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Making American Football Great Again

I have a confession to make, I didn’t bother watching the Super Bowl, yesterday. In fact, I haven’t watched a pro game all year. I’m not exactly boycotting the NFL although it does tend to offend me. I just don’t care much anymore, maybe I’ve outgrown it. I don’t really know, likely because I haven’t […]

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Conservative Comedy 2/7/14

It’s time for some Conservative Comedy at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best Conservative political satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. It was Ronald Reagan’s birthday yesterday (you can read my observations about it here), but on the occasion of the Gipper’s 103rd birthday, the Conservative Comic at Hope n’ Change wanted to indulge in a little wish-fulfillment by imagining what he would have to say to the pipsqueak currently resting his heels on his desk. It’s hard to imagine that Reagan would be pleased with the CBO report that the hourly equivalent of over two million fulltime jobs will be lost because of Obamacare in the next few years, because it makes increasing economic sense for people to work less in order to qualify for larger subsidies. We have two reports from Jodi Miller at Newsbusted. In this week’s episodes, Jodi reports on Chris Christie’s possible involvement in the outcome of the Super Bowl, Obama closing Gitmo, and the real reason Bill Clinton sexually harassed women. Some of the other highlights include: the effort to deport Justin Beiber, Duck Dynasty stars attending the SOTU, San Francisco’s free crack pipe program, Jay […]

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Dad riled up about 2014 Super Bowl

It’s Pittsburgh Dad, and it’s the Super Bowl. Of course he’s going to ridicule a town like Seattle….

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