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Draining the swamp directly into the White House

Much has been made of Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, a clever way of saying that he will get rid of the business-as-usual establishment politicians responsible for turning government into the disaster it has become. Unfortunately, when…

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Conservative Comedy – 8/21/15

It’s Conservative Comedy time at the Strident Conservative where I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. The Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change has noticed how Obama’s Iran deal just keeps getting better and better – assuming, of course, that you’re either Iranian or just a rabid anti-Semite who wants to see Israel vaporized on general principle (hint: we’re referring to B. Hussein). How else do you explain the recently revealed little detail in “the toughest deal ever made” that says inspection of Iran’s Parchin nuclear weapons development site will be handled through the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has agreed to let the Iranians themselves conduct the inspections. Jodi Miller at Newsbusted takes us into the weekend with these headlines: Obama’s vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Hillary Clinton’s server problems, and Al Gore might run for president. Additional stories include: Joe Biden might also run for president, Congress’s response to Obama’s greenhouse gas emission guidelines, and the U.S. flag is raised in Cuba. She wraps up her show with a story on Rick Perry’s presidential campaign woes, and an […]

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Perry punks Trump

When President Obama essentially opened the border a couple of years ago, he did it with the intent of forcing Republicans into passing “comprehensive immigration reform.” President Obama’s plan caused tons of chaos, which was his plan. Rather than just watching Texas get overrun with illegal aliens, then-Gov. Perry stepped into the breach. He ended […]

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American and European Federalism: A Critique of Rick Perry’s Fed Up!

In his book, Fed Up! Governor Rick Perry of Texas provides a basis for viewing the states of the U.S. as equivalent to the E.U.’s member-states. All of these states are semi-sovereign, as they have all transferred some governmental sovereignty to federal institutions. This implies that the E.U. and U.S. are commensurate. I contend that both are instances of empire-level and scale federal systems in which the federal level is both international and national in nature. This distinguishes both unions from international organizations on the one hand, and the state governments on the other.

The full essay is at “American and European Federalism.”

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Did EPA Put a Part of Texas Under Water With Weather Manipulation?

Only one question needs to be asked of the EPA… …by Gov Greg Abbot, former Governor Rick Perry, or any of the Texas congressional delegation including Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert. First, a history of the Lie. Amidst increasing FOIA requests and public complaints, toward the end of the ClintonRead More

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Deciphering TWS’s unscientific poll

After reading Daniel Halper’s article, it’s clear that there isn’t a clear Republican frontrunner. Still, the unscientific poll is helpful. Here’s the results of TWS’ unscientific poll: Scott Walker–mentioned on 44% of the ballots as either first, second or third choice; first choice on 18%. Thus, 44/18. Ted Cruz–35/16. Ben Carson–26/10. Mitt Romney–24/12. Bobby Jindal–20/3. […]

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Hillary and the illusion of winning

Hillary and Jeb Bush need each other politically. Hillary can’t win the 2016 presidential campaign if Jeb isn’t the GOP nominee. She could defeat Mitt Romney or Chris Christie, too, but the only people taking them seriously work at East Coast newspapers. Wes Pruden’s column hits on a point that the DC media hasn’t written […]

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Rejecting senators as presidents

After John McCain lost in 2008, I spoke with a friend about senators becoming presidents. I half-kiddingly said that Republicans should pass a motion that senators should never be allowed to be the GOP’s presidential nominee. I know that such a resolution is impossible, which is why I said it in jest. That being said, […]

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Mr. President, what about a campaign-style push to talk up America?

One of the unique roles of the executive is to be a cheerleader for his/her individual state—or in the case of the President, for his country. This is, perhaps, best exemplified by Texas Governor Rick Perry who, as ABC News puts it: “has made a campaign-style push in states like California, Illinois and Missouri by hosting business meetings and appearing on TV and radio shows to promise low taxes and incentives for any businesses with an itch to relocate.” In June, Perry was in New York and Connecticut “to woo firearm manufacturers and other companies.” He launched a $1 million ad campaign in New York touting low-tax Texas, with a variety of Texans praising their paradise. Imagine if President Obama had done this—instead of an apology tour. He’d air ads in Germany encouraging them to buy American coal—after all, ours is cleaner burning than theirs (and Germany is very concerned about the environment); we have plenty of it (especially since we won’t be using so much after his policies shut down coal-fueled power plants); the price has dropped (while natural gas has gone up); they can get it from a friendly supplier (unlike the natural gas and coal Germany gets […]

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Chilling speech, buying elections

Few apolitical people know that the Democratic Party has put in place a system that chills political involvement and that buys elections. I have proof that both statements are true. Starting with buying elections, this story proves that the DFL broke Minnesota’s campaign lawss and bought 11 Senate seats: The Republican Party of Minnesota began […]

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Watchdog exposes Democrats’ witch hunt machine

Thanks to this article by the Wisconsin Reporter, conservatives can learn about the Democratic Party’s witch hunt machine. Anyone that thinks Democrats are nice people that conservatives simply disagree with is badly mistaken. Read the article, then tell me that: MADISON, Wis. – Conservative targets of a Democrat-launched John Doe investigation have described the secret […]

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Harry Reid: Border is secure

Harry Reid is one of the most deceitful men to ever serve in Washington, DC. He isn’t too bright, either. The things he said in this video contradict each other: Here’s what Sen. Reid said: “From all the reports I’ve gotten, the answer for me is no, I won’t support it,” he said. “I believe […]

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Rand Paul & Barack Obama vs. Rick Perry & Ronald Reagan

Whether he realizes it or not, Sen. Rand Paul sounds frighteningly like President Obama. Sen. Paul’s op-ed sounds exceptionally dovish, starting with this: President Obama has said he might use airstrikes in the future. I have also been open to the same option if it makes sense. Notice the qualifier-filled statements from President Obama and […]

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Gov. Perry vs. Sen. Paul

It’s sounding more and more like Gov. Rick Perry, (R-TX), is planning on running for president again in 2016. This op-ed sounds like the first shot against Sen. Paul: This represents a real threat to our national security — to which Paul seems curiously blind — because any of these passport carriers can simply buy […]

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Rick Perry’s border security

For people who want to get an education in border security, I’d recommend watching this video: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com I’ve been a secure-the-border guy from the start. It makes tons of sense. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I’ve been a build-the-wall guy, too. After watching Gov. Perry’s interview with Sean […]

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President Obama’s Crises

President Obama is getting eaten alive by an avalanche of crises simultaneously. I’ve never seen a president getting eaten alive by this many crises. Richard Nixon had Watergate. Reagan had Iran-Contra. Bill Clinton had Monicagate. George Bush had Katrina. President Obama’s crises are crises of his own creation. The IRS scandal happened because he used […]

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President Obama’s moment of truth

There’s no questioning President Obama’s campaigning skills. He definitely knows how to hold a crowd’ attention. What’s at question is whether he can govern. At this late point in his administration, it’s difficult to point to an instance where he intervened and solved a problem.. Most people paying attention to what’s happening on the Mexican […]

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CPAC, Miscast Kabuki

When did conservatives get into the business of putting money over winning? Continue reading CPAC, Miscast Kabuki . . . → Read More: CPAC, Miscast Kabuki

Advertising, and Propagating Freedom

Strangely, or maybe not really, advertising agencies occasionally manage to make an ad that speaks to the old American ethics and even the dream. This time it was Cadillac. Here, enjoy: It’s a great ad, until you get to the end. And the problem there is simply that an electric car is not practical in […]

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Let Texas Lead

Texans and outgoing Governor Rick Perry have been brashly asking to “Let Texas Lead.” That appears to be the case for 2016. Continue reading Let Texas Lead . . . → Read More: Let Texas Lead