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Trump adopts Obama’s policy towards Israel

In the waning days of the Obama presidency, his anti-Semitic beliefs came to a head when he and Secretary of State John Kerry orchestrated the creation and passing of a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for legally building so-called “settlements”…

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Trump puts brakes on his promises to Israel

In a piece I wrote yesterday, I shared my concerns over the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be the next Secretary of State. Part of my objection with the former ExxonMobil CEO was based on the relationship he has with…

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Kerry’s award-winning speech

Lost in all of the criticism of John Kerry’s long-winded speech yesterday is ‘praise’ he received from Alan Dershowitz. In an interview on Fox News’ Kelly File, Prof. Dershowitz said “this speech should win an Academy Award for best fictional presentation.” The interview started with Sandra Smith asking Prof. Dershowitz “Do you think there was […]

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John Kerry vs Alan Dershowitz

John Kerry’s history on foreign policy throughout the years has been nothing short of a disaster. This morning, John Kerry ended his foreign policy career with a disastrous, rambling, lengthy speech at Foggy Bottom. Let’s skip the formalities and stipulate that the Obama administration hates Benjamin Netanyahu. That’s why President Obama sent his campaign team […]

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Dishonesty, betrayal & backstabbing

When honestly assessing the Obama administration’s abstention in Friday’s UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, it’s impossible to say that the administration didn’t want to stab Israel in the back on its way out the door. It’s impossible to say that the Obama administration’s speech after the vote wasn’t extremely […]

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Good? Friday

When I was a child, I always wondered how the day when Jesus suffered murder by the state could be called Good. As I grew up and put away childish things and thoughts, I came to understand the story. It is the ultimate story of servant leadership. It is the story of how God himself […]

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What If The Crucifixion Never Happened?

  I saw this article this morning and it moved me in several ways. First it is a very good commentary on the whole “For God so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son” theme. He did, and not only did He give us his wisdom and goodness, and gentleness, He allowed the […]

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Holy Week Reading List

This is nearly a duplicate of the post I have up at All Along the Watchtower, and it’s here for the same reason. it’s here to give you a bit of insight as to the posts that follow for Holy Week I was thinking about what I would write for Easter this year, and I […]

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Palm Sunday, Triumphalism, and Leadership

On Palm Sunday, way back in the mid 60’s, according to the traditions of the Evangelical and Reformed Church, I became a man, with all the responsibilities to God that that carried. It was also when you traditionally got your first suit. The Sunday before was Examination Sunday, the test was verbal, in front of […]

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U.S. East Jerusalem Consulate Creating Own Private Palestinian Terrorist Militia


As some of you may know, The White House refused to locate its embassy in Israel capitol, Jerusalem. Instead, it has two consular facilities, an embassy in Tel Aviv and a consulate in East Jerusalem that openly sees itself according to its own web page “as the embassy of the United States of America in Palestine.”

There is a small consular office in West Jerusalem but it is pretty much limited to tasks like turning in absentee ballots. If Jews living or traveling in Israel need to have a passport issued, obtain a visa for the US, register for social security or register children as American citizens, they either have to use the ‘East Jerusalem’ consulate or travel to Tel Aviv to use the American embassy.

The American diplomats whom work there live in West Jerusalem but commute, and are noted for their pro-Palestinian sympathies, and the East Jerusalem consulate is staffed mostly by those Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians whose hostility to Jews is an open secret. There is one exception to this..or there was until now.

Under a 2011 agreement with the U.S., only IDF combat veterans would be authorized to carry arms as consulate guards. Also, those arms were limited to 100 handguns.

The Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth has reported that this agreement has now been blatantly violated. The consulate’s new security director, Dan Cronin has hired 35 Palestinian security guards, many of whom have criminal records.

Three Israeli security guards who worked at the US consulate resigned in the wake of a plan to hire 35 Palestinians from East Jerusalem as armed security guards who are currently undergoing training in Yericho (Jericho). One of them has gone so far as to accuse the consulate of creating “an armed Palestinian militia.”

According to the report in Yediot Aharonot, the plan is to employ the Palestinians mainly to escort convoys of American diplomats in Judea-Samaria.

The report said that the change in the consulate Israelis began months ago, with the appointment of consulate security officer Dan Cronin. Employees say that since they started working there seven Israeli security guards were fired, compared with one Palestinian guard.

The three Israeli guards who recently resigned in protest at his behavior, say he is training the Palestinian security guards at the American facility in Jericho, where Palestinian security forces are training. Some of the guards were even flown to the US for training.

“The law in Israel is only a recommendation for him,” one employee fired. “Cronin does whatever he wants.”

According to them, some of the Palestinian security guards employed at the consulate were arrested in the past for throwing rocks or have relatives who were convicted of hostile terrorist activities.

“The Consulate head’s behavior tends toward the Palestinians, and Cronin actually established a Palestinian armed militia for the Consulate,” an employee said. “He is training them with weapons, combat and tactical exercises. There is a lack of responsibility here – who ensures that such weapons, once given over to Palestinian guards, won’t make their way to terror groups?”

The answer to that question is certainly easy. Any weapons, materials and trained personnel given to ‘Palestine’ have always ended up being used against Israeli civilians, whether it was the cement for ‘construction’ given to Hamas by UNRWA and USAid used to create the terror attack tunnels or the M-16s given to Arafat’s security thugs prior to the Second Intifada.

The anti-Israeli character of the consulate today is clear, according to the report: the most senior adviser is a Palestinian Arab, Ibrahim Delalsh, who sat in Israeli prison for belonging to Fatah-linked terror groups. Another advisor is a relative of one of the leaders of Hamas in Jerusalem, Muhammad Hassan Abu Tir, who has been in and out of Israeli prisons many times.

But wait, there’s more.

Yediot is also reporting that the consulate also keeps an arsenal of machine guns and rifles on the premises,a further violation of the 2011 agreement.

The U.S. consulate refused to allow reporters to speak directly to Cronin or to address any of the allegations in the article directly,but merely issued a blanket statement saying that “The US Consulate General in Jerusalem has full confidence in the professionalism of its staff.”

“We do not discuss the security of our diplomatic missions, but note there are many inaccuracies in the story.”

“In addition,” he said, “we coordinate fully and regularly with local authorities.”

Needless to say, the statement didn’t point out any ‘inaccuracies.’ And there was very obviously no co-ordination with the Israeli government or the Israeli police…although I’m sure Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah security thugs knew all about it.

What the Obama Administration is doing is creating a trained cadre of terrorists and a private arms depot where weaponry can be smuggled under diplomatic cover to Area A, the part of Judea and Samaria where the Palestinian Authority is in charge.

This overtly hostile action is similar to the two fully armed combat brigades the Obama Administration created for Fatah trained by General Keith Dayton with our tax dollars. Since these units are not going to take on the IDF directly, they’re designed to conduct guerilla war against Israel’s civilians and that’s what they’re going to be used for eventually.



Their innocent blood will be on our hands…we paid for it.

So much for President Obama’s horse manure about Israel’s security.And people wonder why the relationship between America and Israel has been damaged so badly?

When Israel gets demonized for being intransigent or hardline for failing to follow the Obama Administration’s diktats or for not clearing its security actions with America, remember this nonsense.


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A Sermon At Al-Aqsa “We Will Slaughter The Jews”

A typical Friday sermon on the Al-Aqsa mosque in Israel. This one was given November 28th and is a perfect example of what goes out every day in ‘Palestine’s’ mosques, media and schools.This is why ‘two states for two people living side by side in peac…

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The Blood Of Zion Cries Out


Early this morning, four Jews at morning prayers were murdered in a synagogue in Jerusalem after two Palestinian broke in and assaulted the worshipers with gunfire and meat cleavers.

Many others were wounded and four are in critical condition.

The terrorist attack took place in Har Hof a predominantly Orthodox neighborhood at the at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Agasi Street.

The Murder victims were identified as Rabbi Moshe Twersky, the head of the Torat Moshe yeshiva, 59; 40-year-old  Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky; 50-year-old Rabbi Kalman Levine; and 68-year-old Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg(HY”D) . Rabbi Kupinsky, Rabbi Levine and Rabbi Twersky were all American citizens, while Rabbi Goldberg was a British subject. A Druze policeman subsequently died of his wounds as well, and Israel will mourn and honor him.

The killers stormed the synagogue at 7 AM local time. There was no warning and no way for the victims to defend themselves.The rabbis were murdered during the sacred prayer of Shimoneh Esrei, with siddurim ( prayer books) in their hands and their tefillum on.

Eye witness Ya’akov Amos said: ‘The terrorist moved to within a metre of me then started shooting. One, two, three, bang, bang, bang. I immediately hit the ground and tried to protect myself with a prayer stand. He kept screaming ‘Allah hu’Akbar’.


There was blood everywhere, so much that one of the medical workers slipped in it and broke his leg.

The international reaction was interesting. Even U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed shocked, with his voice quavering. He even used the “T” word and called for an end to incitement against Jews.

Phillip Hammond, Britain’s Foreign Secretary contented himself with a bloodless statement that ‘both sides’ should seek to ‘reduce tension.’ President Obama, of course, said much the same thing.

Israel’s economics minister Naftali Bennett was interviewed by the BBC today, and provides us with another indication of exactly how sick and depraved Britain has become when it comes to Israel and the Jews.

(just a hint – when Bennett mentions Abu Mazen, he is using Mahmoud Abbas’s nom de guerre, the terrorist name he used as Arafat’s second-in-command.)

Notice how the interviewer doesn’t even address the issue of Abbas inciting terrorism, but pulls the case of an Arab bus driver who died yesterday, as though that made the savage murder of four Jews at prayer legitimate. That Arab driver, by the way, had a full investigation and an autopsy done on him and there is no doubt he committed suicide. Unlike the Palestinian Authority, Israel jails murderers no matter who they are.

I really felt like saying ‘Kol Hakavod’ when Bennett held up a picture of one of the victims, which the interviewer hastily told him to put down lest he upset the gentle sensibilities of her viewers. I think it is absolutely essential to do just that – to let the British public see what their government is funding and supporting. And I hope it upsets them to the point of utter shame.

At the end of the interview, Bennett says that Britain is going to have to make a choice of whether they support the Free World or not. As I’m sure Bennett knows, the British Government has already made that choice.Which is why, perhaps, they feel compelled to put up with soldiers being beheaded in broad daylight and no go areas for police and non-Muslims in London and other large British cities.

The murderers were both killed in a shootout with police at the scene. They were Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal from the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Needless to say, they were acclaimed as heroes and martyrs by all the factions of the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians.

A Palestinian woman scatters sweets as she celebrates with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue

Palestinian supporters of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP), a small militant group, dance while waving their flags, after they heard the news of the shooting 

 “We responded with shouts of joy when we received the news about their deaths,” Ala’a Abu Jamal said of his cousins Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal to Yedioth Aharonoth. “People here distributed candies to guests who visited us, and there was joy for the martyrs.”

In a message published on its official new website Al-Resalah, Hamas said the attack was “a quality development in fighting the occupation. We highly value the heroism of its operatives.” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri praised the attack on Qatari news channel Al-Jazeera as “heroic,” calling for more attacks of the same kind.

 Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri happily wrote on Twitter that “Jerusalem has nothing but men who love martyrdom. The heroes of the knife are in Jerusalem. The heroes of the run-over [car attacks] are in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem men take revenge.”

And he posted this on his Facebook page:

A cartoon posted on the Facebook page of Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri has perpetrators of the Jerusalem attack dressed in religious Jewish garb asking 'where are they?' (photo credit: Facebook)
The Arab killer is asking ‘Where are they hiding?” Needless to say, in spite of what this cartoon shows none of the worshipers were armed.

And Fatah? Mahmoud Abbas, AKA Abu Mazen issued a ‘condemnation’ that wasn’t one. In a statement (in English, not Arabic)it said that “The Palestinian presidency” condemns violence “from whatever source” and “demands an end to the invasions of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the provocations of the Settlers.”

In other words, ‘So sorry, but unless you surrender Jerusalem to us expect more of the same.’

This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who accused Jews of “contaminating” Al-Aqsa Mosque last week, who just a few days ago was telling his people, in Arabic, to ‘defend Jerusalem’ by any means necessary. This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who said nothing when Fatah published cartoons and Facebook posts encouraging terrorist attacks on Jews and “days of rage” to defend the ‘threatened’ Al-Aqsa.

Tawfik Tirawi, former chief of the Palestinian General Security in the West Bank and a member of Fatah’s Central Committee made it even plainer, and in Arabic. Today he told a radio station in Hebron that the attack was “nothing but a reaction to the recent crimes of the occupation and the settlers in occupied Jerusalem and across the nation. The threats of the occupation against our people and the Palestinian leadership, represented by the president, will only increase our efforts in safeguarding our rights.”

His remarks were reprinted on Fatah’s official Facebook page.

I should make something clear here. This is not the fault of Abbas, or Hamas, or any of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians.

It is the fault of the Israeli government.

A significant number of the Palestinians are simply acting as they have always acted since the 1920’s, and these tendencies were unleashed even further once Arafat and the PLO were allowed in to take over after Oslo.


Israeli governments since Oslo have always allowed themselves to be pressured to ignore these instances of sheer horror…to release  convicted murderers, to make concessions to the terrorist entities on Israel’s borders, and most of all to avoid  finishing them off entirely when their violence and bloodshed mandated a response. This has been especially true since Barack Obama, who styles himself as the Palestinian’s very own community organizer entered the White House.

Is it any wonder that this sort of thing continues to happen? Is it really so puzzling that after allowing Hamas to continue in Gaza and maintaining any kind of relationship with Abbas and the PLO once they allied themselves openly with Hamas that they would resort back to Arafat’s tactics?

Yasser Arafat himself outlined for his followers what this war was really about. On Jordanian TV, right after signing the Oslo Accords he was criticized for signing a peace agreement with the Jews. He responded by reminding his audience of the Peace of Hubidiyeh, a treaty Mohammed made with the Quraysh tribe that he violated as soon as he was strong enough to massacre them, a story every Muslim knows. And then he outlined exactly what this war was about, saying that “either the Jews will push us into the sea or we will push them into the sea.”

Arafat, the leaders of Hamas and numerous members of Fatah have sung the same songs for years. Is it their fault that Israeli governments for years have refused to take them seriously?


It is time they did.

The violence in Jerusalem can be curtailed, not by more security patrols and not by putting guards in front of every synagogue and public building but by teaching the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians that there are real world consequences for their actions.

As you may have noticed, no matter how much innocent Jewish blood is spilled, it is always Israel who is advised to ‘reduce tensions’ and ‘avoid provocation.’  It is always Israel who is castigated for building homes for its people, in spite of over an estimated 40,000 illegal Arab-built structures in East Jerusalem, and an entire city  being constructed from scratch with EU and US Aid money that encroaches on Israeli communities in Area C of Judea.

This is the first time I have ever heard John Kerry mention the constant hatred being spewed by the mosques, media and schools in both Gaza and in the PLO occupied areas of Judea and Samaria as something counterproductive to any real peace. And even his condemnation of this horror as well as the other ones from the UN and EU that will no doubt be voiced are maddeningly hollow..because they still fund and support this evil.

As Naftali Bennett said, they are going to have to choose sides, and that particularly applies to the United States.But Israel has some choices to make as well.

Are they going to settle for the status quo and a war of attrition that favors Israel’s enemies? Or are they are they going to do what’s necessary to end it and win the right to live peacefully?

I’ve always favored Israel simply delineating its own borders and annexing that land,along with a transfer of populations to the respective sides of those borders. But at the very least Israel should answer every terrorist attack with the outright annexation of more land in Judea and Samaria, showing the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians that they are there to stay, and that attacks on Israel cost them dearly. Build on the land, and call the EU’s bluff. In the unlikely event that they follow through on their threats to indulge in sanctions,they have a lot more to lose than Israel does right now economically.

When there are violent riots, as there were in Jabal Mukaber today, simply arrest the perpetrators,take away their Israeli ID cards and expel them to Gaza or to Area A for Abbas to deal with.Aside from providing real world consequences, it will also separate those Arabs who like the good life in Israel and are willing to live in peace (and there are more of them them you think) from those whom want to poison the well with violence.

Make the disarmament of Hamas an iron clad condition for any further reconstruction aid, especially since Hamas is already diverting money and materials to remaking its terrorist infrastructure. Both the EU and Secretary of State Kerry have given lip service to the importance of disarming Hamas for peace. Hold them to it.

If the Muslim Waqf that is in charge of the al-Aqsa Mosque continues to incite riots and stone throwing on the Temple Mount and refuses to allow Jews to enjoy it peacefully, simply explain to them that the next time it happens the police will respond in force, the Waqf’s control of al-Aqsa and the Mount will be ended, the members of the Waqf expelled from Israel and the mosque shut down.

And allow Israelis to sue the PLO and Hamas in Israelis courts for damages to property and person, taking the judgments out of the tax monies Israel collects for the PLO.

These are the sort of steps that are ultimately going to defeat the Third Intifada. It’s long past time to treat Hamas/Fatah like the hostile entity it is.

I am tired of seeing headlines like I saw today, tired of seeing the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians celebrating each new atrocity, tired of seeing world leaders being complicit with this evil.

And I am especially tired of Israel accepting this hypocrisy. I am sick to death of it. It is one thing to be the Jew among nations, but something else entirely to live on your knees and internalize it.



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More Palestinian Terror In Jerusalem Today As U.S. tells Israel ‘Avoid Provocation’

 Israeli security personnel at the site of a terrorist attack on Jerusalem's Route One, November 5, 2014. (Photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/FLASH90)

Palestinian terrorists struck again in Jerusalem today.

The first attack occurred when a Palestinian driver the plowed his truck into a crowd of people at a light rail station along the seam-line between East and West Jerusalem late Wednesday morning, killing a Border Police officer, and injuring 14 more people, one of them critically.

 Jedan Assad (Channel 2 screenshot)

Ironically, the police officer was a Druze, an Arab from Beit Jann, a Druze village.Border Police officer Jedan Assad (HY”D, May G-d avenge his blood) was a father to a three-year-old son, and his wife is five months pregnant. His father said later that Assad “loved his service, and loved Jerusalem.”

I guarantee you their will be hundreds of Israelis, both Duze and Jews at  his funeral.

His murderer has been identified as 48-year-old Ibrahim al-Akary from Shuafat in East Jerusalem. He hit several pedestrians at a light rail station on the corner of Bar Lev and Shimon Ha’Zadik streets, close to the Border Police headquarters on Route 1, and then continued driving along the tracks, hitting several cars along the way until finally crashing to a halt.

Here’s a link to footage of bystanders at the light rail stop being run down by Akary, as they tried to get out of the way of the speeding van. This footage is graphic and not for the fainthearted.

He then got out of his white commercial van, carrying a metal bar, and began attacking a group of policemen before Border Police at the scene shot and killed him. Needless to say, this murderer is a hero to Hamas/Fatah.

His brother, Musa Muhammad al-Akary, served 19 years in an Israeli prison for the 1992 kidnapping and murder of IDF soldier Nissim Toledano in Lod. He was released in the 2011 deal that ransomed kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity.

The second attack took place near the Gush Etzion junction, when a Palestinian drove a truck with Palestinian plates into a group of three IDF soldiers standing near a checkpoint by al-Arroub. They suffered moderate-to-severe injuries according to Magen David Adom rescue personnel. The families have reportedly been notified.

The vehicle escaped towards Hebron, and Israeli security forces are searching the area and placing barricades to catch the suspect. Needless to say,Mahmoud Abbas’s Security forces aren’t going to turn the terrorist in.

It also should be no surprise that the U.S. ambassador to Israel,Dan Shapiro made the usual meaningless condemnation and then called for Israel to ‘act with restrain and lower tensions.’

“It’s a very tense time in Jerusalem, especially around the holy sites. We think this is a time when everyone, and we’re calling on to act with restraint, to lower the tensions, not to engage in provocations, either word or deed, and to make very clear that violence is never acceptable.

“That’s the leadership that’s needed right now to prevent a further deterioration of the situation in Jerusalem, and we’re working with all sides to try to achieve that.”

Of course the Obama Administration is working with both sides.are they telling Mahmoud Abbas to stop incitement or lose all that U.S. funding for Hamas/Fatah? Of course not. It’s only Israel who needs to act with restraint, and avoid ‘provocation’, which apparently occurs simply because Jews are in Jerusalem at all.

The answer the Israelis have come up with so far is to place concrete barriers at train stops so vehicles can’t injure people waiting for the trains. That’s fine as a quick fix but doesn’t solve the problem.

Some of the Israeli leadership may still be in denial, but they need to face up to the fact that this is the Third Intifada. And just like the second one, it was planned long in advance and merely awaited a convenient excuse to launch it. The provacation Ambasador Shapiro spoke about is not coming from Israel, but from Hamas/Fatah. And if th eU.S refuses to curb them, it’s up to Israel to do so.

It’s time to start cracking down hard on terrorism in Israel’s capital. Enough.


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A Question in the Comments

On Jessica’s post Where is Comfort, the Unit asked Jessica in comments a question. Golly gee Ms. Hof. Thanks for comment. I wonder if you could maybe post here as to a question I still have? One of the last things Momma said to me is “the righteous suffer with the unrighteous.” I spare you (well […]

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A Question in the Comments

On Jessica’s post Where is Comfort, the Unit asked Jessica in comments a question. Golly gee Ms. Hof. Thanks for comment. I wonder if you could maybe post here as to a question I still have? One of the last things Momma said to me is “the righteous suffer with the unrighteous.” I spare you (well […]

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A Murder In Jerusalem…And What To Do About It

Last night, A three-month-old baby was murdered and at least seven pedestrians in Jerusalem after a terrorist attack as an Arab driver deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people waiting at a Light Rail station close to the National Police headquarters.

The baby, Chayah Zissel Bron (HY”D) was an American citizen.

The killer has been identified as Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, who previously served time in jail for terrorist activities ( he was the nephew of Mohiyedine Sharif, Hamas’s former chief bomb maker) and has been identified by Israeli government spokesman Ofir Gendelman as a member of Hamas. He was shot by police as he attempted to flee and later died in the hospital.

He was reportedly a resident of Silwan. I’d love to know why this cockroach was free and living in Jerusalem.Was he one of the terrorists freed from custody as a ‘gesture’ to Abbas? Or perhaps as part of the Shalit deal?

Nor was that the only violence in Jerusalem today. There was sporadic rioting in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and a Jewish kindergarten in East Jerusalem in the Ma’ale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives was pelted this morning by stones thrown at the children in their playground.

And attacks on the light rail continued, with Arab residents of the city hurling rocks and damaging two train cars in Shuafat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas for the continued attacks in Jerusalem, saying Abbas was inciting violence against Jews in the city.

“This is how [PA President Abbas’s] partners in government act, the same Abbas who just a few days ago incited attacks on Jews in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said in a statement.Abbas has called for the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians to ‘resist the settlers’ by any means necessary.

Of course Abbas is responsible, but Netanyahu is wrong here. The real blame lies with him and the Israeli government, who have put up with this nonsense for months.

It is the Arabs whom ethnically cleansed every Jews from their part of Jerusalem when they invaded the city in 1948. It is the Arabs who refused Jews access to their holy sites, who vandalized Jewish cemeteries, who destroyed 28 historic synagogues in the city and used the Western Wall as a garbage dump.It is the Israelis who offered to put that behind them, to share Jerusalem, share the Temple Mount and live in peace after reuniting the city in 1967. It is Israel who allowed the al-Aksa mosque to remain open.

It is time the Israeli government realized that this policy of reconciliation is a failure.For too many of the Arab residents of Jerusalem, sharing is not in their vocabulary.

Especially egregious to me was the reaction of America’s Stated Department. “We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

“We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”

All sides? So according to our State Department, Israel and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are equally to blame?

Maintain calm? Avoid escalating tension? Who is escalating the tension? Is it Israeli Jews murdering U.S. citizens in Jerusalem? What if it was your child, Ms. Psaki? Would you still call for restraint?

And if it was such a despicable attack, why is the U.S. government still funding Hamas/Fatah? And pressuring Israel for more and more concessions to the sort of people whom think this kind of attack is a heroic and holy thing?

Just compare the U.S. State Department’s reaction with that of Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma who posted this message on Twitter:

“Shocked by terrorist attack in Jerusalem + condemn unreservedly,” Sharma wrote. “Esp saddened by death of 3-month-old baby girl. Deep condolences to family.”

He wasn’t afraid to use the ‘T’ word, you’ll notice. And no language in his message implying that Israel is equally to blame for this atrocity.

All that aside, what really counts now is Israel’s reaction.

Netanyahu has said he plans to reinforce the police units in Jerusalem, and come up with new plans formulated to deal with riots.Well and good, but it isn’t going to solve the problem.Israel needs to provide natural consequences for the violence that matter to the perpetrators, and frankly, a stint in the comfortable Israeli jails with three square meals a day, status as a ‘martyr’ and a nifty salary from the Palestinian Authority as a reward doesn’t qualify.

A far better punishment in many cases is simple loss of citizenship and expulsion to PA-run Area A. In fact, a whole new category of offenses with expulsion and loss of citizenship as the penalty need to be codified into Israeli law.

Stone throwing at cars or the light rail? When the perpetrators are caught, make them and/or their families pay in full for repairs, with expulsion to the PA-run Area A for a repeat offense. In any event, when there isn’t money available to pay damages, deduct the cost of repairs from the tax monies Israel collects for the PA.

Riots on the Temple Mount? Firecrackers, rocks and gas bombs thrown at Jews trying to pray peacefully? Explain to the Muslim Waqf that the very next time it happens, not only will the police respond in force but the Waqf’s control of al-Aqsa and the Mount will be ended, the members of the Waqf expelled from Israel and the mosque shut up, with no more services conducted.

Actual terrorist attacks like the one today? Ideally, I’d love to have Israel adopt capital punishment, but that’s unlikely. Since Hamas and Fatah are now in bed together, aside from imprisoning the perpetrator, allow the victims to sue in Israeli courts and collect judgments from the tax monies Israel collects for the PA. And make the prison conditions a lot less luxurious, as an incentive for better behavior.

And build,build build. Right now, Netayahu’s government is acting like half of Jerusalem actually belongs to Hamas/Fatah. Since something like 75% of Israel’s Jews are opposed to any agreement that would re-divide Jerusalem, I would say that the consensus is that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Act like it.

For instance, some Jewish families recently purchased apartments legally in Silwan, a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that used to be thought of primarily as Arab but is now undergoing demographic changes. Some of the local Arab residents have responded by attempting to firebomb the Jew’s homes.

I haven’t heard of any arrests or punishments doled out to the perpetrators, but the least that should happen is heavy fines to repair any damage and a jail sentence…with expulsion to Area A for any repeat offenses.

You see, while some Arabs are willing to engage in what amounts to treasonous or illegal activities on behalf of Abbas and the PA, the idea of living under Abbas and company’s derelict little kleptocracy horrifies them. They like the social welfare benefits, the freedom and the employment and educational opportunities.

Losing Israeli citizenship and being expelled to Area A to live under Hamas/Fatah is a real life consequence that might modify their behavior. And in any event, it will separate those Arabs ( and there are more than you might think) willing to be productive and peaceful citizens from thios whom aren’t.



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