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Premium relief bill passed

Republicans and the DFL found a way to compromise this week. Republicans accepted Gov. Dayton’s plan to provide premium relief for people buying health insurance on the individual market but made too much to qualify for federal premium support. Gov. Dayton accepted the Republicans’ reforms. In the end, neither side got everything they wanted, which […]

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Gov. Dayton proposes single-payer

Speaker Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka should reject Gov. Dayton’s proposal to ‘reform’ health care by going to a single-payer plan. The article starts by saying “A new form of health insurance could be available next year to Minnesotans in the individual health insurance market if a proposal by Gov. Mark Dayton gains approval […]

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Gov. Dayton collapses

Gov. Dayton collapsed during the opening minutes of his State of the State Address. Don Davis has written that “Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed during his State of the State speech Monday night, Jan. 23, but after a few minutes walked away with help. An hour later, he was playing a puzzle with his grandson at […]

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DFL’s, Tina Liebling’s hysteria

Tina Liebling’s most recent e-letter update is a portrait of the DFL’s hysteria. I first noticed Rep. Liebling’s hysteria when I spotted this hysterical tweet, which said “House GOP passed plan to let insurance companies sell junk insurance w/o coverage for things like cancer, Lyme disease, autism.” Rep. Liebling didn’t like it when I challenged […]

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Croman’s pro-DFL bias showing

John Croman’s article reads like a DFL propaganda piece. That’s mostly because that’s what it is. The article starts by saying “Minnesota’s top budget official warned Monday that the Republican health insurance premium relief plan will significantly delay aid payments to those facing sharp increases in 2017. Commissioner Myron Frans, who heads the Minnesota Management […]

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Gov. Dayton’s tax ‘relief’

Anders Koskinen’s article on Gov. Dayton’s tax ‘relief’ bill is enlightening in that it proves that Gov. Dayton still hasn’t learned that sending money to cities and counties doesn’t shrink families’ tax burdens. It just adds to those cities’ and counties’ spending. The key part of Koskinen’s article is where he writes “the proposal ends […]

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Factchecking factcheckers

I’m getting tired of having to factcheck professional ‘factcheckers’. The worst ‘factchecker’ is Politifact but others are ‘gaining ground’ on them. Shortly after my computer returned from the shop, I saw this factcheck, which is critical of Donald Trump’s tweets about the ACA. In Factcheck’s article, they cite this tweet from Gov. Dayton where he […]

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Open letter to GOP legislature

To: Speaker Daudt, Senate Majority Leader Gazelka From: Gary Gross, uppity peasant Subject: Health insurance premium relief Speaker Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka, I’m sure you’re well aware of Gov. Dayton’s insistence that you pass his health insurance premium relief plan, aka passing his wimpy political relief proposal. According to this article, he wants […]

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Gov. Dayton-GOP fight looming

It isn’t a secret that there’s a major fight looming between Gov. Dayton and Republican leadership on the issue of health care. I’ve written about the difference in the details between Gov. Dayton’s proposal and the Republicans’ proposal before. (Here’s one of the posts.) Saying that the difference between Gov. Dayton’s proposal and the Republicans’ […]

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Gov. Dayton, BLM vs. Miners

Gov. Dayton is the gift that keeps giving fantastic quotes to Minnesota’s bloggers. This article provides another such gift. The second paragraph of the article says “In an interview with The Associated Press, Dayton said he expects Twin Metals Minnesota and its supporters to try their hardest to persuade President-elect Donald Trump’s administration to reverse […]

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Minnesota’s Story of the Year

Minnesota’s story of the year is simple. In fact, the top 2 stories of the year are intertwined. When Gov. Dayton stated that “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable” to growing numbers of Minnesotans, jaws dropped because they knew he’d just issued a death sentence to DFL legislators in November’s elections. Though he […]

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Why is Gov. Dayton upset?

Earlier this week, Speaker Daudt told reporters that his relationship with Gov. Dayton was “damaged.” The key question that the Twin Cities media hasn’t asked is why their relationship is damaged. The AP’s Kyle Potter opened his article by saying “Gov. Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt will enter 2017 with a ‘damaged relationship,’ […]

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Gov. Dayton, Obstructionist-in-Chief

This morning, KSTP’s Tom Hauser interviewed incoming Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and incoming House Minority Leader Melisa Hortman. One of the first topics they discussed was MNsure. Sen. Gazelka quickly made the point that Minnesota’s system prior to the ACA was significantly superior to the system we’re currently dealing with. To her credit, Rep. […]

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Gov. Dayton’s bad faith negotiations

Speaker Kurt Daudt’s letter to Gov. Dayton calls out Gov. Dayton for shifting the goalposts after months of negotiations. In his letter to Gov. Dayton, Speaker Daudt wrote “At our December 2 meeting, we agreed to empower our members and your commissioners who know these subject matters best. Per that framework, our issue area experts […]

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Thank God MNsure is fixed

It’s nice to throw in a healthy dose of sarcasm when talking about MNsure. Without it, people might get frustrated. This LTE highlights how dysfunctional MNsure is. The Dayton administration insists that MNsure is working just fine. For instance, “MNsure CEO Allison O’Toole said the exchange ‘has improved significantly every year’ and predicted that ‘trend […]

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Is Resolution 54 vote a victory?

There’s been lots of celebrating on the Range after Resolution 54 got defeated Saturday. This article said that Jason Metsa thinks that the vote is “a clear indication of where the party is at.” Then Metsa admitted that “the issue will be coming up again.” First, the Range DFL survived Saturday, partially because all parts […]

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Resolution 54, the PUC & the DFL

The lede in this article sounds a triumphant tone. The opening says “Labor Democrats decided to fight Saturday and won a major victory for the party’s future on the Iron Range.” While it’s a procedural victory for the Range, it isn’t a major victory if you’re judging it by whether anything changed as a result […]

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Examining the Iron Range’s ‘victory’

Now that Resolution 54 has been defeated and labor leaders are experiencing a mini-Kumbaya moment, it’s time to examine what the Iron Range won yesterday. I’ll return to that in a bit but it’s important to set this up properly. Rick Nolan apparently gave a speech that set the mood for the vote, saying “Nobody […]

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DFL entitlement reform?

It isn’t a secret that Democrats aren’t fans of government reform. They’ve been the defenders of the status quo for years. Hillary Clinton was their presidential nominee. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the faces of Senate and House Democrats. This trio of fossils aren’t mistaken for having fresh ideas. If they don’t want to […]

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Gov. Dayton hasn’t seen big picture

In this interview, incoming Chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee, nailed it when she was asked by the AP reporter if there will be a special session. Sen. Benson replied “I am less hopeful today than I was even a couple of days ago. We’re just not hearing anything from […]

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