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Frank Hornstein vs. America

Frank Hornstein represents a Twin Cities district. That’s why it isn’t surprising that he opposes the Sandpiper Pipeline project in northern Minnesota. What’s odd is his reason for opposing it: Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis, said many frame pipelines as a safer alternative to oil-carrying trains but that it shouldn’t be a choice between the two. […]

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Saudi King Salman snubs Obama

Though the diplomats will insist Saudi King Salman skipping President Obama’s summit isn’t a snub, that’s definitely what it is: Saudi Arabia said Sunday that King Salman would skip a May 14 summit of Persian Gulf leaders at which President Barack Obama is expected to offer reassurances over U.S. efforts to reach a nuclear deal […]

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Sharansky, the Soviets and Iran

Natan Sharansky’s op-ed provides a stunning contrast between the Obama administration’s Iran capitulation and President Eisenhower’s negotiations with the then-Soviet Union. Check this out: For starters, consider that the Soviet regime felt obliged to make its first ideological concession simply to enter into negotiations with the United States about economic cooperation. At the end of […]

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Judge rejects DOJ request

Judge Andrew Hanen refused to lift his temporary hold on President Obama’s executive action, saying that the DOJ hasn’t “shown any credible reason for why this Directive necessitates immediate implementation.” Here are the arguments both sides are making: The coalition of states leading the challenge filed its lawsuit to overturn Obama’s executive actions, which would […]

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Juan Williams’ pro-Reid blinders

Juan Williams’ pro-Harry Reid blinders are on full display in Williams’ latest column: Republicans campaigned last fall voicing a constant refrain that voters should free them from Reid’s control of the Senate. McConnell promised that Republicans would prove they could govern once Reid’s hold had been broken. As the cynics say, “How did that work […]

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Pro-Israel vs. Pro-Iran

The recently-announced framework between Iran and the P-5 + 1 is an interesting situation that’s having significant political consequences. What’s at stake is whether senators should support a freedom-loving democracy or whether they should support a terrorist-financing nation led by aging religious fanatics that chant ‘Death to America‘. That’s essentially the heart of this debate. […]

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Lynne Cheney vs. the College Board

Lynne Cheney has a bone to pick with the College Board, which she writes about eloquently in this op-ed. Here’s what’s got Mrs. Cheney upset: If you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. […]

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Rubio: We’re facing an ideology-based enemy

Monday afternoon, Sen. Marco Rubio was interviewed by the Five. Here’s the video of the interview: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com When it was Greg Gutfeld’s turn to ask questions, he sought a clarification. Here’s that exchange: GREG GUTFELD: I think what Julie is trying to say is that dictators might be cruel but […]

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George Will’s defeatist attitude

The first thing I need to say before getting into this post’s substance is that George Will is one of the brightest conservatives I’ve ever listened to. That’s why it was difficult for me to watch this video: Here’s the transcript from the important part of Fox News Sunday: WALLACE: George, where do you think […]

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Obama’s rose-colored glasses

If it hadn’t been captured on video, I’d never believe that Rachel Maddow’s guest had talked about President Obama’s “rose-colored glasses.” Here’s that video: The person Ms. Maddow was interviewing wasn’t Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. She interviewed Richard Engel, NBC’s “chief foreign affairs correspondent.” Here’s what Engel said: “It seems that the rose-colored glasses […]

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Juan Williams’ disgusting bias

Juan Williams’ column is filled with faulty premises. Here’s the first of Williams’ faulty premises: Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) strategy for defeating Democrats in the final two years of the Obama administration is clear: divide and conquer. There’s no doubt that Democrats are divided over Keystone. What Williams didn’t detect is that the people are […]

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Gloria Borger & Superman’s cape

There was a time when Gloria Borger was a serious journalist. After this week’s lovefest, it’s clear that she should be shipped to MSNBC, where undisciplined progressive hacks go for their final acts. Check out this slobbering Obama lovefest: In case you haven’t noticed, President Obama has been flexing his executive muscles lately. On paper, […]

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Onions & Orchids

This week’s Onions & Orchids editorial contains a complaint that a well-educated fifth-grader would be ashamed to write: Onions: I keep hearing the words, that the president poisoned the well. You can’t poison a well if there is no water. The president has waited 515 days for the House Republicans to act and pass the […]

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Amnesty isn’t prosecutorial discretion

Last night on the Kelly File, Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer had a great discussion on President Obama’s imminent executive order that would prevent authorities from deporting Hispanics fitting a certain description. First, here’s the video of the interview: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Here’s the key part of the interview: “Look, I believe […]

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Extraordinary dishonesty, nonexistent transparency

When Ed Henry questioned WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest about Jonathan Gruber’s statements, Earnest’s reply was stunningly dishonest: ED HENRY: While you’ve been here, the President has been here, there’s videotape from Jonathan Gruber, who was one of the architects when the law came out. Among the things he said was that the bill was […]

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Factchecking the fact checkers

This fall, I’ve made a point of checking the fact-checkers’ analysis. This time, I’m factchecking John Croman’s fact-check of Jeff Johnson’s campaign ad titled Unaware. Here’s one thing that Croman talked about: The ad begins with video of Gov. Dayton with President Obama, and a pseudo headline “140,000 lose insurance coverage.” Here’s Croman’s opinion: In […]

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South Dakota rounding into shape

Predictably, South Dakota is rounding into shape: Republican attacks on Democrat Rick Weiland and Independent Larry Pressler appear to have worked, making it more likely that the GOP will pick up the seat of retiring Democratic Senator Tim Johnson, as long expected. Republican Mike Rounds, a former two-term GOP governor, found himself in shockingly uncomfortable […]

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Identifying the Democrats’ priorities

Ed Morrissey’s post about Hillary’s intellectually dishonest statements about who creates jobs is statistically enlightening. Here’s what I’m talking about: In June 2007, the Household Survey of the BLS showed that the US economy had 146.063 million jobs in June 2007, just before the increase took place. Last month’s data showed that the US economy […]

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When Biden is right, he’s right

Campaigning with Rick Nolan in the Eighth District, the gaffemeister made another appearance: It was appropriate that Vice President Joe Biden spoke at an Iron Range community college during a campaign rally for 8th District U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan Thursday afternoon. The vice president’s speech was professorial at times, citing data from several studies that […]

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Franken: Let’s close Gitmo

When it comes to national security, Sen. Franken is a lightweight. This article provides additional proof of that: Franken said Obama doesn’t have authority to bypass Congress, but he has long backed closing the military prison and handling suspects through the American judicial system. Franken said he worries Guantanamo’s continued existence has only boosted terrorist […]

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