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Garryowen, Sir

So yesterday came word that LTG Hal Moore, who commanded as LTC the 1st BN of the 7th Cavalry, at Ia Drang in 65 has died. From the Stars and Stripes. Retired Lt. Gen. Harold G. “Hal” Moore, the American hero known for saving most of his men in the first major battle between the […]

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Send in the Cavalry

You know there’s some quite old traditions in America, one of them is that when you’re in trouble, you like to see the Cavalry coming. Still works that way, you know. Take, for instance, the Second Dragoons, they’ve been around since established by Andy Jackson, in 1836. In the years since they’ve spent much of […]

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The Cavalry

Jess titled her post this morning Here Comes the Cavalry. It’s the perfect title because this is a perfect cavalry mission, it could have sprung full-blown from John Ford’s brow. It takes no imagination at all to see them as starving settlers in Indian country, does it? I saw a tweet yesterday afternoon, while the rumors […]

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