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Why Trump’s Policies And Israel’s New Law Could Lead To Real Peace

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Amid headlines from the usual suspects about President Trump ‘criticizing Israeli settlements’ (including the leftist press in Israel) the truth is that Trump’s policies and Israel’s new law could lead to real peace.

What President Trump actually said was that the creation of new settlements was not helpful when it came to “the process of reaching peace.”

With a meeting coming up between the president and Israeli PM Netanyahu, someone he’s been on friendly terms with for years, it’s obvious that the Donald is laying the groundwork for a serious attempt at a deal. In an interview with Israel Hayom, President Trump had some revealing things to say.

After praising PM Netanyahu, voicing his expectation of an excellent future relationship with Israel and harshly criticizing the Iran deal, the conversation turned to Jerusalem and Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Actually President Trump has said nothing negative about building and expanding existing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Nor will he. In fact when he was asked whether he was going to condemn Israeli announcements of building in existing Jewish communities like the previous administration, he responded “No, I don’t want to condemn Israel. Israel has had a long history of condemnation and difficulty. And I don’t want to be condemning Israel. I understand Israel very well, and I respect Israel a lot, and they have been through a lot. I would like to see peace and beyond that. And I think that peace for Israel would be a good thing for the Israeli people, not just a good thing, a great thing.” …

” They [ new settlements] don’t help the process. I can say that. There is so much land left. And every time you take land for settlements, there is less land left. But we are looking at that, and we are looking at some other options we’ll see. ”

That hardly qualifies as ‘criticizing settlements.’ It’s simply a self-evident statement and an attempt at prepping the ground with an appearance of neutrality pending any coming negotiations. And President Trump also had this to say about relocating the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem:

Q: How soon will you decide on the issue of relocating the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

“Well, I want Israel to be reasonable with respect to peace. I want to see peace happen. It should happen. After all these years. … Maybe there is even a chance for a bigger peace than just Israel and the Palestinians. I would like to see a level of reasonableness of both parties, and I think we have a good chance of doing that.”

Q: And the embassy?

“I am thinking about the embassy, I am studying the embassy [issue], and we will see what happens. The embassy is not an easy decision. It has obviously been out there for many, many years, and nobody has wanted to make that decision. I’m thinking about it very seriously, and we will see what happens.”

Q: You always speak about making good deals. Don’t the Palestinians have to make concessions as well?

“Yeah. They do. Absolutely. It has to be good for everybody. No deal is good if it is not good for everybody, and we are in that process, and we will see what happens. People have been in that process for many decades, and it has been going a long for a long time. So many people think it cannot be made. I have very smart people that … say a deal can’t be made. I disagree with them. I think a deal should be made, and it can be made,” he concluded.

What President Trump is doing here is straight out of ‘The Art Of The Deal.’ He is deliberately positioning himself so that the U.S. can appear as a reasonable arbiter. With the Israelis, whom he knows are the far more reasonable party, he’s holding out certain carrots; an embassy in Jerusalem, recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capitol as well as  recognition  of Jewish communities and their right to natural growth in Judea and Samaria. There’s also the promise of demanding real life meaningful concessions from the Arabs whom call themselves ‘Palestinians’ as part of any deal  as opposed to just taking Abbas’s word for it. He’s even holding out the promise of formal relations between Israel and the other Arab states. While those relationships exist in reality, especially with Saudis Arabia and the Gulf States, they’re clandestine. And Trump’s disdainful mention of the Iran deal maybe points to something big in the future. Nothing unites like a common enemy.

With the ‘Palestinians’,  Trump’s using the stick.

Some fake news articles from the usual sources have mentioned that  ‘officials’ are reaching out to the Arabs whom call themselves ‘Palestinians’ ot reassure them nothing’s changed.  It’s news to their leaders, who are literally going berserk. President Trump not only froze $21 million Obama gifted to ‘Palestine’ indefinitely, he’s also defunding UN bodies who recognize ‘Palestine’ like UNESCO. And the U.S. just blocked a UN appointment for former ‘Palestinian’ PM Salem Fayyad. In contrast, Trump selected as U.S. Ambassador to Israel none other than David Friedman, who supports moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as well as the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

What Trump is doing with the ‘Palestinians’ is the equivalent of training a puppy. He’s letting them know there are consequences for their incitement, violence and intransigence and that if they want to receive certain privileges like anything resembling statehood they had better behave appropriately.

This is something they have never have had to deal with before, and it might actually result in peace if they get the message. The Donald is just setting up the climate for a shot at making a deal, and if Abbas wants anything at all he’s going to have to be willing to come to the table with real concessions that mean something or wind up with NOTHING.

Don’t be surprised if Abbas ends up with demilitarized autonomy in Area A and perhaps some of Area B when and if a deal gets made…exactly what they were supposed to get under Oslo, rather than ‘statehood.’

Another piece of the puzzle has to do with so new legislation passed by the Israeli Knesset.

Israel’s newly passed Regulation Law, legalizes Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria that were unknowingly built on land that may have been privately owned by Arabs or where the inhabitants had permission from the Israeli government to do so.

The law provides for a legal settlement to owners of private land who can prove their claims of 125% of the land’s assessed value or the equivalent of 20 years rent on the raw land.

Basically, this is eminent domain, similar to laws in many other countries that allow private land to be acquired for public benefit. In many cases, title would have transferred by adverse possession (open use of the land for a statutory period without an objection from the owners) without compensation being required. Again, most countries have this kind of law, so the Israeli government is actually being more lenient in passing this law then they need to be.

This is direct defiance  to the UN’s bigoted Resolution 2334, which sought to impose a ridiculous settlement with no regards to Israel or to previous agreements whatsoever.

You’d never know it listening to the UN squawk, but in actual fact,  the Regulation Law changes very little. All of the Israeli communities and almost all of the Israeli population live in Area C, which was always under Israeli sovereignty according to Oslo and was always supposed to be retained by Israel in any peace settlement, at least until Barack Hussein Obama came along. The governing authority, in some cases the Israeli government and in other cases the IDF is already permitted to acquire privately owned land for public benefit just as governments in most countries do.

What the new Regulation Law does is simply this; in places where Israelis built settlements on privately held Palestinian property without knowing it was privately owned or received the government’s consent for building  there, the Israeli government is now required to impose eminent domain and compensate the owners as described above, either 125% of the land’s assessed value or the equivalent of 20 years rent on the raw land. As opposed to evicting people whom may have lived on the land for decades.

While Israel’s Supreme Court might challenge this law, there’s a decent chance it won’t. Israel Supreme Court is far more to the Left than the Israeli government or even the majority of most Israelis, because of the bizarre way the justices are chosen…they pick their own successors. There’s currently legislation pending to change that, and since a thumbs down on the Regulation Law might be an incentive to the Knesset approving this  legislation on how Supreme Court justices are chosen, the Court may choose simply to not address it.

The ‘Palestinians’ saw Resolution 2334 as a victory, giving them everything they wanted while giving up nothing. Trump’s actions and the Israeli Regulation Law are showing them how wrong they were. The ‘Palestinians’  are now being shown in no uncertain terms that they had better be prepared to make real concession and actually negotiate in good faith for once if they want anything at all. Whether they take that opportunity is anyone’s guess, and I personally doubt they will. But if they actually do, than Trump’s polices and Israel’s new law could actually lead to real peace.


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The EU’s Anti-Israel Labeling Scheme Is Starting To Fall Apart

As I predicted, the EU’s new diktat ‘yellow starring’ goods made or grown in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan has suffered serious backlash.Today, the Czech Republic joined Hungary, Germany and Greece in formally voicing criticism of the EU…

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The Blood Of Zion Cries Out


Early this morning, four Jews at morning prayers were murdered in a synagogue in Jerusalem after two Palestinian broke in and assaulted the worshipers with gunfire and meat cleavers.

Many others were wounded and four are in critical condition.

The terrorist attack took place in Har Hof a predominantly Orthodox neighborhood at the at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Agasi Street.

The Murder victims were identified as Rabbi Moshe Twersky, the head of the Torat Moshe yeshiva, 59; 40-year-old  Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky; 50-year-old Rabbi Kalman Levine; and 68-year-old Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg(HY”D) . Rabbi Kupinsky, Rabbi Levine and Rabbi Twersky were all American citizens, while Rabbi Goldberg was a British subject. A Druze policeman subsequently died of his wounds as well, and Israel will mourn and honor him.

The killers stormed the synagogue at 7 AM local time. There was no warning and no way for the victims to defend themselves.The rabbis were murdered during the sacred prayer of Shimoneh Esrei, with siddurim ( prayer books) in their hands and their tefillum on.

Eye witness Ya’akov Amos said: ‘The terrorist moved to within a metre of me then started shooting. One, two, three, bang, bang, bang. I immediately hit the ground and tried to protect myself with a prayer stand. He kept screaming ‘Allah hu’Akbar’.


There was blood everywhere, so much that one of the medical workers slipped in it and broke his leg.

The international reaction was interesting. Even U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed shocked, with his voice quavering. He even used the “T” word and called for an end to incitement against Jews.

Phillip Hammond, Britain’s Foreign Secretary contented himself with a bloodless statement that ‘both sides’ should seek to ‘reduce tension.’ President Obama, of course, said much the same thing.

Israel’s economics minister Naftali Bennett was interviewed by the BBC today, and provides us with another indication of exactly how sick and depraved Britain has become when it comes to Israel and the Jews.

(just a hint – when Bennett mentions Abu Mazen, he is using Mahmoud Abbas’s nom de guerre, the terrorist name he used as Arafat’s second-in-command.)

Notice how the interviewer doesn’t even address the issue of Abbas inciting terrorism, but pulls the case of an Arab bus driver who died yesterday, as though that made the savage murder of four Jews at prayer legitimate. That Arab driver, by the way, had a full investigation and an autopsy done on him and there is no doubt he committed suicide. Unlike the Palestinian Authority, Israel jails murderers no matter who they are.

I really felt like saying ‘Kol Hakavod’ when Bennett held up a picture of one of the victims, which the interviewer hastily told him to put down lest he upset the gentle sensibilities of her viewers. I think it is absolutely essential to do just that – to let the British public see what their government is funding and supporting. And I hope it upsets them to the point of utter shame.

At the end of the interview, Bennett says that Britain is going to have to make a choice of whether they support the Free World or not. As I’m sure Bennett knows, the British Government has already made that choice.Which is why, perhaps, they feel compelled to put up with soldiers being beheaded in broad daylight and no go areas for police and non-Muslims in London and other large British cities.

The murderers were both killed in a shootout with police at the scene. They were Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal from the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Needless to say, they were acclaimed as heroes and martyrs by all the factions of the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians.

A Palestinian woman scatters sweets as she celebrates with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue

Palestinian supporters of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP), a small militant group, dance while waving their flags, after they heard the news of the shooting 

 “We responded with shouts of joy when we received the news about their deaths,” Ala’a Abu Jamal said of his cousins Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal to Yedioth Aharonoth. “People here distributed candies to guests who visited us, and there was joy for the martyrs.”

In a message published on its official new website Al-Resalah, Hamas said the attack was “a quality development in fighting the occupation. We highly value the heroism of its operatives.” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri praised the attack on Qatari news channel Al-Jazeera as “heroic,” calling for more attacks of the same kind.

 Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri happily wrote on Twitter that “Jerusalem has nothing but men who love martyrdom. The heroes of the knife are in Jerusalem. The heroes of the run-over [car attacks] are in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem men take revenge.”

And he posted this on his Facebook page:

A cartoon posted on the Facebook page of Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri has perpetrators of the Jerusalem attack dressed in religious Jewish garb asking 'where are they?' (photo credit: Facebook)
The Arab killer is asking ‘Where are they hiding?” Needless to say, in spite of what this cartoon shows none of the worshipers were armed.

And Fatah? Mahmoud Abbas, AKA Abu Mazen issued a ‘condemnation’ that wasn’t one. In a statement (in English, not Arabic)it said that “The Palestinian presidency” condemns violence “from whatever source” and “demands an end to the invasions of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the provocations of the Settlers.”

In other words, ‘So sorry, but unless you surrender Jerusalem to us expect more of the same.’

This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who accused Jews of “contaminating” Al-Aqsa Mosque last week, who just a few days ago was telling his people, in Arabic, to ‘defend Jerusalem’ by any means necessary. This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who said nothing when Fatah published cartoons and Facebook posts encouraging terrorist attacks on Jews and “days of rage” to defend the ‘threatened’ Al-Aqsa.

Tawfik Tirawi, former chief of the Palestinian General Security in the West Bank and a member of Fatah’s Central Committee made it even plainer, and in Arabic. Today he told a radio station in Hebron that the attack was “nothing but a reaction to the recent crimes of the occupation and the settlers in occupied Jerusalem and across the nation. The threats of the occupation against our people and the Palestinian leadership, represented by the president, will only increase our efforts in safeguarding our rights.”

His remarks were reprinted on Fatah’s official Facebook page.

I should make something clear here. This is not the fault of Abbas, or Hamas, or any of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians.

It is the fault of the Israeli government.

A significant number of the Palestinians are simply acting as they have always acted since the 1920’s, and these tendencies were unleashed even further once Arafat and the PLO were allowed in to take over after Oslo.


Israeli governments since Oslo have always allowed themselves to be pressured to ignore these instances of sheer horror…to release  convicted murderers, to make concessions to the terrorist entities on Israel’s borders, and most of all to avoid  finishing them off entirely when their violence and bloodshed mandated a response. This has been especially true since Barack Obama, who styles himself as the Palestinian’s very own community organizer entered the White House.

Is it any wonder that this sort of thing continues to happen? Is it really so puzzling that after allowing Hamas to continue in Gaza and maintaining any kind of relationship with Abbas and the PLO once they allied themselves openly with Hamas that they would resort back to Arafat’s tactics?

Yasser Arafat himself outlined for his followers what this war was really about. On Jordanian TV, right after signing the Oslo Accords he was criticized for signing a peace agreement with the Jews. He responded by reminding his audience of the Peace of Hubidiyeh, a treaty Mohammed made with the Quraysh tribe that he violated as soon as he was strong enough to massacre them, a story every Muslim knows. And then he outlined exactly what this war was about, saying that “either the Jews will push us into the sea or we will push them into the sea.”

Arafat, the leaders of Hamas and numerous members of Fatah have sung the same songs for years. Is it their fault that Israeli governments for years have refused to take them seriously?


It is time they did.

The violence in Jerusalem can be curtailed, not by more security patrols and not by putting guards in front of every synagogue and public building but by teaching the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians that there are real world consequences for their actions.

As you may have noticed, no matter how much innocent Jewish blood is spilled, it is always Israel who is advised to ‘reduce tensions’ and ‘avoid provocation.’  It is always Israel who is castigated for building homes for its people, in spite of over an estimated 40,000 illegal Arab-built structures in East Jerusalem, and an entire city  being constructed from scratch with EU and US Aid money that encroaches on Israeli communities in Area C of Judea.

This is the first time I have ever heard John Kerry mention the constant hatred being spewed by the mosques, media and schools in both Gaza and in the PLO occupied areas of Judea and Samaria as something counterproductive to any real peace. And even his condemnation of this horror as well as the other ones from the UN and EU that will no doubt be voiced are maddeningly hollow..because they still fund and support this evil.

As Naftali Bennett said, they are going to have to choose sides, and that particularly applies to the United States.But Israel has some choices to make as well.

Are they going to settle for the status quo and a war of attrition that favors Israel’s enemies? Or are they are they going to do what’s necessary to end it and win the right to live peacefully?

I’ve always favored Israel simply delineating its own borders and annexing that land,along with a transfer of populations to the respective sides of those borders. But at the very least Israel should answer every terrorist attack with the outright annexation of more land in Judea and Samaria, showing the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians that they are there to stay, and that attacks on Israel cost them dearly. Build on the land, and call the EU’s bluff. In the unlikely event that they follow through on their threats to indulge in sanctions,they have a lot more to lose than Israel does right now economically.

When there are violent riots, as there were in Jabal Mukaber today, simply arrest the perpetrators,take away their Israeli ID cards and expel them to Gaza or to Area A for Abbas to deal with.Aside from providing real world consequences, it will also separate those Arabs who like the good life in Israel and are willing to live in peace (and there are more of them them you think) from those whom want to poison the well with violence.

Make the disarmament of Hamas an iron clad condition for any further reconstruction aid, especially since Hamas is already diverting money and materials to remaking its terrorist infrastructure. Both the EU and Secretary of State Kerry have given lip service to the importance of disarming Hamas for peace. Hold them to it.

If the Muslim Waqf that is in charge of the al-Aqsa Mosque continues to incite riots and stone throwing on the Temple Mount and refuses to allow Jews to enjoy it peacefully, simply explain to them that the next time it happens the police will respond in force, the Waqf’s control of al-Aqsa and the Mount will be ended, the members of the Waqf expelled from Israel and the mosque shut down.

And allow Israelis to sue the PLO and Hamas in Israelis courts for damages to property and person, taking the judgments out of the tax monies Israel collects for the PLO.

These are the sort of steps that are ultimately going to defeat the Third Intifada. It’s long past time to treat Hamas/Fatah like the hostile entity it is.

I am tired of seeing headlines like I saw today, tired of seeing the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians celebrating each new atrocity, tired of seeing world leaders being complicit with this evil.

And I am especially tired of Israel accepting this hypocrisy. I am sick to death of it. It is one thing to be the Jew among nations, but something else entirely to live on your knees and internalize it.



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It’s Time To Give Abbas What He’s Asking For


Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have what they think is a clever scheme up their sleeves.

Abbas and the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians have announced that the PA is going to go to the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly on Sept. 15 to demand a resolution that Israel be forced to provide “a clear and defined timetable for withdrawing from the Palestinian territories.”

By ‘Palestinian Territories’ , Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas/Fatah mean all of Judea and Samaria as well as half of Jerusalem, an area now inhabited by something like 500,000 Jews who would be forced to become refugees

And if the UN doesn’t give Abbasa what he wants?  Threats and blackmail.

PA ‘commissioner for international relations’ Nabil Shaath said  that PA leader  Abbas has issued an order for the Palestinians to prepare the paperwork to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and demand that it try Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Palestinians if they don’t get the UN resolution they want.


In an interview on Palestinian television, Abbas said he insists on “bringing the Israeli occupation to an end” and establishing a Palestinian state that would exist alongside Israel in peace.

Sure it will. Especially with Hamas involved. You can trust Mahmoud Abbas’s word on that.

“The only thing remaining for the negotiating teams is to outline the borders between the countries,” Abbas said. “We will not agree again to designating areas A, B, C. We want for every country to know what [its] borders are. Israel is the only country in the world without clear borders.”


Abbas is actually incorrect in that last statement ( there are numerous border disputes ongoing throughout the world) but I  actually like his idea, for once. In fact, I’ve been saying Israel ought to unilaterally delineate its borders for years.

I think it would be a great idea.

Israel should immediately announce that its going to give Abbas what he wants. Israel’s  newly declared and annexed borders will include all of Area C, where only a few thousand Arabs live that’s under full Israeli sovereignty anyway.. The borders will also  include the strategic Jordan Valley, again mostly populated by Israeli Jews, and essential for ensuring that Abbas can’t import any nasty toys he shouldn’t have from say, Iran. And they would also include any bits of Area B  necessary to demarcate a clear and defensible border between Israel and ‘Palestine’..Jericho,  and part of the area surrounding Hebron perhaps. By the way, 98% of the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians live in Areas A and B. Talk about your attempted land grabs! Abbas would be left with Area A, the part under Palestinian sovereignty per Oslo (which the PA never abided by anyway) where the majority of the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians live, and the parts of Area B not necessary for Israel’s security needs.

Jerusalem? How about the fifth of never?

Israel should announce this formal adoption of its new borders before Abbas goes to the UN on September 15th. And they should add three additional things:

  • As part of this arrangement, Israel will remove any Israelis on Abbas’s side of the border to Israeli territory, and any Arabs who are not Israeli citizens on the Israeli side to the new  ‘Palestine’. Let’s make this a real divorce.
  • Israel will remove all IDF troops currently patrolling any areas on Abbas’ s side of the border and remove them to Israel’s new borders. That should make for some entertaining moments as Abbas and the rest of the Fatah Old Guard break out their Jordanian passports and make a run for it to avoid being gunned down by Hamas, who have massive popular support now in all of ‘Palestine’.
  • Since Abbas and Fatah are now partners with a genocidal terrorist group, Israel should let Abbas and his friends know that Israel now considers Hamas/Fatah a hostile entity. Any attacks on Israel or its citizens, terrorrist, diplomatic or otherwise will be considered an act of war and dealt with accordingly…perhaps by further land appropriations in Judea and Samaria as a start.
  • So Abbas will get what he asked for..clearly designated borders and his Jew free reichlet, ‘Palestine.’ It won’t be what he wants or says he can accept, but tough tahini.

    And the UN? As I write this, Abbas and Hamas/Fatah are crying about how broke they are because no one, not even the EU let alone the Arabs has forked over more than a small amount of the funds pledged for the Hamas/Fatah government…and as we all know, ‘Palestine ‘ has received more aid per capita over the years than any other developing nation in history, but virtually none of it has been used to build an economy. One of the longest  and most successful scams in world history may finally be coming to an end.Perhaps the PA can dip into its private multi-billion slush fund created by skimming and stealing donor aid and use it for the people it was intended for. I’m sure Abbas and his cronies from the Fatah Old Guard would gladly want to replace the money they umm..’borrowed’ for ‘Palestine’. Ri-ight.

    If the ‘international community’ doesn’t even trust Hamas/Fatah enough to fund them, do you actually think they’re going to do anything concrete to enforce Abbas’s attempt to blackmail Israel? For that matter, can you recall the last time the UN did anything really effective?  I can’t. When it comes to pimping for  ‘Palestine’ the international community relies on Israel taking them seriously. A simple ‘no thanks’  would clarify things quite a bit, and given Israel’s vibrant economy, any hot air and worthless paper that comes out of the UN would have a lot less of a negative impact on Israel than people imagine.in the long term.You see, Israel has a future. And countries with a future don;t need to live on their knees or in a perpetual defensive crouch.

    And try as Abbas and his friends might, the fact that ‘Palestine’ is a dysfunctional kleptocracy with no future can’t be blamed on Israel. It will always be one no matter how much aid money they get. So indeed, Israel should give Abbas exactly what he’s asking for  – end the so-called ‘occupation’ and all Israeli connection with this new ‘Palestine’ and let them make a go of it. Let Qatar pick up the tab as ‘Hamas/Fatah’s new mark  if they’re stupid enough to fall for the con.

    I doubt Netanyahu has the stones to do it, but it’s time someone called  this superannuated mafioso’s bluff. Long past time.


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    Ridiculous To Criticize Israel’s ‘Appropriation’ Of Vacant Land In Judea


    The latest cause for criticism of Israel has to do with its declaring 4,000 dunams of vacant land (about 1.54 square miles) in the Israeli bloc of communities known as Gush Etzion to be public land, and thus available for building. 

    The response from the usual suspects was predictable.

    “We have long made clear our opposition to continued settlement activity,” a US official told Reuters. “This announcement, like every other settlement announcement Israel makes… is counterproductive to Israel’s stated goal of a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians.”

    “We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision.”

    Someone should tell this man (not that he’d listen) that the ‘negotiated two-state solution’ ship sailed a long time ago. That was before Mahmoud Abbas partnered up with Hamas. And even if it was still viable, Israel isn’t going to give up the area in question anyway and retreat toi the kind of borders John Kerry and Barack Obama envision

    The British and French, with all those restless Muslim voters to appease were even stronger in their language.

    British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in a statement “The UK deplores the Israeli government’s expropriation of 988 acres of land around the settlement of Etzion.”

    “This is a particularly ill-judged decision that comes at a time when the priority must be to build on the ceasefire in Gaza. It will do serious damage to Israel’s standing in the international community.”

    Really, Mr. Hammond? Are you guaranteeing that Hamas will disarm if Israel doesn’t build a few houses on vacant land it controls? And why is the ceasefire a priority for Israel, rather than for Hamas? WOuldn;t diasamring Hamas do a lot more to ;build on the ceasefire?’

    France also rebuked the Israeli announcement on Monday, with spokesman Romain Nadal saying that France “condemns” the action and “calls on the Israeli authorities to reconsider their decision.”

    The UN, of course, also weighed in, saying it was ‘alarmed by yesterday’s announcement by Israeli authorities to declare as so-called ‘state land’ nearly 1,000 acres of land in the Bethlehem area of the West Bank.”

    The wording of the UN statement is revealing. Actually, the area in question is adjacent to Gush Etzion a bloc of Israeli communities with almost 100,000 people in it rather than Bethlehem, a small town of 25,000 now controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The biased language is obvious.

    It’s good to know with the region on fire, the UN, Obama Administration, UK and France have their priorities in the right place!

    The Hamas/Fatah unity government known as The Palestinian Authority was predictably florid in its rhetoric.

    Chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, formerly the right fork of Yasser Arafat’s tongue was in overdrive.

    “The Israeli government is committing various crimes against the Palestinian people and their occupied land,” he told AFP. “The international community should hold Israel accountable as soon as possible for its crimes and raids against our people in Gaza and the ongoing Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.”

    The response from the Arabs whom refer to themselves as Palestinians can be discounted, since they’re essentially a hostile entity to Israel. But let’s look at what the other actors are saying.

      The biased, hypocritical nonsense spewed by the UN, the Obama Administration and other members of ‘the international community tells you everything you need to know. Their idea of the perfect solution to everything is for Israel to retreat to the indefensible pre ’67 borders and hand Mahmoud Abbas and his Hamas allies the keys. They have  the outcome of any ‘negotiations’ all worked out in advance and then get upset when Israel doesn’t go along with the program of its own extinction.

    The area in question is vacant land adjacent to Gush Etzion. That puts it in Area C, a part of Judea and Samaria that is under Israeli sovereignty anyway according to the Oslo Accords and the Road Map, both of which the United States was a signatory to as well as Israel and the Palestinians. Since there are no counter claims of ownership, there was no reason for Israel not to make it public land, and they had every right to do so.

     The three missing teens, from left to right: Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel (Photo credit: Courtesy)

    Moreover, they had a compelling reason to do so. Among other things, this is a response to the kidnapping and murder in June of three Israeli teenagers in the Etzion Bloc by Mahmoud Abbas’s good friends and partners Hamas.That heinous crime set off Operation Brother’s Keeper, the huge search effort to locate the teenagers and a crackdown on Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria that put hundreds behind bars.

    This new land will be an extension of a community in Gush Etzion known as Gvaot, home to a number of families and a well known winery. Now, it can become a city.That’s the appropriate response to what happened. They destroy, Israel builds.


    And actually, this is one of the more intelligent things the Netanyahu government has done, and I hope it continues.

    After each attack on Israel, whether its terrorism, lawfare or diplomatic, put some more land under Israeli control and then annex it. Trust the Land. Build on it. Let a thousand bulldozers sing..

    Just like a recalcitrant puppy that continues to make on the rug, providing real world consequences for bad actions will send a message soon enough that better behavior is called for. That is what may actually bring about realistic negotiations in the end, if it happens at all.



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    Israel’s New Challenge: Defeating The Third Intifada


    Israel once again finds itself fighting in Gaza.

    The reason’s fairly simple. The lust for Jewish blood among a substantial number of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians is simply their strongest impulse, their raison d’être.

    There is not a single Israeli civilian or soldier in Gaza today, not since Israel removed the 8,000 Jewish residents who had lived there over 30 years from their homes and gave it to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians as a sacrifice ‘for peace.’

    The Palestinians could have built whatever kind of society they wanted in Gaza. But even before Hamas took over, Gaza’s main export to Israel was terrorism. Israel, with Egypt’s assistance, maintained a blockade on Gaza to curtail the import of heavy weapons, usually emanating from Iran that saved Israeli lives, but cost Israel deeply when it came to the ‘international community’, who always seem to have special rules when it comes to Israel defending itself. The carnage emanating from Gaza has slowed at times, but literally thousands of rockets, mortar shells and terrorist strikes have emanated from Gaza, and they’ve never ended. Israelis became used to running for shelter, especially in the south:


    This latest onslaught saw over 100 rockets in 24 hours rained down on Israel, and with Hamas rejecting offers from Israel of ‘quiet for quiet’, that’s where we stand now. The Israelis have carried out a number of decisive strikes and have called up 42,000 reserves, while Hamas has launched missiles at central Israel, at Jerusalem, and at Tel Aviv, a step they had to know was going to provoke an Israeli ground response.

    So what’s the story behind the story? Why is Hamas going for broke now, and what does it mean?  Whether Israel realizes it or not, they are facing the Third Intifada, although how it unfolds is still developing. Of course, it doesn’t look like previous intifadas because circumstances and tactics have changed. But the end goal is the same. And the chief strategist isn’t Hamas, but Mahmoud Abbas.


    Hamas has been isolated by Israel and the new Egyptian government of al-Sisi, who has declared Hamas’ parent movement the Muslim Brotherhood an illegal terrorist organization. Weapons coming in from Iran have slowed considerably, and money is tight. A sign of this was the attempt by Hamas ally Robert Serry, the supposedly neutral UN Mideast envoy to illegally funnel $20 million to Hamas in Gaza from Qatar.

    The current Hamas and Fatah unity government agreement came about, mostly on Abbas’ terms, because of Hamas’ sharply reduced fortunes, while Abbas has the UN, the Obama Administration and the EU funding and backing him, even with Hamas now on his team. According to my sources, part of the negotiations also involved joint efforts towards the goal both Hamas and Fatah agree on, the destruction of Israel.

    The Israelis, already outraged at the unity agreement and the West’s apparent willingness to fund a murderous terrorist group like Hamas were further energized by the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens by Hamas operatives, whose mutilated bodies were found shoved into a hole in Hebron. In response, the Israelis began to obliterate the Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

    But then, the subsequent murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu Kheidr by what appear to be a trio of Jewish football hooligans suddenly presented Hamas and Fatah with a golden opportunity. It was used as a signal to launch what had already been planned.  Vast riots, violence and destruction took place throughout Israel by Fatah while Hamas stepped up its rocket and mortar attacks.

    Hamas also had plans to join Fatah in the ground attack on Israel itself. They had a huge tunnel dug from Rafah under Israel’s border fence for a massive planned assault on Israeli communities in the south, and tried an amphibious attack on Israel’s coast. Both attacks were repulsed with heavy losses. Meanwhile, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and the IDF’s air strikes on Hamas’ infrastructure were even more effective than Hamas had planned on or that Israel had hoped.


    Israel’s ‘peace partner’ Mahmoud Abbas has also been doing his part. Fatah has several hundred militiamen in Gaza, including members of the Palestinian Authority security forces who have their salaries paid by Western governments who have joined in firing rockets at Israel’s civilians. Abbas has done nothing to stop them.

    Abbas has several huge assets his old boss Yasser Arafat could only have dreamed about, and they’re key to understanding what’s being planned. First and foremost, in Barack Hussein Obama, Abbas has a president in the White House who loathes Israel and who sees himself as Palestine’s community organizer.

    Second, even though Mahmoud Abbas was Arafat’s right hand man when it came to  terrorism, he was always more of a back room strategist and facilitator. Abbas was content to be the man behind Arafat, leaving the spotlight to the ranting old coward. Because he stayed in the background, he can now be presented as ‘moderate Abbas’, Israel’s so-called peace partner and gifted with millions in aid money and concessions. Even the theft of much of that money by Abbas and the Fatah old guard, the partnership with the genocidal Hamas and the corrupt and anti-democratic rule of Fatah have not been allowed to get in the way of this narrative

    And finally, the seeming separation of Hamas and Fatah is a major advantage. Not only can Mahmoud Abbas present himself as a ‘moderate’ alternative compared to Hamas  So Abbas can talk vitriol and hatred towards Israel in Arabic ( or have his surrogates do it) to gin up the crowds while presenting himself as a peace maker to President Obama and the EU. With Hamas now officially part of his team and Abbas controlling the purse strings, his ability to mouth pleasantries about peace while orchestrating violence and war against Israel at the same timeis enhanced in a way Arafat’s never really was.

    During this Third Intifada, Abbas has never once seen fit to condemn the Fatah-driven Arab violence in Israel or the Hamas rocket attacks, or to call for calm. With Hamas now losing the war it started, Abbas has opened up his second front:


    He contacted UN  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and got him to issue a statement demanding that Israel exercise ‘maximum restraint’:

     “I firmly condemn the multiple rocket attacks launched from Gaza on Israel. Such attacks are unacceptable and must stop.” 

    “I also urged (Israeli) Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu to exercise maximum restraint and to respect international obligations to protect civilians. I condemn the rising number of civilian lives lost in Gaza,” he said. 

    Maximum restraint, against an enemy firing missiles at its civilian population, an enemy who attempted to cause thousands of civilian casualties by targeting Dimona, where Israel’s nuclear plant reportedly is?

    And you’ll notice Ban Ki-moon isn’t condemning Hamas for using civilians as human shields, not that Hamas would care anyway, By the way, that’s a major violation of the Geneva Convention that the Hamas-Fatah unity government is now a signatory to and promised to abide by. 


    Ban convened a special meeting of the Security Council , but of course, the Palestinian violation of the Geneva Accords wasn’t a topic of conversation. Instead, the talk is all about a ceasefire that leaves Hamas and its weaponry in place. Even President Obama suddenly called Israeli PM Netanyahu after weeks of silence, offering to mediate a truce to protect Hamas.

    Abbas even  had the gall to accuse Israel of ‘genocide’ against the Palestinian people

    “It’s genocide — the killing of entire families is genocide by Israel against our Palestinian people,” he told the meeting of Palestinian leadership at his Ramallah bureau. “What’s happening now is a war against the Palestinian people as a whole and not against the factions.”

    “Shall we recall Auschwitz?” he added.

    Those words are almost comical in their hypocrisy to anyone who knows anything about Mahmoud Abbas’ long history as a Holocaust denier.

    Genocide? Imagine what the death toll would be if the IDF wasn’t dropping warning leaflets in advance and doing their best to avoid civilian deaths in an environment where Hamas is hiding behind those civilians in order to do their best to kill Israeli ones.

    Yet it’s Abbas who has applied for ‘Palestine’ join the International Criminal Court (ICC) where he plans to charge Israel with war crimes in a sympathetic EU environment.

    That’s the strategy Abbas and his Hamas partners are going to use in the Third Intifada to attack Israel ..terrorist strikes, sabotage and Arab riots in Israel, continued rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza, and increasing diplomatic and legal assaults via the ‘International community’.

    Here’s how Israel can defeat it.

    First of all, a ground assault and the defeat of Hamas is a necessity. It’s won’t be pretty, it will not be without cost and it will require Israel to take steps that the usual suspects won’t like. But there really is no choice.

    Israel doesn’t have the luxury of leaving Hamas in place with a secure base to attack her from. This time, the rocket fire penetrated much further north than expected into central Israel. The attempted attack on Dimona, the suspected site of Israel’s nuclear facility was nothing less than a real attempt at genocide by Hamas, which fortunately failed. And Hamas has demonstrated it can attack the populated areas of Israel. Can Israel afford to roll the dice that they’ll get lucky again when the next outbreak of attacks by Hamas occurs in a year or so?

    Hamas simply cannot be allowed to hang on to its weaponry. The only conditions under which Israel should even consider a ceasefire is demilitarization, with Israel in charge of making sure it’s carried out, and an insistence by Israel of the non-recognition of the Hamas-Fatah unity government by the UN, EU and the other western powers. Since that’s unlikely, the next step is to destroy Hamas militarily, and that will take boots on the ground. For all of Israel’s attempts to minimize civilian causalities, they are going to occur in fighting an enemy who uses civilians as human shields. Nevertheless, it should be done as quickly as possible, and Hamas’ leaders either killed or arrested, tried and imprisoned.

    Since Hamas is embedded in Gaza City with a large civilian population, the quickest and easiest way to defeat Hamas is not to send tanks and ground forces into the streets of the city itself, but to drop leaflets giving Hamas 24 hours to surrender and then cut off the water, electricity, food shipments and communications lines to the city while continuing pinpoint air strikes. This will eventually force Hamas to come out to fight on Israel’s choice of terrain, not theirs. And Hamas will be defeated.

    At that point, Mahmoud Abbas will likely demand that Gaza be turned over to him. That demand should be refused outright. Instead, Gaza should be annexed by Israel, and at least half of its population transferred to Area A, the part of Judea and Samaria under Arab occupation and ruled by Abbas. Israel can then begin to repopulate Gaza with Jews. Repatriation of foreign nationals to their country of origin is not against the Fourth Geneva Convention per se, especially since the UN, to all intents and purposes is treating Palestine like a state. But if necessary, Israel should resign from the Convention, since no one they are likely to be fighting with in the future honors it anyway.

    Israel needs to take some advice from an unlikely source, President Obama’s White House Mideast chief, Phillip Gordon. This piece of walking detritus was speaking at a conference put on by the far Leftist paper Ha’aretz in Tel Aviv Wednesday, and blamed Israel (of course!) for not being serious about peace while rockets were actually hitting the city:

    “How will Israel remain democratic and Jewish if it attempts to govern the millions of Palestinian Arabs who live in the West Bank? How will it have peace if it’s unwilling to delineate a border, end the occupation and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security and dignity?

    As an ironic side note, the conference itself had to be moved because of the rocket attacks by Israel’s ‘peace partners.’

    Still, as stupid, bigoted and offensive as Green is, he’s actually on to something.Israel does need to delineate a border and allow the Palestinians sovereignty.The only problem is allowing Palestine’s unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas any part in it. The Israelis are constantly told in tones that suggest a used car salesman desperate to close a sale that this is the most moderate Palestinian leader Israel is ever likely to get. If that’s true, than the real problem is that Israel actually has no peace partner. It might occur to Green and his ilk that this is the reason why years of negotiations have failed, not Israel’s intransigence. Abbas is no Anwar Sadat.

    Delineating a border and Palestinian sovereignty are excellent ideas, but it will need to be done by Israel.Once Hamas is militarily defeated, Israel can mark out its borders in Judea and Samaria, annex those areas and relocate any Jews living outside them.  At the same time, they can repatriate any Arabs living in the Israeli areas and any Arab non-citizens living in Israel behind the 1948 ceasefire lines to the new borders of Palestine, perhaps with some financial compensation. That’s certainly more than the Arabs gave the almost one million Jews they ethnically cleansed from their countries after 1948.

    Abbas will have the contiguous, Jew free reichlet he wanted, but not much else. And Israel will be in a position to make it clear to him that these new borders are now his domain, that’s where things stand, and that any aggression, lawfare or otherwise will lead to serious consequences. That is exactly how ‘Palestine’ is unfortunately going to have to be treated, at least for some time..not as a neighbor but as a hostile entity to be closely watched and held at arms length. That’s how a hostile divorce works. They brought this on themselves.

    The usual suspects from the international community will certainly squawk, but all one has to do is look at their behavior over the past few years to realize that anything Israel does to protect itself is going to get an adverse reaction. For all their condemnations of Palestinian violence directed against Israel, they were still prepared to support and finance a government containing Hamas as a partner, an organization all of them admit is a terrorist group. They are doing it as I write these words.

    Between the EU’s financial crisis and the difficulties with Syria, Iran and Iraq, the international community has its hands full. The same is true of President Barack Obama. They will voice the usual, expected sentiments, but the fact that there is actually a Palestinian state in part of Area A will mitigate much of it as some time goes by. They have other concerns and are ready to move on.

    It is Israel’s responsibility alone to defend its people and ensure their national rights, especially given the genocidal enemies they face. Anyone who quibbles at this should remember all of the supposedly iron clad guarantees Israel was given when it retreated from Gaza by United States, the EU and UN, all whom pledged that Gaza would never be allowed to become a security threat to Israel. In the end, none of those guarantees were worth the paper they were written on, and the same thing is true about any proposed security guarantees on Judea and Samaria today.

    Many in Israel have an unvoiced, guilty realization as rockets fall on Israel. They know now that Oslo was a huge mistake, and that ripping 8,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza was not the panacea they thought it was, but an immoral, hateful act that led to the war Israel finds itself in today. I take no pleasure in saying this, but everything those of us predicted who opposed the ‘disengagement’ has come to pass, and it has left Israel with a choice – to rule Gaza or to suffer repeated carnage from those whom inhabit it now who want every Jew is Israel dead.

    That is the truth of the matter, and Israel will have to face up to it if they wish to live in peace.


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    3 Israeli Teens Feared Kidnapped By Terrorists


    3 young Israeli teens were reported missing Thursday, and a kidnapping is strongly suspected, especially since their cell phones stopped broadcasting at exactly the same time.

    The three boys, who are yeshiva students were on their way home from the Jewish town of Alon Shvut to the Jewish town of Sussya, south of Hebron on Thursday evening when they suddenly disappeared.

    Israeli security forces have been searching the Bethlehem and Hebron area today, and have located a burnt car they think was used in the kidnappings.Israeli authorities think that the car, a fairly new one with Israeli plates was used by the suspected kidnappers to lure the victims into a false sense of security as it approached them.

    A burnt car which may be connected to the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank is taken away near Hebron, Friday, June 13, 2014. (photo credit: AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

    Two of the missing boys are reportedly 16 and one is 19.One of them is a US citizen, and U.S> Ambassador Dan Shapiro was notified by the Israeli government.

    Brig. Gen. Motti Almoz, the commander of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, said Friday evening that security forces were doing everything possible to locate the teens and PM Netanyahu has been in touch with their families to assure them that everything possible will be done to find their sons.

    Israeli troops group near Hebron, file photo (Photo credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

    Netanyahu also reportedly brought the matter up in a previously scheduled conversation with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, telling him that since the announcement of a unity government between the Fatah-led PLO and Hamas in April, “the situation on the ground has been destructive.”

    “This is the result of letting a murderous terrorist organization enter the Palestinian government,” the PM said.

    He’s quite right about that. Abbas, thanks to the Obama team and the EU now has plausible denial for everything, just like Yasser Arafat. Hamas, Islamic jihad and Abbas’ own Fatah thugs can carry out the attacks on Israeli civilians while Abbas issues pro form a condemnations and laughs up his sleeve at the gullible westerners who label him a ‘man of peace’ and continue funding terrorism.

    The Israelis are now operating on a working basis that they’re dealing with a hostage situation.Many Palestinian figures, especially from Hamas and Islamic Jihad but also from Fatah have urged the kidnapping of Israelis as a tool to get convicted terrorists in Israeli custody released.The deal for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, led to the release of 1,027 terrorists, 470 of whom were considered hard core murderers. The Prime Minister’s Office said Friday that, since the beginning of the year, the Shin Bet has foiled 14 attempts to kidnap Israelis.

    Hamas in particular celebrated the kidnappings in several messages, although they didn’t formally take responsibility. Hamas spokesman in Gaza Husam Badran said “the Hebron operation is a great success for the [Palestinian] resistance in the West Bank.”

    The IDF and Shin Bet will leave no stone unturned to try and find the boys.They may, with G-d’s help find them and rescue them.

    If not, the next step will occur when the Palestinian kidnappers contact the Israeli government with their demands. That’s when the Israeli government and Netanyahu are going to be severely tested’

    At around midnight on Friday, hundreds of people gathered at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City to pray for the well-being of the three boys.I invite you to join them.

    Their names are Ya’akov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah, Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, and Eyal Ben Iris Teshura.


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    The Obama Administration Formally Recognizes The New Fatah-Hamas Government


    Well, that didn’t take long. The Obama Administration has now given official recognition and a White House invite to a terrorist entity :

    A senior Palestinian Authority official reportedly announced that the US has invited the new Palestinian unity government’s prime minister, Rami Hamdallah, to an official visit in Washington.

    According to a report by Maariv on Friday, a Palestinian official stated that the invitation is a declaration of American recognition for the unity government. The report cited the official as saying, “The visit will take place in June, during which Hamdallah will meet with American president and visit the US Congress.”

    “The US administration has renounced its previous disapproval of the national unity government and will now support the new government,” claimed the head of the Fatah reconciliation team, Azam al-Ahmad.

    Washington has previously announced that it expects any Palestinian government to refrain from violence as well as recognize Israel and agreements.


    Does that mean that the next time a missile from Gaza hits Israel, the White House will withdraw recognition? We know it doesn’t. Nor does it mean that U.S. aid, military and otherwise to Hamas and Fatah is going to cease, no matter what Congress says.

    President Obama actually signaled his approval of the Hamas – Fatah merger a month ago.This just makes it official.

    What this president has essentially done is to choose sides in the conflict, and to break existing U.S. law regarding material support for terrorism while doing it.

    And Israel? PM Netanyahu admitted today that he had imposed what Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called a ‘silent freeze’ on all construction in Judea and Samaria in response to major pressure from the Obama Administration:

    Netanyahu, who met Thursday night with mayors from 20 West Bank settlements, said the United States recently demanded that the Civil Administration not only refrain from issuing tenders for construction, but also freeze the activity of its planning committee altogether and not approve new projects that would later require tenders.[…]

    “I don’t know of a formal policy to limit building. But when you look, de facto, what’s happening on the ground, yes, you feel there is a silent freeze in terms of planning and in terms of government construction,” Danon (Likud) said. “And that’s something that bothers me.”

    “This “freeze” is being enforced everywhere — within and outside the so-called settlement blocs”, he said. “If you don’t allow any planning, it will stop. You will have no [housing] units for youngsters in Ariel, in Maaleh Adumim. This is happening already.”

    Danon said he wasn’t sure why the government would agree to quietly freeze settlement expansion, suggesting that pressure from the United States might be behind it. “Building in Judea and Samaria is a major issue among the Americans,” he said, using the Biblical names for the West Bank. “A lot of pressure is being put on us.”

    Here’s the thing about blackmail…once you give in to it,it never ends. And it’s also true that anything like this someone threatens you with is something they’re probably going to do to you anyway eventually,out of sheer hatred.

    That’s exactly what’s going on here.


    President Obama’s goal was always to destroy the relationship between America and Israel before he leaves office, and he’s made a fair degree of progress.It’s a major part of his agenda, and no amount of groveling by Israel is going to change that.

    It’s time Israel said no, publicly.


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    The Serpent’s Tongue – An Open Letter To Catherine Ashton, EU Policy Chief

    Dear Lady Ashton,I noted with interest your remarks and your concerns about what you called “recent events in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem, which are not conducive to the climate of trust and cooperation needed for the current peace ne…

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    Yes, The Peace Talks Are Dead – And An Opportunity For Real Peace Comes Alive


    While neither side has formally acknowledged it, the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are dead, and even John Kerry has thrown in the towel.

    The Obama Team would never admit it, but they’re fully aware that it was Palestine’s unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas that pulled the trigger and ended the talks, and his own controlled Palestinian media proudly admits it.Palestinian and Israeli media outlets on Thursday night quoted PA President Mahmoud Abbas as saying, “I would rather become a martyr” than rescind the applications he signed on Tuesday to join 15 UN and other international treaties and conventions.

     Which of course means the talks are over, since that was the sole concession Abbas was willing to give in order to even participate in the negotiations, and he had to be bribed with the release of over 100 convicted terrorist killers in Israeli custody to even do that much.

     Instead, Abbas came out with a whole new set of pre-conditions to continue talks, conditions he knew no Israeli government could accept. According to Abbas’ own Palestinian News Agency Ma’an, the new pre-conditions included formal Israeli recognition of the borders of ‘Palestine’ as the pre-67 lines with all of East Jerusalem as its capitol; the release of 1,200 Palestinian prisoners including convicted terrorist leaders Marwan Barghouti, Fuad Shweiki and Ahmad Saadat; a building freeze in East Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria;  Israeli citizenship to 15,000 Palestinians under a ‘family reunification program’ essentially a recognition of a Palestinian ‘right of return’; the end of Israel’s security blockade of Gaza; the right of return for PLO terrorists who were exiled to European countries under an agreement between the EU and Israel after the 2002 Palestinian siege of the Church of the Nativity; barring of the IDF from Area A, the part of Judea and Samaria under PA control which would create an escape zone for terrorists since the PA has never jailed anyone for murdering an Israeli; and Palestinian control of parts of Area C, the areas under full Israeli sovereignty.

     And that’s just to continue listening to Abbas say no for another few months!

    Kerry’s deputy Martin Indyk participated in a nine hour meeting between head Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat,  Head of Palestinian intelligence Majid Faraj, and Israeli negotiators Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Molcho and tried to cable together some semblance of a reasonable platform, but he was yelled down by the Palestinian negotiators and the entire meeting turned into a shouting match, with even the ever flexible Tzipi Livni unable to contain herself.  At one point, Livni reportedly  demanded of  Erekat, that Abbas rescind the applications to the 15 UN organizations and conventions  in order to negotiate any other preconditions. Erekat flatly refused, and  Livni announced today that Israel would definitely not release that fourth  batch of convicted Palestinian terrorists.

    When Indyk tried to reason with the Palestinians, saying that any agreement had to consider Israel’s security considerations, Faraj snapped back that the Palestinians weren’t there to discuss Israeli security, but to negotiate over a timetable to get all of their demands met.

    Things went quickly downhill from there, with the Palestinians threatening to join even more international bodies and take prosecute Israel for ‘war crimes’ at the International Criminal Court and the Israelis promising retaliation if they did so.

    Kerry. for his part has pretty much given up, saying in Algiers during his North African trip,  “You can facilitate, you can push, you can nudge, but the parties themselves have to make fundamental decisions to compromise.”

    In a way, I almost feel sorry for him. The real author of this fiasco was none other than President Barack Obama.  The  ‘nudge and pushing’ , and indeed the threats were reserved for Israel, while Abbas and the PLO  got nothing but concessions and applause from the White House. Had President Obama told Abbas during their last meeting that yet another refusal to meet the Israelis half way was going to entail real consequences for Abbas and the PA, the talks just might have been salvaged. Instead the president stuck to his preferred role as the Palestinian’s lawyer and community organizer and left Kerry to deal with the mess the president created.

    This will end up in the UN, where the US has a veto over statehood for Abbas’ corrupt little apartheid reichlet. I have my own ideas how that particular brawl will end up going, but we’ll see.

    As it is right now, Israel needs to work on the divorce, end any serious discussion of the Two State mirage and secure its rights in Judea and Samaria. That should have happened a long time ago, with Israel marking out its own borders, annexing those areas, bringing any  Jews on the Arab side of the line to the Jewish side and taking non-Israeli Arab citizens to the other side, perhaps with property compensation.Then build the land and defend it.

    Much of the world, particularly the EU is tired of ‘Palestine’ and while there would be a period of hand wringing, in the end they have their own problems and are ready to move on.

     That’s how the question of ‘Palestine’ needs to be  settled once and for all, in the same way every other question involving refugees has been settled throughout history. This ought to be th elast time the Palestinians have an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Real peace beckons..


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    Baseless Hatred – Israel’s Ultimate Price Tag

    Both the Torah and our own long  history tell us that our biggest danger to Israel is what is called baseless hatred between Jews. Some even link the destruction of Israel’s first two commonwealths to that baseless hatred, and not without reason.

    There is a Jewish community in the hill country of the Benjamin region of Samaria where an incident occurred recently that sheds some light on how dangerous and destructive this is, a place called Eish Kodesh.

    Eish Kodesh is the home of some 30 families and about 100 young children. The vast majority of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, were built on land that was either vacant, legally purchased by Jews before the ethnic cleansing by Jordan in 1948 or on former Jordanian government-owned land. In the case of Eish Kodesh, the land was vacant and uncontested.
    Since Eish Kodesh is near the Arab village of Kusra, there is a history of friction, vandalism, theft and violence.

    On January 7th, a large force of border police destroyed the vineyards and orchards belonging to two of the residents of Eish Kodesh that the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria said had been illegally planted, and confiscated or destroyed privately owned farming equipment belonging to two of the residents with a Disruptive Use Order even though there were no conflicting claims. The damages amounted to over 80,000 NIS.

    The Likud’s enfant terrible Moishe Feiglin was one of those who donated new trees to replace the uprooted ones.

    What happened next is frankly, shocking. Or it should be.

    After the destruction at Eish Kodesh, a group of 20 or so young Jewish men, many of whom live in the vicinity decided to take a symbolic hike through the area to show solidarity with their neighbors and to demonstrate to their Arab neighbors that this is their home too, and that they intend to stay. There was no intention of committing any ‘price tag’ attack by any of the group. They claim that similar hike in the same area had happened just the week before without incident, and the Jewish group was unarmed. They also claim that they were in an area not attached to the Arab village of Kusra, nor did they try to enter the village. This version coincides with the testimony of Pinhasi Brown, one of the group.

    What happened is that they were ambushed by an assembled mob of Arabs who forcibly dragged them into an unfinished building at a construction site in Kusra, tied them up and began beating them severely with fists, clubs and pipes. Four of the young men had to be hospitalized afterwards. After about a half hour, soldiers from the Tzahal arrived and managed, after another 90 minutes, to get the Jews released. The beatings continued while the soldiers were present, and they reportedly did nothing to stop them.

    While some of the Jews were arrested, none of the Arab mob were taken into custody. The Arabs told the IDF that their captives had come to Kusra to commit a ‘price tag’ attack. There’s absolutely no evidence that they did, and considering that this happened at mid-day and none of the group was armed, it’s unlikely that it was. In fact the Arabs of Kusra have a recent history of making false accusations of this kind of thing before.

    In view of this, the IDF not intervening to rescue Jews who had been kidnapped and essentially lynched is astounding, as is their failure to take the members of the Arab mob into custody for taking the law into their own hands, if nothing else. Are there two sets of law in Israel now?

    Even worse was some of the media reaction. Prominent Channel 10 news editor Dror Zaresky wrote a piece in Maariv-NRG confessing his delight in seeing his fellow Jews beaten and abused:

    “The reports in the media and around some of the water coolers,” he wrote, “ran the gamut from just-the-facts to awarding a prize for courage to the Palestinian residents of the village near Shechem who settled a long debt with the youths of the right wing specifically, and with Israel the occupier in general.”

    “I will admit the truth: I, too, had to fight the smile that spread on my face when I heard the reports from the village,” Zaresky added. “When I first heard about the ‘price tag’ action gone bad in the wadis of Samaria, I could not hide my smile. Unlike many of my friends in the media, I do not see these actions as disastrous for the country; proportionality was abandoned long ago, in the way we report these incidents of graffiti and flat tires. And yet, there is no doubt in my mind that the right wing criminals are trying to disrupt the lives of many Palestinians – and on the way, they may just succeed in setting fire to our calm neighborhood in the Middle East.”

    Fascinating that Zaresky and his friends, whom call themselves journalists would automatically judge their fellow Jews guilty without any evidence at all, especially in view of the Arab residents  of  Kusra’s history of phony claims. But regardless of what happened, this is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about, While Dror Zaresky is certainly free to hate ‘right wing criminals’ as he puts it, he seems to have no clue about how dangerous this is.

    (read the rest here)


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    Israel Cuts Cooperation With EU In Response To Sanctions On Judea And Samaria

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