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Interesting legal theory

This article puts forth an interesting legal theory, though I’m not sure it’s applicable. The novel legal theory revolves around whether President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities is unconstitutional. I’m betting this theory fails. In the article, Damon Root brings up the original Obamacare lawsuit, otherwise known as National Federation of Independent Business v. […]

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Liberal stupidity hurts

This LTE, written in the form of a resolution, is one of the most idiotic LTEs that the St. Cloud Times has ever published: This is the only proper response to such stupidity: Technorati: Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Law Enforcement, ICE, Republica… … . . . → Read More: Liberal stupidity hurts

Jeff Sessions, existential threat

Stephen Dinan’s article highlights how little leverage Democrats have in the immigration reform debate. Without writing a single new law, Sen. Sessions will be able to pressure mayors of sanctuary cities. As a result, Sen. Sessions’ opponents are coming unhinged. For instance, Brent Wilkes, the executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, […]

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Democrats vote for lawlessness

If people paid attention, they weren’t surprised that Senate Democrats voted to continue the violence in sanctuary cities. The Democratic Party is quickly becoming known as the political party that doesn’t protect its citizens. It’s quickly becoming the political party that thinks that laws are for other people. Certainly, Hillary doesn’t think that this nation’s […]

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