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SEIU thieves, Part I

The thieves wearing SEIU union uniforms, along with their DFL political allies, have stolen money from families. This article highlights how the theft happened. According to the article, “Recently, the union’s stooges in the capital declared some 27,000 of the state’s personal-care assistants (PCAs) ‘public employees’ – but only for purposes of collective bargaining, i.e., […]

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Gov. Dayton, SEIU rigging elections

I wrote this post to highlight what the SEIU and Gov. Dayton did to rig a unionization vote. Saying that what they did is unethical is understatement. What they did was unethical on steroids. First, it’s worth highlighting the fact that Gov. Dayton’s Department of Human Services and Gov. Dayton’s Bureau of Mediation Services didn’t […]

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SEIU, Dayton exploit families

According to this article, a judge has ordered SEIU HealthCare Minnesota “to turn over a list of names of personal care attendants to a union decertification campaign.” Further, the article states “the Dayton administration admitted they have not been complying with a 2013 law that requires an accurate list of PCAs in the SEIU bargaining […]

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PCAs, SEIU & decertification

Will PCAs vote for decertification? If they’re persuaded by Jason Flohrs’ op-ed, the SEIU will see a significant drop in revenues. Gov. Dayton and the SEIU got away with rigging an election. That’s because “less than 6,000 of the state’s 27,000 PCAs voted” to have the SEIU represent PCAs. The question that the SEIU and […]

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Harris v. Quinn revisited

This op-ed, written by Paul Kersey of the Illinois Policy Institute, revisits the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Harris v. Quinn lawsuit. Here’s one of the key parts of Mr. Kersey’s op-ed: Suburban Chicago mom Pamela Harris, whose youngest child has a rare genetic disorder, was one of the parents targeted for union membership. Because […]

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SEIU-BMS corruption alert

Hollee Saville just published this information on her Facebook page: With breakneck speed, the BMS has set the mail-ballot election for SEIU’s attempted unionization of home care providers to begin on Friday, August 1. DHS and SEIU are prohibited from the unfair labor and election practices for which SEIU is often known. If you are […]

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