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All obstruction all the time

The Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Scoop Jackson is ancient history. The Democratic Party of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, aka The One-Man Pocket Veto, and (especially) Chuck Schumer can be described succinctly. They party of Obama, Reid and Schumer is all obstruction, all the time. This article highlights just how unhinged […]

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Trump disparages activists

Jim Geraghty’s post, titled If You’re Explaining, You Los- Eh, No, Wait, You’re Doing Your Job., demolishes Donald Trump’s fanatical rant that voters were disenfranchised. When Geraghty wrote “You vote for delegates at your precinct March 1; the delegates you elect vote among themselves for delegates to district and statewide conventions; at the district and […]

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Dems deny partisan motives in IRS scandal

I don’t expect brilliance from the MSNBC crowd and I’m never disappointed. This post by Steve Benen is instructive, though, on the Democrats’ strategy for the growing IRS scandal. Some of Mr. Benen’s statements are downright boneheaded. Others are just silly. First, he quoted from something from the Huffington Post: J. Russell George, the IRS […] . . . → Read More: Dems deny partisan motives in IRS scandal . . . → Read More: Dems deny partisan motives in IRS scandal