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Cultural Blasphemy ? More Like Americanism

Ace quoted this piece the other day and called it very good. I agree. Yes, in Newsweek, and also yes, its liberal bias is pretty obvious. But you know we all filter things through our experiences and thus are biased. No less me than Michael Wolf. But things do work better when we talk to […]

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Myths,legends and facts

I don’t know about you guys, but one of the greatest pleasures of this site for me, is going into the archives and reading what we have written, especially for me what Jessica has written. She has a gift, of drawing lessons for us from many things, and making them stick. And mind, there is […]

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56 Movie Mistakes: The Longest Day

Then there is this attempt to denigrate the movie The Longest Day recounting the Overlord operation to liberate Europe. The Longest Day, which was made in black and white, features a large ensemble cast including John Wayne, Kenneth More,Richard Todd, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Henry Fonda, Red Buttons, Peter Lawford, Eddie Albert, Jeffrey […]

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True Grit

Don’t know about you, but like our commenter Unit yesterday, I’m simply not gonna bother today. So, here you go! One of Jess’ and my favorites, the real one too. Enjoy!

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5 years on Neo

The blogging world is, as Neo and I have often had occasion to comment, an odd one. Posts on which one has laboured hard go down poorly, ones where less perspiration has been expended, go down a bomb, and anything controversial will get comments. But inspiration sometimes flags, and when I look back to who […]

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The Real Wayne

Every once in a while, and it’s rare, one of those articles comes along, that one simply wants to reprint. But one can’t both because we have respect for the author and the original publisher, and because of the copywrite laws, which protect us all. So we excerpt and we link, and we urge you to […]

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Spring Cleaning

Time to do a bit of spring cleaning. I keep finding far more things that would make good posts than I ever have time to write about, so here are some of them. You and your monkey brain. Our friend, and our enemy: Time, itself. Why is productivity so low? Why Apple is so annoying. […]

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Well, we’re going to let the real world in here, for a bit. I seem to think I should mention a bit about the terrorist attack in Brussels. It’s a terrible tragedy, and the victims and their families have my sympathy. But no one should really be surprised. Weakness always invites attack. That’s one of […]



Ford, Wayne and the old West

  Before we enter the Easter period, I want to spend one more post looking at the world created by John Ford and John Wayne. I will leave it to learned film historians (if they still looks at these films) to tell us the obvious in long words, but for many of us, these films […]

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Myths,legends and facts

“This is the West, sir, when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” One of my favourite quotations from any film, and it is what the newpaper editor, Scott, says to Jimmy Stewart’s character, Ransom Stoddard at the end of The Man who shot Liberty Vallance. Even for the great John Ford, that’s some line. Stoddard, a […]

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A spanking good time?

McClintock is a much later Wayne/O’Hara pairing – ten years later – which is a long time in the life of a female movie star, and the great and wonderful and beauteous Maureen (is there anyone of either gender who doesn’t just adore her?) has moved from being the youthful love interest to being an […]

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Quiet men and quiet lives?

Neo has, as my last post (and one of his comments) suggested, begun to weary of the political round. It could all get technically interesting at Convention time, but Clinton versus Trump looks a bit like LBJ versus Goldwater – but who can tell? In the meantime, we either go to ground and contemplate our […]

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Lost causes

  It’s probably just the Romantic in me, but I’m a sucker for lost causes – I guess it’s the historical equivalent of wanting to look after lost puppies or stray cats, and I’m invoking my female privilege as an excuse for being a soppy thing here. We celebrate the victors, but what about the […]

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Original Sins?

All nations have narratives about themselves, it is America’s unique position to have done this in filmic form. The films my father watched – John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart films, often dealt with the theme of ‘the way the West was won’. It is sometimes said by those who haven’t watched enough films, that […]

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Old Business and Moving On

Well we all, and the blog made it through 2014. There were more than a few days, especially early in the year when that was in doubt, especially for my dearest friend and editor, Jessica. But her Christianity and sense of mission pulled her through, and that inspired me to ‘keep on keepin’ on’. The […]

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Quiet (wo)man

Firstly, happy Christmas to Neo – and you all. He’s left me in charge until he returns. Christmas is a quiet time, a family time, and hopefully I can’t kill the blog in a few days. Bear with me, it’s a bit of time since I blogged, and there will be some rust and creakiness. […]

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A Republic, Where a Man Can Walk Free, Drunk or Sober; An Homage

In the 1960 film “The Alamo” John Wayne, playing Davy Crockett,  made this speech: “Republic, I like the sound of the word. It means people …

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Maureen O’Hara

When I was young, there were certain names on the marquee that insured I would be interested in a movie (Yes, James Bond was one of them) 🙂 But mainly, they were names like Maureen O’Hara, John Wayne, and John Ford. No group of filmmakers has ever appealed as much to me. As James Bond […]

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What is America for Mummy?

[Not long after wwe met, Jessica asked me in an email,  Perhaps the parallel goes beyond just the early pilgrims? America is either a vision of what can be, or it is nothing. That is the choice we face, and it’s a stark one. Either we are who we have always said we are, or […]

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I’ll be honest with you, I’m still bouncing around the clouds that Jess both got out of the hospital yesterday, and that I had some small contact with her. Cut me some slack here, it’s only a week since we thought we were going to lose her. Frankly, I never opened my reader yesterday, and it’s likely […]

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