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Wolgamott: typical DFL empty suit

The biggest things I took away about Dan Wolgamott, the DFL-endorsed candidate for SD-14, from yesterday’s candidate forum is that he’s an empty suit and that he’s prone to talking himself in circles. On the subject of transportation, for instance, his opponent, Jerry Relph, said he opposed raising the gas tax as the solution to […]

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Dorholt vs. the First Amendment

I won’t pretend that Zach Dorholt loves the Constitution. He doesn’t. That isn’t surprising considering the fact that he’s a progressive. Progressives, whether we’re talking about President Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Rick Nolan or Zach Dorholt, prefer limiting speech. Specifically, they prefer limiting speech that’s critical of them. This LTE highlights the DFL’s pathetic arguments for […]

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Dayton kills special session

DFL senators killed the House bonding bill in mid-May by insisting that the bill include funding for the Southwest Light Rail project. In June, Gov. Dayton killed middle class tax relief with a pocket veto. In July, Gov. Dayton refused to call a special session in House Republicans didn’t include funding for the Southwest Light […]

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Dorholt’s latest mailer

According to Zach Dorholt’s latest mailer, which is actually paid for by Dorholt’s campaign, “Zach shares our priorities.” It isn’t surprising that he’s making this claim. It’s surprising what he thinks are “our priorities.” Listed first on Dorholt’s priorities is that he’ll “invest in our schools in Central Minnesota from pre-K to college and bring […]

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Special session still possible?

It almost seems impossible that Gov. Dayton might call a special session this year but that’s what Don Davis is reporting in this article. He’s reporting that “Gov. Mark Dayton said at the Minnesota State Fair that if local money could be found to support a southwestern Twin Cities light rail project, and the Legislature […]

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Paul Thissen: dishonest & partisan

I’ve written more than a few posts highlighting Rep. Thissen’s dishonesty. It’s nice to know that others have noticed those traits in him, too. This op-ed, written by Rep. John Petersburg, who represents House District 24A, cites the same traits. Rep. Petersburg starts his op-ed by saying “It was amusing to read Minneapolis Minority Leader […]

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Dayton’s dishonesty, part infinity

There’s no question about whether Gov. Dayton is dishonest. The only question left to determine is how dishonest Gov. Dayton is. I’d say that he’s exceptionally dishonest if I’m using this article to determine Gov. Dayton’s dishonesty. According to the article, Gov. Dayton ” said that ‘the cost of inaction’ by state lawmakers had caused […]

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WCCO’s SWLRT fantasy reporting

Saying that WCCO’s reporting on the SWLRT project is based on DFL talking points and outright fantasy is understatement. The SWLRT project won’t happen for at least 3-5 years. That’s the reality thanks to the route that the Met Council picked for the SWLRT project. WCCO is reporting that “Hennepin County officials announced Tuesday that […]

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SWLRT hurdles still to climb

Gov. Dayton and Rep. Thissen would have us believe that Republicans are being pig-headed in their opposition to funding the SWLRT project. Actually, what’s becoming clear is that the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce isn’t thinking clearly while supporting the construction of the Southwest Light Rail Transit project. What clear-thinking organization supports a project that can’t […]

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Is SWLRT in legal difficulty?

During the DFL’s bad faith negotiations for a special session, Gov. Dayton and the DFL insisted that the GOP fund the Southwest Light Rail Transit, aka SWLRT, project. Speaker wisely refused. Now we know why it was wise to refuse. On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Adam Duininck wrote an email to Gov. Dayton and Lt. […]

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SWLRT funding is a scam

I wrote this post last week to highlight the documented fact that Gov. Dayton and DFL legislators knew that the federal government wouldn’t fund the federal portion of the SWLRT project until a series of lawsuits were settled. That’s why the DFL Senate didn’t include the $135,000,000 funding for SWLRT in their $1,800,000,000 bonding bill. […]

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Dayton-Duininck SWLRT bombshells

Just like Speaker Daudt predicted, the Met Council has announced that they’ll “come up with the final piece of the state and local funding” for the SWLRT project. That’s the mini-bombshell about the SWLRT project. The major bombshell this week happened “when House Speaker Kurt Daudt revealed the existence of an email from Met Council […]

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SWLRT: let’s get that in writing

After reading this article, the first thing I thought was ‘can we get that in writing’? Specifically, I’m referring to this statement, which reads “About 20 rail transit projects in development across the country are in a queue for Federal Transit Administration grants through the agency’s New Starts program, and a delay in securing local […]

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DFL’s bad faith negotiations

Now that it’s settled that we won’t have a special session, it’s time to state clearly what happened. What happened is that Gov. Dayton, Sen. Bakk and Rep. Thissen negotiated in bad faith. It’s one thing to have a goal of funding SWLRT. As foolish as funding that is, it’s still a legitimate goal for […]

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DFL to farmers, vets: Go to hell

The upshot of this article is that the DFL has finally admitted what I’ve said from the start. The DFL is finally admitting that they don’t care about veterans, students with student loan debt, parents trying to save for their kids’ college education or farmers. By insisting that Republicans agree to funding SWLRT, the DFL […]

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Pro-Dayton Propaganda

This editorial isn’t worth the bandwidth it’s printed on. If it was printed on paper, it would be best suited for outhouses of 50-75 years ago. But I digress. Let’s dissect this worthless collection of words and determine their value to improving life in Minnesota. Let’s start where the editorialist (s?) insist that “Every time […]

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Some alternatives available

This weekend, I wrote that I was skeptical of reports that a special session would be called this August. After reading Don Davis’ article, I’m hoping that a special session only happens if Republicans stand steadfast against SWLRT. In the article, Sen. Bakk thinks that, with regards to SWLRT, “there appear to be some alternatives […]

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Questioning the special session

According to this article, Sen. Bakk, Speaker Daudt and Gov. Dayton are close to an agreement on a special session. I question the accuracy of that statement. The article opens by saying “A special Minnesota legislative session to approve tax cuts, transportation projects and public works construction could happen in a month, but the governor […]

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Kresha opponent hearts farmers?

Ron Kresha represents Little Falls in the House of Representatives. Rep. Kresha is the incumbent running for re-election in District 9B. (The main cities in Rep. Kresha’s district are Little Falls, Long Prairie and Pierz.) It’s safe to say that HD-9B is a district with tons of farmers. Though the district has changed since I […]

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LRT destroys jobs, businesses

Julia Erynn’s articleprovides proof that the people closest to light rail projects don’t like them. Ms. Erynn’s article starts by saying “Dozens of business owners in St. Paul are speaking out against a light rail addition to West 7th St, placing signs in their windows urging patrons to sign a petition against the additional mass […]

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