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If you missed it, yesterday morning the British published a report on the Iraq War. It’s two and a half million words, took thirteen years to prepare, and it says very little we didn’t know thirteen years ago. Chalcedon of at Jess’ site has written about it, better than I can. And yes, I believe […]

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The Queen’s 90th Birthday

  I wanted to write another post on leadership today, so I did. Today is Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. Like the very luckily much younger (and far more beautiful) Laura says here, “she’s the only Queen of the United Kingdom, I’ve ever known”. And Britain and the Commonwealth, and yes, the United States, as well, is very […]

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God bless fracking! and Teaching our History

Look at this – Hard. The environmentalists and the left and the Democrats1 would have us believe that fracking is evil, evil, evil! but I, as a working man, sure have seen the benefits. The chart shows what I had to pay for heating oil last winter, in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, compared with what I […]

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The View From the North

It’s important, I think, to occasionally take a look at how we look from the outside, especially how our friends, especially the really good ones see us. And who would be better friends that the Canadians? What are they seeing, particularly since so many of us admire PM Harper so much. So let’s have a […]

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The Queen’s 60th Anniversary

Well the anniversary of the Queen‘s coronation was the other day, and we should commemorate it a bit. She’s been, in my opinion, an excellent representative of the British for these years, and I think it quite appropriate to remember her on the anniversary of D-Day given that she is practically the last veteran of that war still active in public […] . . . → Read More: The Queen’s 60th Anniversary . . . → Read More: The Queen’s 60th Anniversary

Tony Blair:”There Is A Problem Within Islam”



Ex-British PM Tony Blair had some very non-PC comments to make in the wake of the murder and beheading of a serving British solder in broad daylight in Woolwich.

Writing in the Daily Mail, he apparently decided not to peddle the usual nonsense he spouted during his entire decade as Prime Minister that Islam’s a peaceful religion maligned by the actions of a few extremists.

Blair said ‘the ideology behind his murder is profound and dangerous’ and urged the government ‘to be honest’.

‘There is a problem within Islam – from the adherents of an ideology which is a strain within Islam,’ he wrote.

‘We have to put it on the table and be honest about it. Of course there are Christian extremists and Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu ones. But I am afraid this strain is not the province of a few extremists. It has at its heart a view about religion and about the interaction between religion and politics that is not compatible with pluralistic, liberal, open-minded societies.’

‘At the extreme end of the spectrum are terrorists, but the world view goes deeper and wider than it is comfortable for us to admit. So by and large we don’t admit it.’

I’ll say.

During his decade as Prime Minister, Tony Blair was largely responsible for the huge influx of Muslims into Britain, made London such a haven for jihadis that it became nicknamed ‘Londonistan’, ignored all warnings about what was going on,and made radicals like Lord Ahmed peers in the house of Lords for political contributions.

After he left office, he made a personal fortune dealing with jihadis, his wife Cherie is a far Left ‘civil rights lawyer’ who specialized in defending jihads and working to get more of them admitted into the UK and his sister-in-law is a notorious anti-semite and Israel basher who recently dropped the pretense and converted to Islam.

It’s wonderful to know that he finally acknowledges a problem he had no small part in helping to create.

I sense in this a beleated attempt to cover himself, but better late than never, I suppose.


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