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Paying the Danegeld

I suspect most of you have heard that Chancellor  Merkel has a plan to pay the immigrants she invited to Germany to go away again  Joshuapundit wrote about it here. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing new elections and is not doing at all well in the polls. Quite simply, the Muslim refugees she imported […]

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How we Got Trump

Mollie Hemingway wrote yesterday in The Federalist about Saying People Can’t Say ‘This Is Why Trump Won’ Is Why Trump Won. See, one of the reasons tens of millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was that they were sick of this type of media bullying. But you’re not supposed to point out […]

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Times and Seasons

Yesterday, I read some people complaining that Trump hasn’t stopped DACA yet. This is Wednesday, he was inaugurated last Friday, so give me a break. He’s accomplished more in the part of the last week than most presidents do in their first term. Take a deep breath and relax, he’s not going to do everything […]

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Reality is Real

Something a bit different today, but it still follows our long running themes. Both you never had it so good as well as reality is real. The world we live in was built by men who understood reality and found ways to harness it for our benefit. That harnessing has led to the world we live in, […]

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Seriously but not Literally

I again quoted whoever it was that said we take Donald Trump seriously but not literally again last evening. It is true, we do, we voted for him because he looks to us like a real outsider, who is his own man, not an owned man of the progs. It was exactly the same impulse that […]

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The day after

[Another one of Jessica’s wonderful posts, this one from last year. Neo] Secular Christmases, like our lives in general, have a great build up to important events, quite often the event itself does not quite live up to it, and then the day after is a bit of a let-down – and that’s where we […]

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Fairy Tales for adults

[This is another one of Jessica’s, from last year. It was a song that I was not familiar with, but I fell in love with it when she presented it. And you know, this year it means even more to me. As I’ve said, I miss Jess’ presence terribly this year and if that weren’t enough, […]

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The Coming of Christ, the Golden Blossom

Advent is, for Christians, a time of waiting, in some ways, it is like Lent, but not exactly, here we await the birth of the Lord, and by extension, his return in Glory. It is the time of beginning, of promise. My favorite Clerk gave us Sunday, a homily from an anonymous Anglo-Saxon author, in […]

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Remembrance Sunday

I wrote this morning on All along the Watchtower, this is part of that article. In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead: Short days ago, We lived, […]

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Why Conservatives Should Start Breaking The Laws That Oppress Us

This carries on something that I have been speaking on at the Watchtower, you can find those articles here, and here, and do read the comments as well, many points are clarified there. This is from The Federalist. Take a look at this sentence from a Daily Mail article reporting on Donald Trump’s “Contract with […]

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St. Crispan/Crispians Day

It’s St Crispin’s Day again, and that makes it a day to speak of the bravery of English and American armed forces, not that there is ever a bad day for that. St. Crispin’s Day is a pretty good encapsulation of our military histories, though; always brave, sometimes badly led and more often than not, victorious. […]

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Of Danegeld and Iranians

From Fortune Magazine The controversial $400 million payment that the U.S. sent to Iran in January, just as four American hostages were released—a planeload of Euros, Swiss Francs and other currencies—was only the first of three American cash deliveries to the country, the Obama administration reportedly told lawmakers on Tuesday. During the 19 days following […]

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Still Naught For Our Comfort

Embed from Getty Images One of the things that I love about my partner here, Jessica, is that she has rekindled my love for poetry, and you have seen each of us use it to reinforce our points. It is hardly a new method but, it is one used rarely these days. I suspect because most of […]

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Thoughts On Z-Blog’s “On Being Revolting In The Modern Age”

This has been on my mind, as well. From the Adaptive Curmudgeon. Still here? OK then I’ll start. The Z-Blog posted wise thoughts in On Being Revolting in the Modern Age: “Certainly voting for Trump sends a message, but messages need a sender and a receiver. If the people on the other end refuse to acknowledge the message being […]

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Five Years and Counting

First, thanks, Jess. Always seems like much too little, to do or say, when your best friend does something like her post yesterday, but really what else can one do? She touches on something, though. Back in 2011, when I started this, we had problems, and we were fairly fed up with the administration, but […]

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Tongued with fire

Well, it’s coming up on the start of summer (and it already feels like those sticky hot ones I remember (not fondly) from Indiana. It’s also become quite a busy time for both Jessica and me, and as sometimes happens, that can pull us bit off center. It has me at any rate. One of […]

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The angels of death threaten the sanctity of human life

This is something we see more overtly, in Europe than here, but we have the same forces here. And if we don’t keep guard, they will become even more overt, and to be honest, if we don’t hold the line, who will? By Niall McCrae writing in The Conservative Woman. A compromise between individual rights and […]

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The Rising of 16

Jessica and I are both rather taken with Ruth Davidson, the leader of the conservative opposition in the Scottish Parliament. Jess wrote about her, here, and she just keeps sounding better and better. For instance, last Sunday, writing on one of my favorite British blogs, A Conservative Woman, Tom Gallager said this. The SNP’s [Scotish National Party] […]

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When words are not enough…

I want to pull away from politics today, so we’ll do something different. So often, we miscommunicate, it’s perhaps even more common in the written word. Even as close as say, Jessica and I are, and we are very close, indeed, sometimes words are not enough between us, even helped by judiciously chosen emoticons. We […]

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St. George, and this blessed Plot, this Realm and even Music

Thursday was the Queen’s 90th Birthday, of course, it’s also St George’s day, and in addition, four hundred years ago William Shakespeare died, for that matter, fifty-two years before that, also on the 23d, he was born.  So consider this a sampling. We might as well start with World War Two, particularly since that has some […]

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