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Hillary Clinton’s legacy: failure

When it comes to diagnosing why Hillary Clinton lost, Chip Englander, “a Chicago-based GOP consultant”, got it exactly right when he said the Clintons’ “intent to try to rewrite the history books is super obvious. The history books are not written by losers. She lost the election because she broke the law and didn’t bother […]

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Karen Finney, Clinton hack

According to Wikipedia, Karen Finney is a time-tested veteran of high profile campaigns. Among other tours of duty, “Finney served four years as the spokesperson and Director of Communications at the Democratic National Committee.” Later, “Finney joined Media Matters as a senior fellow and consultant” on November 25, 2014. Ms. Finney isn’t a centrist Democrat […]

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Adam Schiff: Democrat, weasel

God bless Tucker Carlson for calling out Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, for saying that he knew that Russians hacked into John Podesta’s email account. During the debate, which lasted a little less than 9 minutes, Tucker asked Schiff about a letter Democrats sent to President Obama. […]

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It’s never Hillary’s fault?

According to this article, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are blaming her defeat on FBI Director Jim Comey. That isn’t surprising but it isn’t the truth, either. According to the article, “Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other Clinton aides sought to provide explanations during a private conference call Thursday with supporters of […]

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Bill Clinton pollster drops bomb

To say that Doug Schoen dropped a bombshell during Sunday night’s segment of the Political Insiders is understatement. After Schoen, who is usually a faithful supporter of the Clintons, said that he’s reassessing his support for Mrs. Clinton, host Harris Faulkner could be heard loudly saying “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You are not going […]

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Clintons: the original Alinskyites

This article reminded me of something I’d hoped I’d forgotten forever. The article reminded me that the Clintons are the original Alinskyite administration. Seriously, long before Tony Rezko had corrupted the Obamas, the Clintons were painting their political opponents as political boogeymen. Newt Gingrich was the Clinton’s first boogeyman. Dick Armey was the Clintons next […]

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The DNC’s den of iniquity

This summer, the Democratic Party faced a moment of truth right before their convention when they fired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as their chair of the DNC. The woman picked to be the DNC’s interim chair, Donna Brazile, is apparently just as unprincipled as Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. This article highlights the fact that the upper echelon of the […]

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Lanny Davis ‘helps’ Hillary Clinton

If you watch this video and can’t understand why Lanny Davis is now on Hillary’s frenemies list, you might be a liberal: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Here’s part of Mr. Davis said on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Monday morning: LANNY DAVIS: When I was raised in the 1950s — I’m sure I’m showing my […]

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All of Queen Hillary’s horses…

When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1991-92, their war room operations were second to none. Hillary’s press operations are second to everyone. Check out this video: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Here’s the transcript of what Bill Clinton, Brian Fallon, John Podesta and James Carville said: BILL CLINTON, 42ND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED […]

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John Podesta and the Obama Doctrine: Be very afraid

“Canada is a sovereign nation and we will develop our resources with appropriate regulations and enforcement to protect the environment,” said Paula Caldwell St-Onge. The Consulate General of Canada, St-Onge was in Albuquerque to talk up, and answer questions about, the Keystone pipeline. She’d done media interviews prior to her arrival at the University of New Mexico Science and Technology Park where a smattering of aggressive, sign-waving Keystone opponents awaited. Security escorted St-Onge from the parking lot to the meeting room. I, too, was addressing the folks who’d come in support of the controversial pipeline. Sans security, I approached the rotunda alone. (Guards were present to keep the protesters from accosting the attendees who were bold enough to continue past the cluster of vocal opponents shouting accusations about “ruining the planet for the children.”) When I passed by, one called out: “That’s Marita Noon! She supports the oil-and-gas industry! She doesn’t believe in climate change!” Basking in my newfound celebrity, I turned, smiled, and waved as if I was greeting adoring fans—and entered the building. I was the first speaker, followed by Bill Eden, international representative of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting […]

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