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Sen. Schumer’s obstructionism

If there was ever a doubt about whether Senate Democrats would be obstructionists, this article should shout ‘Democratic obstructionism’. President Trump announced today that he’ll announce his SCOTUS nominee next week sometime. Democrats are feeling bitter that Republicans give Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick to replace Antonin Scalia, a committee hearing. It isn’t surprising to […]

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The Schumer Option

When I wrote this post, I hadn’t read Stephen Hayes’ devastating article about Sen. Chuck Schumer’s dishonesty. In the post, I wrote that Democrats put a higher priority on their PR stunt, aka “the Resistance”, than they put on protecting national security. I wasn’t as cynical as I should’ve been. According to Hayes’ article, according […]

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More misguided thinking

This article contains one of the most stunning political quotes I’ve ever read. When I first read it, I immediately reread it to make sure I didn’t misread it. According to the article, Reps. Keith Ellison, (D-MN), Raul Grijalva, (D-AZ), and Mark Pocan, (D-WI), sent a letter to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, saying […]

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Sarah Palin Should Join the GOP’s Inglorious Basterds in the Senate

In September, 2013, a year before our 2014 election win, I wrote that “19 US Senators fired a shot heard around the world, which led directly to the government being shut down for two weeks. Maybe he drew the short straw, who knows, but of those 19 it was Ted Cruz whoRead More

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Mitch McConnell’s lead expands

There’s an unmistakable trend in the McConnell-Grimes race, a trend best illustrated by this morning’s RCP average of polls: That’s what a consistently growing lead looks like. None of these polls show Lundergan-Grimes leading. In fact, none of these polls shows Sen. McConnell’s lead inside the polls’ margin of error. There’s nothing in this graphic […]

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DC elites see trees, not forest

If Salena Zito’s theory is right, which I’m betting it is, DC elites will badly misread the American people: Late this summer, along the edges of this Mountain State town, a homemade sign jutted from the edge of a country road. It read, simply: “Change is coming.” A few miles west, toward Coopers Rock State […]

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Is Kansas, Senate slipping away?

After watching this CNN video on the Pat Roberts-Greg Orman Kansas Senate race, it’s starting to look like Sen. Roberts will hold the seat: This poll isn’t good news for Orman: 1. As you may know, there will be no Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate on the ballot in Kansas this November. If the election […]

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The immoral party

If Harry Reid had said that he had sources who told him that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years while he was at a fundraiser, he would’ve gotten sued into bankruptcy by Mitt Romney. Sen. Reid essentially admitted that he didn’t have proof to verify his accusation when he said that he shouldn’t […]

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Mark Pryor dismisses Tom Cotton’s military service as “entitlement”

In a world where the United States military has become a politically correct social experiment; where military leaders are suspended for being insensitive; where openly homosexual troops perform in drag and officers are forced to embrace it or resign; and where a male soldier convicted of selling military secrets can force the military to recognize and accommodate his claim that he is a woman, it should come as no surprise when a liberal senator running for re-election dismisses the military service of his conservative opponent as some sort of entitlement. In the Arkansas Senate race between incumbent Mark Pryor (D) and Rep. Tom Cotton (R)—Cotton currently represents Arkansas’s 4th district—Pryor is in serious danger of losing the cushy seat that has been in his family for nearly three decades . . . thanks, Daddy! And, in a manner that would make Harry Reid proud, Pryor has resorted to a pathetic, yet typical, personal attack on his opponent’s character. The area he chose to attack? Cotton’s military service. “There’s a lot of people in the Senate that didn’t serve in the military,” Pryor told NBC News. “Obviously in the Senate we have all types of different people, all kinds of different folks that have come from all types of different backgrounds—and I […]

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Should GOP sharks strike Obamacare blood in debt-ceiling water?

Timid Republican dogs that haven’t barked since their 2010 landslide must seek mandate for 2014 that exhibits conservative concern for the poor and dwindling middle class. This conservative isn’t losing too much sleep over President Barack Hussein Obama’s latest assault on the Rule of the Law by suspending enforcement of the Obamacare requirement that employers provide health insurance to full-time workers if they employ 50 | Read More » . . . → Read More: Should GOP sharks strike Obamacare blood in debt-ceiling water? . . . → Read More: Should GOP sharks strike Obamacare blood in debt-ceiling water?