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Resolution 54’s impact on the DFL

Resolution 54, which is an amendment offered to the DFL state party platform, has already had a significant impact on the DFL. In 2016, the DFL sent the signal to outstate Minnesota that they cared most about the urban and suburban parts of the state. While most people who voted for Donald Trump and GOP […]

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DAPL thugs resort to violence

All this week, I’ve focused attention on the ‘protesters’ protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. I’ve reached the point where I’m getting upset with journalists who call these thugs protesters. This article highlights why they haven’t earned that title. They’ve earned the title of thugs. The opening paragraph of the Daily Caller article emphatically states “The […]

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Democrats’ anti-democratic tactics

Sen. Dan Sullivan’s op-ed highlights many of the Democrats’ anti-democratic tactics. Sen. Sullivan’s op-ed frequently highlights how environmental activists use weaponized government to kill infrastructure and energy projects. For instance, environmental activists used anti-democratic tactics, noting that the “Pentagon was built in 16 months. The 1,500-mile Alaska-Canadian Highway, which passes through some of the world’s […]

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Bipartisanship litmus test

After Donald Trump’s victory, there’s been a noticeable outbreak of bipartisanship from red-state Democratic senators. For instance, “North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) is ready to work with Republicans on legislation to invest in ‘clean coal’ technologies. More broadly, she says she’s willing to work across the aisle on regulatory reform. ‘My priority is standing […]

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Mitt: Nice guy, terrible candidate

After reading this part of this article, it’s clear that Mitt Romney shouldn’t be the GOP presidential nominee: He said Mr. Obama and Clinton would have America “walk back from red lines…lead from behind…[carry] a small stick.” He ticked through the world’s hotspots: Libya, Iraq, Ukraine, Iran. “Terrorists are not on the run,” he said. […]

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Farmers vs. unhinged environmentalists

This article is worth reading just based on this quote alone: But opponents argued that the pipeline will worsen the problem of climate change by continuing reliance on fossil fuels, instead of developing renewable energy. “It’s a not a matter of how safe that pipeline is, better than trains,” said Dave Carroll. “We’re looking at […]

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Forum endorses McFadden

This week, Forum Media endorsed GOP Senate candidate Mike McFadden: If Mike McFadden brings the enthusiasm and focus to the U.S. Senate that he has brought to his candidacy, Minnesotans will be well served. Republican McFadden is challenging first-term Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and on balance the challenger is making the case for change. Frankly, […]

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Highlighting McFadden’s leadership

During Wednesday’s debate, one important point kept getting made. Though the DFL and Al Franken want the point to that Al Franken voted with Harry Reid and President Obama 97% of the time, that isn’t the important point. These videos highlight the truly important point: Here’s the transcript of Sen. Franken engaging in DCSpeak: So […]

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McFadden scores TKO vs. Franken

The first debate between Al Franken and Mike McFadden is in the books. Suffice it to say that McFadden took the fight to Franken from the opening statements. Here’s one of McFadden’s statements early in the debate: We can do so much better. I am so tired of politics as usual. That’s why I’m running. […]

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Environmentalists kill another pipeline project

This article shows how the environmental left uses the regulation process to kill good-paying construction jobs: “We don’t see where anyone’s actually said, ‘yes, you have the need to go forward. We want you to go forward, and now let’s find a place to go forward,’” said attorney Frank Bibeau, representing Honor the Earth. Bibeau […]

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