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Gov. Dayton, Obstructionist-in-Chief

This morning, KSTP’s Tom Hauser interviewed incoming Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and incoming House Minority Leader Melisa Hortman. One of the first topics they discussed was MNsure. Sen. Gazelka quickly made the point that Minnesota’s system prior to the ACA was significantly superior to the system we’re currently dealing with. To her credit, Rep. […]

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MNsure good news, bad news

The good news for Minnesotans is that the MNsure website is working again. The bad news for Minnesotans is that MNsure prices are still completely unaffordable. Despite Rep. Thissen’s statements that people’s premiums aren’t going up if they get the tax credits, the truth is that Minnesotans are faced with a multi-faceted health care crisis […]

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Buck family takes aim at DFL

Three weeks ago, Speaker Kurt Daudt highlighted a farming family whose health insurance premiums were literally doubling. That’s when Minnesota got introduced to David and Ann Buck. This WCCO-TV article quotes Ann Buck as saying “This is a crisis. There will be people on Jan. 1 who will not be insured.” She’s right. Unfortunately, that’s […]

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Dayton, Daudt will meet

According to this Fox-9 article, Gov. Dayton and Speaker Daudt will meet Tuesday morning “at the Governor’s Residence, to discuss the possibility of addressing rising health insurance premiums.” Sam Fettig, Gov. Dayton’s press secretary, also said “Earlier today, Dayton Administration officials met with Senate Minority Leader David Hann. The Governor spoke last night with Senate […]

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MNsure: very unfair & deplorable

The politics surrounding the MNsure crisis took a bizarre turn yesterday when a politician stated that “It’s a real breakdown in the functioning of the Affordable Care Act”, then said “I take it very, very seriously. And I deplore it.” That politician wasn’t Speaker Daudt, though Daudt had some harsh words to say about MNsure. […]

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MNsure, the nightmare edition

This article highlights how screwed up the ACA is. First, it’s noteworthy because it’s written by a lefty. Next, it’s noteworthy because the author admits that it’s messed up. It’s impossible to miss Marshall Helmberger’s disgust with the ACA, especially when he says “The el-cheapo UCare bronze plan that my wife Jodi and I bought […]

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Gov. Dayton’s MNsure fantasies

Last week, Gov. Dayton said that the ACA was unaffordable. This week, in Gov. Dayton’s Strib op-ed, he’s insisting that things really aren’t that bad, saying most people “will NOT see actual health insurance increases of 50 percent or more, because many people, who buy their policies through MNsure, will receive federal tax credits that […]

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Thissen’s MNsure exaggeration

It’s a certainty that Paul Thissen will either lie outright or, at minimum, exaggerate when talking about MNsure. Thissen’s op-ed in the Winona newspaper contains such an exaggeration. In Thissen’s op-ed, the leader of the DFL in the House said “One of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act forbids insurers from denying coverage […]

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Thissen’s lies on insurance hikes

I can’t believe I missed this statement from Rep. Paul Thissen about the massive health insurance premium increases caused by Obamacare. Better late than never, though, right? Rep. Thissen opens his statement saying “Minnesotans deserve quality health care at an affordable price. These rate increases for Minnesotans buying coverage in the individual market are too […]

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DFL MNsure statements: then vs. now

Intentionally, Democrats in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate created Obamacare without a single Republican vote. They didn’t want any Republican votes because they didn’t want any Republican ideas. Likewise, DFL legislators in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Minnesota State Senate rejected every amendment that Republicans offered. They didn’t want any […]

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MNsure’s imminent collapse

When Gov. Dayton said that “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for many Minnesotans”, he stated the obvious. During his interview with Ed Morrissey, which I consider must viewing for every GOP candidate, Speaker Kurt Daudt highlighted MNsure’s deficiencies. Speaker Daudt spoke of a farming family he met during a MNsure listening session […]

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Dayton kills special session

DFL senators killed the House bonding bill in mid-May by insisting that the bill include funding for the Southwest Light Rail project. In June, Gov. Dayton killed middle class tax relief with a pocket veto. In July, Gov. Dayton refused to call a special session in House Republicans didn’t include funding for the Southwest Light […]

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DFL, Dayton driving away farmers

This article makes it pretty clear that farmers aren’t fond of Gov. Dayton. It isn’t a stretch to think that farmers aren’t happy with DFL legislators, either. Farmers are upset with Gov. Dayton because “farmers were not happy when Dayton tried to do an end-around the legislative intent of the new buffer law and make […]

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Paul Thissen & the ACA

Paul Thissen and the DFL must think the turnout of uninformed voters must be high. That’s the only explanation for Rep. Thissen’s tweet asking “Kurt Daudt in 2014: “We will ensure fair access and affordability in health care.” What happened?” Simply put, the DFL, ‘led’ by Rep. Thissen, Sen. Bakk and Gov. Dayton essentially told […]

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Paul Thissen: dishonest & partisan

I’ve written more than a few posts highlighting Rep. Thissen’s dishonesty. It’s nice to know that others have noticed those traits in him, too. This op-ed, written by Rep. John Petersburg, who represents House District 24A, cites the same traits. Rep. Petersburg starts his op-ed by saying “It was amusing to read Minneapolis Minority Leader […]

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St. Cloud Joint Cities forum notes

Saying that the questions asked at the St. Cloud Area Joint Cities Forum had a leftward tilt to them is understatement. For instance, the first question was “While the legislature accomplished its most basic responsibility of passing a state budget, the last biennium, it does seem that the last 2 years are marked with significant […]

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Is SWLRT in legal difficulty?

During the DFL’s bad faith negotiations for a special session, Gov. Dayton and the DFL insisted that the GOP fund the Southwest Light Rail Transit, aka SWLRT, project. Speaker wisely refused. Now we know why it was wise to refuse. On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Adam Duininck wrote an email to Gov. Dayton and Lt. […]

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Paul Thissen’s dishonest attack

This morning, I wrote this post to highlight Betsy Hodges’ bizarre quote. Specifically, Ms. Hodges said “I expect everyone in Minneapolis to behave with civility and respect.” Most people who aren’t afflicted with an onslaught of progressivism would agree with me when I said “Expecting people in the Twin Cities to “behave with civility and […]

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DFL’s bad faith negotiations

Now that it’s settled that we won’t have a special session, it’s time to state clearly what happened. What happened is that Gov. Dayton, Sen. Bakk and Rep. Thissen negotiated in bad faith. It’s one thing to have a goal of funding SWLRT. As foolish as funding that is, it’s still a legitimate goal for […]

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Thissen’s latest diatribe

If Rep. Thissen’s destructive attitude wasn’t enough to disqualify him from a leadership position, then Rep. Thissen’s persistent whining should tip the scales against him. Rep. Thissen’s latest diatribe is essentially his whining that Democrats didn’t get everything they wanted in the last session, mixed with a healthy dose of bragging that essentially says that […]

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