty much synonymous with the Royal Marines, they served in the Falklands, Bosnia, and Northern Ireland, and in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are being replaced by the Merlin MK4 They toured the West Country the other day.       via Sea King […]

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