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Fact-checking the Pi-Press

This article in the Pi-Press is disgusting in its dishonesty. In the article, the ‘reporter’ says that “Trump’s highly controversial order suspends refugee admissions for 120 days and bars all immigration for 90 days of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries with terrorism concerns: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Those now being barred from […]

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Hillary Clinton’s legacy: failure

When it comes to diagnosing why Hillary Clinton lost, Chip Englander, “a Chicago-based GOP consultant”, got it exactly right when he said the Clintons’ “intent to try to rewrite the history books is super obvious. The history books are not written by losers. She lost the election because she broke the law and didn’t bother […]

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It’s never Hillary’s fault?

According to this article, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are blaming her defeat on FBI Director Jim Comey. That isn’t surprising but it isn’t the truth, either. According to the article, “Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other Clinton aides sought to provide explanations during a private conference call Thursday with supporters of […]

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Bill Clinton pollster drops bomb

To say that Doug Schoen dropped a bombshell during Sunday night’s segment of the Political Insiders is understatement. After Schoen, who is usually a faithful supporter of the Clintons, said that he’s reassessing his support for Mrs. Clinton, host Harris Faulkner could be heard loudly saying “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You are not going […]

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Clintons: the original Alinskyites

This article reminded me of something I’d hoped I’d forgotten forever. The article reminded me that the Clintons are the original Alinskyite administration. Seriously, long before Tony Rezko had corrupted the Obamas, the Clintons were painting their political opponents as political boogeymen. Newt Gingrich was the Clinton’s first boogeyman. Dick Armey was the Clintons next […]

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FBI re-opens Hillary investigation

James Comey has notified the appropriate committees that he’s re-opening his investigation into Hillary Clinton. According to the article, “FBI Director James Comey wrote in a letter to top members of Congress Friday that the bureau has ‘learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.’” The letter was sent […]

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The Hillary index — Bullish?

It isn’t difficult to find articles telling us that the presidential race is essentially finished and that Hillary will be our next president. Thus far, what’s evident is that Mr. Trump has righted himself to a certain extent. That’s mostly attributable to hiring Kellyanne Conway. She’s brought a focus to the campaign that’s been quite […]

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Questioning Politifact’s fact check

Politifact’s fact checks are notoriously questionable. This Politifact fact check is among the sloppiest fact checks they’ve ever published. Politifact’s fact check of Trump’s claim about Syrian refugees is rated as half-true. That’s based on Mr. Trump’s statement that Hillary Clinton “has called for a radical 550 percent increase in Syrian … refugees … despite […]

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Hillary didn’t make a mistake

Approximately 5 minutes into this video, Hillary ‘admits’ that she made a mistake, saying “But, look, I have said that I made a mistake using my personal email. I regret that and I — uh — am grateful that this matter has been fully investigated and has been closed and it’s time to move on.” […]

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Conservative Comedy Friday – 7/8/16

In the words of John McCain, “Allahu Akbar It’s Friday!” And of course that means it’s time for some conservative comedy. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and…

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Hillary, Comey, and the Rule of Law

And so it happened, as I said it would, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted. Well, I thought it pretty obvious that the Obama administration would not indict the Democratic nominee, pretty much no matter how strong the evidence. Here is FBI director James Comey’s statement on the matter. I like so many others, see […]

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Oligarchs vs. the peasants

When James Comey announced that the FBI wouldn’t recommend that the Justice Department shouldn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, he essentially said that the United States justice system be a two-tiered justice system. In addition to him effectively rewriting existing and clearly-written federal statutes, Dir. Comey essentially said that the elitists, aka the American oligarchs, should be […]

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After Hillary investigation, FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Invertebrates

“Let me be clear–We’re not saying that someone who did something similar wouldn’t have charges brought against them. We’re just not bringing charges in this particular case.” – Comey, from the press conference “I knew it.” This is the general…

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The day America died?

James Comey’s announcement that the FBI wouldn’t recommend criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton or her top aides isn’t just disgusting. It’s proof that the fix is in to protect Mrs. Clinton. According to this article, “Comey began his address by explaining what investigators found during their investigation. He said that the investigation showed that 110 […]

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