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Premium relief bill passed

Republicans and the DFL found a way to compromise this week. Republicans accepted Gov. Dayton’s plan to provide premium relief for people buying health insurance on the individual market but made too much to qualify for federal premium support. Gov. Dayton accepted the Republicans’ reforms. In the end, neither side got everything they wanted, which […]

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Gov. Dayton proposes single-payer

Speaker Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka should reject Gov. Dayton’s proposal to ‘reform’ health care by going to a single-payer plan. The article starts by saying “A new form of health insurance could be available next year to Minnesotans in the individual health insurance market if a proposal by Gov. Mark Dayton gains approval […]

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DFL’s, Tina Liebling’s hysteria

Tina Liebling’s most recent e-letter update is a portrait of the DFL’s hysteria. I first noticed Rep. Liebling’s hysteria when I spotted this hysterical tweet, which said “House GOP passed plan to let insurance companies sell junk insurance w/o coverage for things like cancer, Lyme disease, autism.” Rep. Liebling didn’t like it when I challenged […]

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Open letter to GOP legislature

To: Speaker Daudt, Senate Majority Leader Gazelka From: Gary Gross, uppity peasant Subject: Health insurance premium relief Speaker Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka, I’m sure you’re well aware of Gov. Dayton’s insistence that you pass his health insurance premium relief plan, aka passing his wimpy political relief proposal. According to this article, he wants […]

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Thank God MNsure is fixed

It’s nice to throw in a healthy dose of sarcasm when talking about MNsure. Without it, people might get frustrated. This LTE highlights how dysfunctional MNsure is. The Dayton administration insists that MNsure is working just fine. For instance, “MNsure CEO Allison O’Toole said the exchange ‘has improved significantly every year’ and predicted that ‘trend […]

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Gov. Dayton hasn’t seen big picture

In this interview, incoming Chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee, nailed it when she was asked by the AP reporter if there will be a special session. Sen. Benson replied “I am less hopeful today than I was even a couple of days ago. We’re just not hearing anything from […]

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Gov. Dayton’s latest hissy fit

Gov. Dayton’s last day in office can’t come soon enough. Saying that our governor is a spoiled rich brat with a short fuse is understatement. This time, Gov. Dayton says that he’s running out of patience with the GOP over MNsure. This article quotes Gov. Dayton as saying “I’m running out of patience” after accusing […]

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Gov. Dayton to fight MNsure changes

It isn’t a secret that Gov. Dayton will resist attempts to improve Minnesota’s health care system. This article includes a quote from Gov. Dayton that indicates he’s still in denial about Obamacare. First, it’s worth noting that Gov. Dayton said “The average wait time has been measured in seconds. If they’re going to be attacking […]

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ACA’s expensive policies

One of the reasons why the ACA is collapsing is because the product is exceptionally expensive. Soon-to-be-former Minnesota State Senator Roger Reinert accidentally highlighted that in this op-ed. Early in his op-ed, Sen. Reinert wrote “A friend recently shared his story with me. He is a professional in Duluth with a young family. He is […]

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MNsure squeeze expanding

When open enrollment first came on the horizon, the DFL instantly said that MNsure “only” directly affected 250,000 people. I’ve frequently challenged that assertion because it doesn’t paint the entire picture. While it’s technically true, it’s only true due to the qualifier “directly.” The secret to the spin is that qualifier. The PR people don’t […]

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Statistics explain the MNsure crisis

David Montgomery of the Pi-Press has done Minnesotans a great service with this article. Specifically, he dug into some statistics that explain why MNsure is failing. These statistics fit into 3 categories in Montgomery’s article: too many sick people, costs vary widely and the “premium cliff.” Starting with the category titled too many sick people, […]

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Dayton-DFL MNsure alternative

I wrote this post to highlight Gov. Dayton’s fearmongering on the MNsure/ACA reform. This weekend, he said “It’s a great political slogan. I think it had a major impact on some of the legislative races. But it’s another thing to deal with the reality of what you put in its place. They better look before […]

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Gov. Dayton’s MNsure fearmongering

This article highlights the difficult position Gov. Dayton and the DFL painted themselves into when they created MNsure while enthusiastically praising the ACA. Now that health insurance premiums sold on the individual market have increased by up to 67% this year after increasing by up to 54% last year, it isn’t difficult convincing Minnesota farmers […]

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Biased media, DFL, getting it wrong

This Our View editorial in the Mankato Free Press gets it wrong. That isn’t surprising. It’s predictable. Let’s look at what the MFP got wrong. MFP’s headline is simple: “Our View: Legislature: Make divided government work.” Let’s be clear about something. Republicans gained seats in the House during a presidential election. While they were expected […]

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Gov. Dayton’s latest hissy fit

Ever since Republicans took control of Minnesota’s state House of Representatives, Gov. Dayton has thrown a hissy fit against Republicans pretty much every week. Based on this Strib article, it’s apparent that Gov. Dayton’s hissy fits will continue through the end of his administration. In a sharply-worded letter to Speaker Daudt, Gov. Dayton said “I […]

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Minnesota’s health care crisis

This op-ed by Peter Nelson, the “President and Senior Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment and a member of the Minnesota Health Care Financing Task Force”, highlights the fact that MNsure and the ACA are a disaster. For instance, Nelson highlights the fact that residents “from Red Wing to Lake City to Wabasha […]

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MNsure good news, bad news

The good news for Minnesotans is that the MNsure website is working again. The bad news for Minnesotans is that MNsure prices are still completely unaffordable. Despite Rep. Thissen’s statements that people’s premiums aren’t going up if they get the tax credits, the truth is that Minnesotans are faced with a multi-faceted health care crisis […]

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Gov. Dayton’s guest column, Part III

The real reason behind Gov. Dayton’s guest column doesn’t get mentioned until deep in his article. That’s when Gov. Dayton starts pining for ‘the good old days’ of all-DFL rule. That’s when Gov. Dayton and the DFL destroyed Minnesota’s health care system. That’s when Gov. Dayton and the DFL raised taxes on small businesses and […]

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Health care crisis hits hard

This article drives the point home that the DFL-created health insurance crisis isn’t just a story on the news. It’s about families in our city, in our neck of the woods. In this case, Rose and John Lang, farmers from Richmond are getting hurt by the ACA. According to the article, Rose said “I have […]

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Dan Wolgamott: DFL’s puppet

The last 2 weeks of a legislative campaign are filled with mailers. This year isn’t an exception. Dan Wolgamott, the DFL-endorsed candidate for SD-14, touts himself as running a positive campaign. What he isn’t telling people is that the DFL is running his smear campaign for him. In fact, of the 4 lit pieces I’ve […]

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