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Red Wisconsin — Is Minnesota next?

Salena Zito’s article about Wisconsin becoming a red state is must reading for Minnesota conservatives. That’s because it provides the blueprint for turning Minnesota red. Salena’s article starts by saying “Eight years ago, Wisconsin Democrats were in the catbird seat; they held the Governor’s office, the majority in both chambers of the state legislature, two […]

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Wisconsin’s improving economy

To hear the DFL tell it, you’d think that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is high and that economic growth is virtually nonexistent. That’s just additional proof that the DFL isn’t hinged to the truth. This article demolishes the DFL’s arguments. In the second paragraph in Collin Roth’s article, Roth states “The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development […]

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Progressives hating Scott Walker

It isn’t a secret that hardline progressives hate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. It isn’t surprising to find out that they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the political chandelier, either. This post is a perfect example of hardline progressives hating Scott Walker without a legitimate reason. According to this post, Scott Walker is to blame for […]

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Trump: Cruz is the establishment

Ever since the networks called the Wisconsin GOP Primary for Ted Cruz, Trump’s campaign has been spinning the victory as proof that Sen. Cruz is part of the GOP establishment. I wrote here about the Trump campaign’s statement. The statement said “Donald J. Trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment yet again. Lyin’ Ted Cruz […]

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Revisiting Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party

This op-ed reminds us that Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party didn’t start smoothly. In fact, it’s true that the Republican Party initially rejected Ronald Reagan’s reforms. Then as now, the GOP preferred policies that maintained the status quo. Then as now, there was a rebel wing to the GOP. Back then, Ronald Reagan was that rebel. […]

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Trump attacks Sykes

It’s indisputable that Donald Trump has gotten lots of traction attacking specific media figures. This time, though, Trump won’t gain traction attacking a media figure. That’s because Trump’s attacked Charlie Sykes, saying “Charlie Sykes is a lowlife. Charlie Sykes is a guy who is not a real believer, he wants the establishment to win because […]

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Strassel: Trump’s Waterloo?

Kim Strassel’s article highlights what I’ve been saying for most of this week. Wisconsin is shaping up to be Mr. Trump’s Waterloo. Ms. Strassel notes that “some prognosticators have gone so far as to suggest the billionaire could place third—behind even John Kasich. The opposition to Mr. Trump is deep and wide enough that he […]

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Trump’s what-ifs that never will be

This article features a Trump quote that isn’t attached to reality. Campaigning in Wisconsin earlier this week, Trump said “if we win Wisconsin, it’s going to be pretty much over.” The thing is that Sen. Cruz will win the Wisconsin primary with a fairly solid margin. Last night, Megyn Kelly asked conservative talk show host […]

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Another useful idiot supports Trump

Lou Dobbs isn’t usually prone to being a bonehead. Still, there’s no disputing the fact that this retweet isn’t one of Dobbs’s finer examples of thinking clearly. The original tweet said “Via @NPR: Trump Gains Support From Teamsters, Who Normally Vote For Democrats http://n.pr/1p1CyTC #Wisconsin #PA” It was posted by someone with a screen name […]

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Rubio’s floor just got higher

After Jeb Bush suspended his campaign, Sen. Rubio praised him profusely. Almost instantly, the Bush money machine started supporting Sen. Rubio. While that’s the most noticeable benefit for Sen. Rubio, it isn’t the only benefit Sen. Rubio will get from Jeb’s decision. Other than in Nevada, where Gov. Bush was in the low single digits, […]

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Conservative Comedy 10/2/15

It’s Conservative Comedy time at the Strident Conservative where I bring you some of the best conservative political and religious comedy, jokes, and satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. Well that didn’t take long. Following a one-on-one meeting at the U.N. which gave Vladimir Putin the ability to measure the degree to which Barack Obama is a mewling pantywaist, the Russian dictator launched a surprise attack in Syria (after graciously ordering the United States to get the hell out of the way) on the anti-Assad rebels being funded and trained by the CIA. As a brilliant political analyst pointed out a long time ago (okay, it was Hope n’ Change), Putin has now made it official and uncontestable that the United States is no longer in the superpower business. We have lost our place in the world order thanks to the massive incompetence (not to mention intentional malfeasance) of the Obama administration – including former Secretary of Scapegoating Hillary “reset button” Clinton. Jodi Miller at Newsbusted takes us into the weekend with these headlines: Boehner’s resignation from Congress, Obama’s State Dinner with China’s Xi Jinping, and the Pope speaks to Congress. Additional […]

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Scott Walker’s imaginary woes?

During the second segment of last night’s All Star Panel of Special Report, George Will made some news about Scott Walker. First, it’s important to preface Mr. Will’s information by saying he said, as he always does, that his wife works for Gov. Walker’s campaign. Second, A.B. Stoddard preceded Mr. Will’s opinions by saying she […]

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The GOP vs Donald Trump and the Voter Base Problem

A FoxNews Friday evening ritual has proven to be a window into the corporate soul of Fox about the GOP candidates. The Friday panel always has …

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The establishment strikes back

This NY Times article falls squarely into the GOP establishment’s wheelhouse: After Mr. Walker moved to support Iowa’s prized ethanol subsidies, abandoned his support for an immigration overhaul and spoke out against the Common Core national education standards, his pointed tone on marriage caused some Republicans to ask publicly whether he is too willing to […]

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Is the Bush boomlet beginning?

After reading this article, it’s clear that Jeb Bush’s campaign will insist that he’s picking up momentum: A brand-new national NBC/WSJ poll finds Jeb Bush leading the crowded Republican presidential field, with 22% of GOP primary voters saying he’s their first choice. He’s followed by Scott Walker at 17%, Marco Rubio at 14%, and Ben […]

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Hillary, the vincible?

(H/T: Gateway Pundit) This weekend, Wisconsin Democrats sent a distinct message to Hillary: The breakdown of the straw poll vote, which was conducted by the well-regarded politics website www.wispolitics.com, was: Hillary Clinton 252 Bernie Sanders 208 Joe Biden 16 Martin O’Malley 16 Jim Webb 8 Lincoln Chafee 5 No vote 1 (Write-ins:) Elizabeth Warren 4 […]

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Walker rips Obama’s foreign policy

During Scott Walker’s appearance on ABC’s This Week, Jonathan Karl played a clip of President Obama’s cheap shot about Scott Walker’s foreign policy. Here’s the partial transcript of that exchange: SOT OBAMA: Perhaps Mr. Walker, after he’s taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way. KARL: President Obama said […]

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Joni Ernst, rising GOP star

Last fall, I wrote lots of posts and articles about Joni Ernst because a) she caught everyone’s attention and b) it was clear that she was a rising star in the GOP. Her Roast and Ride event will be bigger than the Iowa Straw Poll. It’s clear that Joni Ernst isn’t taking her foot off […]

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Sen. Paul’s delusional supporters

After reading this article, sane people are left wondering what Sen. Paul’s supporters are thinking: The newest Iowa poll conducted by The Des Moines Register reflects a trend which has been ongoing since polling for this cycle began. Rand Paul, in second place at 10%, is well within the margin of error of the lead, […]

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Walker’s lead in Iowa grows

While others stumble, Gov. Scott Walker, (R-WI), keeps getting stronger in Iowa: DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) —Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker holds a 7-point advantage among Iowan voters over the rest of the crowded Republican field in the scramble for the party’s 2016 nomination for president, a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll finds. The poll, […]

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