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World War III

Today is the feast day of St. John Paul the second. As any of us old enough to remember he was one that triumvirate, including Reagan and Thatcher, who defeated the Soviet Union, and did it peacefully. Some friends of mine say that he was the greatest of them, I think it may be so. […]

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Myths,legends and facts

I don’t know about you guys, but one of the greatest pleasures of this site for me, is going into the archives and reading what we have written, especially for me what Jessica has written. She has a gift, of drawing lessons for us from many things, and making them stick. And mind, there is […]

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56 Movie Mistakes: The Longest Day

Then there is this attempt to denigrate the movie The Longest Day recounting the Overlord operation to liberate Europe. The Longest Day, which was made in black and white, features a large ensemble cast including John Wayne, Kenneth More,Richard Todd, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Henry Fonda, Red Buttons, Peter Lawford, Eddie Albert, Jeffrey […]

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True Grit

Don’t know about you, but like our commenter Unit yesterday, I’m simply not gonna bother today. So, here you go! One of Jess’ and my favorites, the real one too. Enjoy!

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Top Gun – Still Flying High after 30 Years

Funny what gets out attention going on subjects sometimes. I fell in love with the American Civil War in elementary school, during the centennial celebration, especially the books by Bruce Catton. As someone said, you could feel the heat, the dust, the boredom, and the horrors of battle in his words. Those legendary armies still, […]

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The Real Wayne

Every once in a while, and it’s rare, one of those articles comes along, that one simply wants to reprint. But one can’t both because we have respect for the author and the original publisher, and because of the copywrite laws, which protect us all. So we excerpt and we link, and we urge you to […]

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Quiet men and quiet lives?

Neo has, as my last post (and one of his comments) suggested, begun to weary of the political round. It could all get technically interesting at Convention time, but Clinton versus Trump looks a bit like LBJ versus Goldwater – but who can tell? In the meantime, we either go to ground and contemplate our […]

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Lost causes

  It’s probably just the Romantic in me, but I’m a sucker for lost causes – I guess it’s the historical equivalent of wanting to look after lost puppies or stray cats, and I’m invoking my female privilege as an excuse for being a soppy thing here. We celebrate the victors, but what about the […]

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Tongues of Fire on Idris Flaring

Practically Historical reminds us that last Friday was the 137th anniversary of the battle of Rork’s Drift. This was the occasion when the British fought against an attack from the Zulus in Natal. It was held by the B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot, who became not long afterward the South Wales Borderers, and is now […]

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Original Sins?

All nations have narratives about themselves, it is America’s unique position to have done this in filmic form. The films my father watched – John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart films, often dealt with the theme of ‘the way the West was won’. It is sometimes said by those who haven’t watched enough films, that […]

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Clash of Civilizations: Islamic vs. Judeo-Christian

Embed from Getty Images OK, gang, I give up for now, I’m fighting a cold and writing isn’t going well. But here’s a friend of mine. And Dan is right. Judeo-Christian civilization has nothing in common with, and nothing to gain from, Islamic civilization as it now exists. They have been clashing for centuries. Now, […]

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Old Business and Moving On

Well we all, and the blog made it through 2014. There were more than a few days, especially early in the year when that was in doubt, especially for my dearest friend and editor, Jessica. But her Christianity and sense of mission pulled her through, and that inspired me to ‘keep on keepin’ on’. The […]

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Rewriting History

At some point, where I’ve forgotten, Jess told us that her brother-in-law, a distinguished British historian, had a friend who had been approached after the end of the Soviet Union to help them figure out their history because it had been rewritten so much, that they no longer had a clue. That’s what the left is attempting […]

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Veteran’s day movie

This (more or less) is how the Bloody Bucket ( Keystone Division, Iron Division, 28th Infantry Division) got its name. Yes, like so many of the really good designators of American units, Bloody Bucket came from the Germans.

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Maureen O’Hara

When I was young, there were certain names on the marquee that insured I would be interested in a movie (Yes, James Bond was one of them) 🙂 But mainly, they were names like Maureen O’Hara, John Wayne, and John Ford. No group of filmmakers has ever appealed as much to me. As James Bond […]

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What is America for Mummy?

[Not long after wwe met, Jessica asked me in an email,  Perhaps the parallel goes beyond just the early pilgrims? America is either a vision of what can be, or it is nothing. That is the choice we face, and it’s a stark one. Either we are who we have always said we are, or […]

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From the sound of it, Bill Whittle didn’t much like this movie It’s hard to believe they could screw up that vision, of our childhood, even in a movie isn’t it? But they did, and worse they screwed up the vision of the country that had that vision as well.

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Planetary Soldiers

The phrase comes from Robert Leckie’s The Wars of America and has been apt since the Spanish-American War. American Forces have fought just about everywhere and in just about every climate, in defense of freedom. And so this weekend, from Fort MacPherson, Nebraska, to Manila, The Philippines, to Luxembourg, to Cambridge, England and on Robert […]

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View from the Trenches: Open Letter to the SARC

I’m a senior electrician and operations manager. In both roles, my major function is to lead, and to get people to do their best, as well as to get the job done: on time and on budget. In other words its up to me to get the best my people can do, whether they are […]

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I’ll be honest with you, I’m still bouncing around the clouds that Jess both got out of the hospital yesterday, and that I had some small contact with her. Cut me some slack here, it’s only a week since we thought we were going to lose her. Frankly, I never opened my reader yesterday, and it’s likely […]

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