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Trump adopts Obama’s policy towards Israel

In the waning days of the Obama presidency, his anti-Semitic beliefs came to a head when he and Secretary of State John Kerry orchestrated the creation and passing of a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for legally building so-called “settlements”…

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Trump puts brakes on his promises to Israel

In a piece I wrote yesterday, I shared my concerns over the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be the next Secretary of State. Part of my objection with the former ExxonMobil CEO was based on the relationship he has with…

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After UN resolution and Kerry speech, is Obama saving Israel’s worst for last?

Obama rejected long-established U.S. policy last week when he allowed the UN Security Council to gang up on Israel. Using a document created by John Kerry and Susan Rice, the council voted 14-0 in favor of a resolution that Obama…

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Congressman with ties to Nation of Islam wants DNC job

In the postmortem of a very disappointing election, Democrats are taking steps to re-create their party as they prepare for a very gloomy-looking future. But if you think that means they will work on becoming the more-inclusive party they always…

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Two Eminent Rabbis On The Election…

 Image result for Rabbi with Torah scrolls

It’s a foregone conclusion that a majority of the secular, non-religious Jewish vote will go to Mrs. Clinton for reasons I’ve explored already here. So I found the reactions of two well known and highly regarded Rabbis, both with secular educations as well as religious ones to be of interest.

First here’s Rabbi Dov Fischer Esq*., who has served two three-year terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America during the past seven years, is a professor of the law of Torts and of Civil Procedure at two major Southern California law schools and is The Rabbi of Young Israel in Orange County, California. Here’s what he had to say:

I am an Orthodox rabbi. I am also an attorney and an adjunct professor of law. I clerked 20 years ago for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Judge Boggs, one of the most brilliant minds I ever have known in any of my walks of life, soon thereafter served as chief judge of the Sixth Circuit.

Of course, I am disgusted by the stories that dominate the election campaign. I am disgusted as a law professor, an attorney, a father of daughters, and as a rabbi. Women making accusations that they have been sexually abused — Paula Corbin Jones who received an $850,000 settlement from Bill Clinton; Kathleen Willey who went to Bill Clinton in the White House, desperate for a job after her husband killed himself; Juanita Broaddrick, a Clinton volunteer who insists he raped her; the new list of women whose names I am only now learning who say that Donald Trump groped or kissed them against their will. The abused women whose reputations and lives were destroyed by Hillary Clinton, as she defended her husband’s public profile after each “bimbo eruption.” Hillary referred to victims as “looney tunes” and worse, her team including the likes of James Carville and Sidney Blumenthal characterized them as “trailer trash,” and Hillary most infamously ruined the life of 12-year-old Kathy Shelton, raped by a 41-year-old whom Hillary was required to defend. There was nothing wrong in Hillary defending—every accused criminal deserves a good defense. But Hillary destroyed the girl in the process and proceeded years later laughing about that case and regaling an interviewer with anecdotes of that tragedy.

All of it disgusts me. So I have decided that on November 8 I am not going to vote for Clinton or Trump. Instead, I am going to vote for the federal judiciary. Along the way, I also am going to vote for an authentic economic recovery that will include repatriating trillions of dollars back home, for a stronger American footprint in the world, for a border that will protect Mexico from free-flowing American weapons that feed their drug cartels and that will protect America from the influx of potential terrorists and murderous drugs that now easily can pour through our porous borders. 

I am going to vote for a process that restores civil harmony in the inner cities by restoring respect for law enforcement even as we begin to address legitimate concerns that responsible African Americans have raised about bias. I am going to vote against sanctuary cities. I am going to vote for a stronger military that, after the past eight years, we now unfortunately will need to protect from Iranian terror exports and North Korean adventurism. 

I am going to vote for an end to bullying and ceaselessly blaming and threatening Israel, our strongest and only truly reliable ally in the Middle East, the only country in that region that truly shares America’s deepest values. And I am going to vote to stem the perilous slide away from America’s traditional social core values of hard work, self-help, trust in G-d, respect for religion’s central place in our lives, and the sanctity of life.

If we do not have a robust rebound from the terrible recession of nearly a decade ago, let it not be because I voted based on some filthy talk that a candidate spoke 11 years ago. Let young Americans in our inner cities not continue to die in an endless spiral of gang violence because a tape recorded braggart childishly impressed a gullible young news journalist. And how sad it is to see men—Hillary’s male enablers like John Podesta, Rob Mook, Bill Clinton, and others no less cynical on the other side—preying on women’s legitimate and decent values by trying to sway voting blocs one way or the other based on issues other than the life-and-death concerns on today’s table.

How will we explain to our sons or grandsons who one day would be sent overseas to fight to stop an enriched Iran—nuclear-enriched, hundreds of billions enriched—when America’s continued weakness and failure to stand strong now ultimately will leave us with no choice but to fight later? Shall we tell them: “Well, you see, we did not elect the candidate who would have stood stronger because  11 years earlier he was recorded saying the most disgusting things as he bragged on a bus to an impressionable journalist?”

(more at the link)

Then, here’s Rabbi Mendel Kessin, who has a PHD in psychology, practices privately and is widely regarded as one of America’s most eminent Torah scholars. His bio is here:

Rav Kessin also approaches this with the insight you’d expect of a Torah Gadolim of his eminence. You vote to keep the singularly corrupt, dishonest and incompetent  leader out of the White House, not  because of a 11 year old illegally recorded and illegally released tape   with locker room talk on it followed by some conveniently timed unproven allegations.

One more thing. If you’re female, have daughters, are gay or Jewish, voting for Hillary is suicidal. 

f you really care about women you will vote for Donald Trump instead of a candidate with serious ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who has pledged to bring in thousands of unvettable Muslim ‘refugees’ from the most misogynist, Jew hating, gay hating countries on earth.

if you want to see how that works out, just take a look at Europe, with its wave of sexual assaults,gay bashing and Jews afraid to walk the streets. Sweden, where rape used to be almost unheard of is now the rape capitol of the world, Amsterdam, once the most gay friendly city in the world now has gay bashing incidents on a regular basis. Jews have been advised by several EU governments NOT to go out wearing kippot, Jewish stars or anything else that clearly identifies them as Jews, and attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions have skyrocketed. In Germany, Do a search on the gang rapes in Cologne and elsewhere since Merkel imported a million ‘refugees’ into Germany. Or the Muslim sex grooming gangs in the UK who made money raping and ‘turning out’ young minor British girls as young as twelve for prostitution.

That’s the kind of hell Hilary wants to import here, and she’s said so openly. To vote for it is indeed suicidal.

*(Full disclosure…I know Rav Fischer slightly in an online sense and he’s as razor sharp an individual as you’d care to meet)


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You Will Be Made To Care

“Security under our constitution is given to the rights of conscience and private judgment. They are by nature subject to no control but that of Deity [the Lord], and in that free situation they are now left.” – John Jay,…

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Syria, Just War, Unlikely Allies, and a Bit More.

View image | gettyimages.com So tonight Parliament will vote on joining us, the Russians, the French and some others in air attacks in Syria (they already are in Iraq). It’s a contentious issue, as you might imagine. Obama’s throwing away the belated victory that GEN Petraeus gave us left a foul taste in their mouth, […]

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Why So Many Jews Support The Left – And WhyThey’re So Anti- Israel

 A good friend of mine forwarded me some questions from someone she knows whom is absolutely baffled. He’s certainly no anti-semite. But in his contacts with Jews, he finds that many of them while quite intelligent engage in behavior he finds both…

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Mitch McConnell fails with Iran nuke deal – Blames Democrats

The Iran nuke deal hit the fan last week, and that prompted Mitch McConnell to go into damage control mode as he attempted to blame the Democrats for his pathetic leadership failure. In an interview on FOX News, he stated that the deal with the terrorist nation will continue to be a defining issue in the 2016 election for the White House and for continued control of the Senate. Meanwhile, he wanted to America to “make sure we know who we ought to be angry at.” Translation? McConnell knows that he failed. He knows that you know he failed. And he knows that you will fully blame him for the blood Iran will spill after economic sanctions are lifted. The failed Majority Leader went on to say: “Not a single Republican in the House or the Senate supports this deal. Many Democrats don’t support it either. And it is going to be one of those rare issues that has a long shelf life and will be out there for the American people to render a judgment about in the fall of 2016.” And there you have it! McConnell did nothing to stop this atrocity because he’s more concerned about 2016 […]

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Erasing Memory

What I am about to tell you about the Greeks, their Jews and the Nazis has nothing to do with any of these three groups. But it’s instructive. Salonika is the second largest city in Greece. This was the Thessalonica of the New Testament, where St Paul preached, and wrote two of his mostRead More

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Barack Obama: King of the Jews?

Barack Obama recently voiced his frustration in a conversation with his friend and former chief campaign adviser David Axelrod about being perceived as anti-Israel, according to JPUpdates.com and a report with The Daily Caller. “You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,” Axelrod recalled. “For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.” Yeah, I’m sure it does hurt. The truth usually does. From his Cairo speech in 2009 when he told the world that Israel was only created based on Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, and then says that Palestinians have been similarly victimized by the Jews, to his attempt to overthrown Benjamin Netanyahu during the recent Israeli elections, Obama’s record is full of anti-Israel and anti-Semite policies. For a detailed timeline on Obama’s anti-Israel hatred, go to this Breitbart.com article. During the interview, Axelrod provided his opinion on Obama’s failed attempt to oust Bibi Netanyahu and why a REAL Jewish leader is bad news for Israel. Try to keep the blood from shooting our of your eyes from the irony: “The world of politics everywhere is divided into two categories: the first and […]

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Will Obama order military attack on Israel?

Would anyone be surprised to see this headline in the spring or summer of 2016: “Obama orders U.S. military attack on Israel / blocks Israeli strike at Iran / Iran grateful“? Like it or not, there is an increasing likelihood we will see that kind of headline before Obama leaves office. Why should we worry about that? Does water flow downhill? President Obama’s treasonous sellout to the Iran nuclear program is only the latest chapter in his betrayals of America and our allies in the face of Iran’s Islamist ambitions. A U.S. military attack on Israel would have been unthinkable under any other president, but it is now quite conceivable. There are two reasons we need to take that possibility seriously. First, it is entirely consistent with Obama’s pattern of pro-Iran policies and actions. Secondly, there is no one standing in his way. For six years, Obama has done nothing to oppose or hinder Iran’s ambition to become the dominant power in the region. In fact, he has said that Iran can become a stabilizing influence in the world. At the same time, he has consistently opposed and belittled Israel’s security concerns. Iran has only repeated and reconfirmed its stated […]

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Never Again? Long Island students sporting swastika t-shirts!

When will American Jews, or at least many of the Jews I know, realize that their safe and secure lives could be under attack and changed forever in a split-second?I have written here a great many times in the past about the phrase ‘Never Again’, and ho… . . . → Read More: Never Again? Long Island students sporting swastika t-shirts!

Why U.S. Jews voted for Obama twice! (Video)


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Pilate’s wife: a reflection

[I wanted to share this article of Jessica’s with you, because you and I know a lot of nonsense gets published about the history of Jesus this time of year. Jessica has more resources in this area than most of us can dream of, and knows how to separate fact from legend. So enjoy this article […]

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HarperCollins: Politically correct hatred of Jews and Israel

The use of politically correct speech has been used to change minds, but never geography. At least that used to be the case until HarperCollins came along with a new atlas specifically developed for schools in the Middle East. The publishing giant has been selling the atlas for months now, with the goal of providing students “in-depth coverage of the region and its issues.” The goals of this new atlas include: helping kids understand the “relationship between the social and physical environment, the region’s challenges (and) its socio-economic development.” Sounds noble, until you notice their decision to wipe Israel off the map. They included Syria. They included Jordan. They included Gaza. They even included the West Bank, which for those of you in Rio Linda—shameless Rush Limbaugh reference—is occupied by Palestinians and is a part of Israel. How did this happen? Blame politically-correct anti-Semitism intended to appease Muslims and Islamic nations in the region. Collins Bartholomew, a subsidiary of HarperCollins that specializes in maps, said essentially those very words. In their response to inquiries about the omission, they said that it would have been “unacceptable” to include Israel in atlases intended for the Middle East. They CHOSE to delete Israel to satisfy “local […]

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Jews Celebrate Hanukkah Around The World

In America’s heartland, St. Louis MissouriMyanmar’s tiny Jewish community kindles the Hanukkah lights in the 118-year-old Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue. Yangon, (formerly known as Rangoon) Myanmar’s largest city. The ceremony was led by the patriarch of th…. . . . → Read More: Jews Celebrate Hanukkah Around The World

Obama And The Jews: Politically Incorrect Humor

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents and Fed-up Democrats Get Out And Vote On Tuesday! 

And Get Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers Out As Well Because We Have All Learned The Hard Way That Elections Have Consequences!
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Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List!

Barack Hussein Obama, not feeling well and concerned about his mortality, goes to consult a Psychic about the date of his death.
Closing her eyes and silently reaching into the realm of the future she finds the answer: “You will die on a Jewish holiday.”

“Which one?’” Obama asks nervously.

“It doesn’t matter.” replied the psychic. “Whenever you die, it’ll be a Jewish holiday.”

And read ‘Obama’s Iran Plan Makes Tuesday’s Vote A Critical Global Event!’ here!

H/T Bob ster

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Obama Toilet Paper

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A Jew Finally Comes To Terms With Barack Obama!

Get Obama Toilet Paper For That Special Someone On Your Christmas Giving List!

The title of the article is referring to a Jew other than me because I had seen the light about who Barack Obama was well prior to the 2008 presidential election! (Jews, Obama and the question, why?)

In this case the voter with regrets is Lisa Surany-Cyrulnik who wrote the article below that originally appeared at the website Arutz Sheva.

In the article Ms. Cyrulnik expresses remorse over the fact that it took her so long to find out who Barack Obama really is, and that she voted for him in 2012 for no other apparent reason than because she is Jewish.

And Jews after all vote Democrat…No matter what!

It’s a critical example of the importance of voting and the responsibility a voter has to actually learn about and vet a candidate before voting for them!

That’s because we have learned the hard way that elections can and do have consequences and how not doing your homework and simply buying into the smoke and mirrors of a campaign can have catastrophic results!

Forgive Me for Voting for Our Current President

It is the Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, a time for the Jewish people to repent for their sins and ask others for forgiveness for any wrongdoing.
In that spirit, please accept my open apology to my fellow Jews. I have truly put you all in danger.

On November 6, 2012 I took part in a historic event in of which I am very ashamed. In fact, I am quite embarrassed. I helped put into the White House an impostor and a fervent enemy of the Jewish people. Barack Hussein Obama.

Maybe my wrongdoing is more forgivable because I am not alone, I am part of the 70 percent of Jews who put an enemy of the Jewish people into the highest office in the world. Was I just a follower? Was I misled?

It seems that Jews on a whole tend to vote for people who don’t like them, to side with their enemy. Maybe it’s some weird Stockholm syndrome.

On social issues, I have liberal views and have consistently voted Democrat. But I stand with my people. I stand with the truth. I stand with patriotism. I stand with America. I stand with Israel. I stand against terrorism at all costs. And that’s why I no longer stand with BHO.

I’m also not sure what the defining moment was – the moment that changed me, when I saw the light, when I recognized  Barack Hussein Obama for who he really is. I can’t pinpoint a single episode because there are just too many.

Maybe it was when our three beautiful teenage boys with a bright future ahead of them were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Maybe it was when Obama did not condemn that kidnapping but quicklycondemned the attack on that poor Palestinian boy who was murdered.

Maybe it was when a Chabad rabbi – a husband, father and grandfather – got shot and killed by a young black man in Miami while walking to synagogue, and Obama did not utter a word.
Would you expect him to grab the mic if it were a rabbi who shot a young black man? You betcha!

Obama has yet to condemn the horrid and heinous beheading of that poor woman in Oklahoma by a Muslim, but he was so quick to send his aides to attend the funeral of the black man shot by a police officer in Ferguson and to compare Trayvon Martin to his own fictitious son. (Martin was later proven in a court of law to have been shot in self-defense.)

Terrorism is happening on our soil, and Obama has yet to speak up.

This man is scary. Unpredictable. So, on this Yom Kippur, I will be beating my chest asking God to forgive me for putting a traitor in the White House.

It has been a difficult year not only for the Jewish people but for the entire world, and it has physically and mentally shaken me to the core.

Mankind has lost grip with humanity. The people who call themselves humanists are now siding with murderers and barbarians. Entire peoples have been wiped out in the Middle East. Christians in Mosul Iraq – gone. The Yazidi people – killed, sold into slavery, raped and maimed. ISIS, with its cruel and barbaric hands, is beheading journalists and aid workers, trying to intimidate the world.

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that my people would subject to such grave danger in my lifetime, even after all we’ve learned  from all the atrocities committed against the Jews – from the Crusades, to the Spanish Inquisition, to the Holocaust.

So I will be beating my chest this Yom Kippur. I will be asking God for happiness and health for my loving husband and my two beautiful boys and for peace for the Jewish people and Israel. I know that it’s in all of our hands. And I know that I will do my part on November 8, 2016. (Source)


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Must Watch Video: Former Muslim on the Realities of Islam!

I’m fairly sure that Barack Obama doesn’t need ‘schooling’ on the realities of Islam but, just in case, this video by a former Muslim who converted to Christianity is a great and frightening primer! The video is also a great follow-up to today’s p…

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