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PC wimps at UC-Berkeley

By now, tons of ink has been spilled talking about the riot that happened prior to Milo Yiannopoulos’s performance at UC-Berkeley. Hopefully, this post will talk about something that hasn’t been talked about. I hope this takes a bit more of an historic perspective than those other articles. I hope this article exposes the wimpiness […]

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Interesting legal theory

This article puts forth an interesting legal theory, though I’m not sure it’s applicable. The novel legal theory revolves around whether President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. I’m betting this theory fails. In the article, Damon Root brings up the original Obamacare lawsuit, otherwise known as National Federation of Independent Business v. […]

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DAPL thugs resort to violence

All this week, I’ve focused attention on the ‘protesters’ protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. I’ve reached the point where I’m getting upset with journalists who call these thugs protesters. This article highlights why they haven’t earned that title. They’ve earned the title of thugs. The opening paragraph of the Daily Caller article emphatically states “The […]

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Liberal stupidity hurts

This LTE, written in the form of a resolution, is one of the most idiotic LTEs that the St. Cloud Times has ever published: This is the only proper response to such stupidity: Technorati: Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Law Enforcement, ICE, Republica… … . . . → Read More: Liberal stupidity hurts

AG Sessions frightens Democrats

Byron York’s article on the likely confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as President Trump’s Attorney General illustrates why Democrats are legitimately frightened by what Sessions could do without legislative action. For instance, York writes that “There are laws providing for the deportation of people who entered the U.S. illegally. Laws providing for the deportation of […]

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Another Democratic myth demolished

This CBS report highlights the fact that Keith Lamont-Scott was a violent man. In fact, the report hints that the world is a better place without him. That isn’t a statement on whether Scott was carrying a gun when he was shot. It’s just a statement that he had a history of being a violent […]

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Charlotte investigation update

Since the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC, Scott’s widow has accused the officers involved in the Scott shooting of shooting him without justification. That’s another myth that’s being accepted as verified fact by Democratic politicians. This Washington Post article provides a timeline of events that give us an accurate picture of what’s […]

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Is Charlotte quieting down?

According to this article, the protests continue in Charlotte, NC, but that the violence has gone down. That’s a welcome sign for Charlotte-Mecklenburg in the aftermath of the shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. According to the article, “Protesters flocked to Charlotte for a third straight night Thursday in the latest sign of mounting pressure […]

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Betsy Hodges’ powerful paranoia

If anything demonstrates that Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is paranoid or isn’t thinking clearly, this Facebook post is proof that a little paranoia goes a long ways. In the key part of the post, Hodges wrote “At this difficult moment, I also urge every Minneapolitan and every Minnesotan to support and stand firmly with our […]

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Jason Falconer: a hero’s hero

Based on this article, it’s clear that Officer Jason Falconer is a hero’s hero. It’s apparent that he didn’t let the rampage turn deadly. For that, everyone in Crossroads Mall should thank Officer Falconer for his quick thinking and his high-quality decision-making. According to the article, “Five minutes after authorities received the first 911 call, […]

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Crossroads Mall terrorist attack?

The St. Cloud Times is reporting that there’s been a shooting at Crossroads Mall. Two hours after this article reported that “St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the incident took place around 8 p.m. local time. Police said the suspect yelled out “Allah” and asked shoppers if they were Muslim. Police said that the […]

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Paul Thissen’s dishonest attack

This morning, I wrote this post to highlight Betsy Hodges’ bizarre quote. Specifically, Ms. Hodges said “I expect everyone in Minneapolis to behave with civility and respect.” Most people who aren’t afflicted with an onslaught of progressivism would agree with me when I said “Expecting people in the Twin Cities to “behave with civility and […]

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Chris Coleman’s property tax hike explained

St. Paul Chris Coleman is asking for another major property tax increase. This is likely the first in a lengthy list of mayoral sob stories set to be published. Mayor Coleman, it seems, expected a “$3 million boost in state aid” that isn’t coming. The sob story will sound something like this: We passed a […]

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Today’s DFL activists: thugs

Let’s be clear about something from the start. Today’s DFL activists are thugs without character. They’re people who should be locked up for years. Last week, there was a fundraiser in Minneapolis for GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. DFL protesters didn’t bother trying to act like decent human beings. They acted like thugs. In […]

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Kevin Sorbo’s justified diatribe

Simply put, Kevin Sorbo is my new hero. He’s my hero for writing this post that questions why Michael Brown’s mother was invited to Hillary’s convention and that ridicules the entire Black Lives Matter movement and the hand-up-don’t-shoot myth. Considering the fact that he’s a Hollywood actor, that took courage. It must’ve taken courage for […]

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Tim Kaine’s initial stumbles

Polite people are saying that Tim Kaine is a perfect running mate for Hillary, then adding that he’s definitely qualified to be president if, God forbid, anything happened to Hillary. After reading this article, it’s painfully obvious that he’s nothing more than a mouthpiece who reads spin-script well but couldn’t think his way out of […]

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Hillary’s acceptance speech, Part II

After Hillary’s speech, I wrote this post to talk about Hillary’s flop. This morning, John Hinderaker wrote this post. While I didn’t watch the speech, I read the transcript. John apparently tried watching it and found it to be unwatchable, which I think is something that’s sweeping the nation. Truthfully, some of the things that […]

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Remaining Freddie Gray charges dropped

The remaining charges against the officers in the Freddie Gray case have been dropped. That’s what the Baltimore Sun is reporting. UPDATE: Fox is now reporting that Marilyn Mosby failed to get a single conviction in the Freddie Gray case.

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Sanders is the latest sellout

When Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton, Sen. Warren’s supporters accused her of selling out to Wall Street and Goldman-Sachs. They were right. Sen. Warren sold out to Wall Street without hesitation. During her interview with Rachel Maddow, Sen. Warren said “I’m ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton […]

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Fraternal Order of Police vs. Hillary

Saying that Hillary Clinton will want to change the subject of this article is understatement. Let’s start by saying that articles like this virtually guarantee that she’ll announce her VP pick this afternoon. The bad news for Mrs. Clinton is that this ties into the case that Donald Trump emphasized during last night’s acceptance speech. […]

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